May 2016 Newsletter
Ajitora at ICANN 55
ICANN 55 was an historical meeting. The ICANN board submitted the IANA Stewardship Transition Proposal, ICANNWiki hosted its largest ever Edit-a-Thon, and Fadi ChehadĂ© served his last meeting as President and CEO of ICANN.

In the midst of all of these exciting developments, there was one unique occurrence that flew under the radar.
There was a tiger at ICANN!

You may be wondering why there was a tiger at an Internet Governance conference. That's why ICANNWiki is bringing you this exclusive interview with Ajitora, where we learned more about this special tiger role in the ICANN world. 
Ajitora, or Aji for short, is a member of the DotAsia team, serving as their Stakeholder Engagement Manager, where he promotes important issues, such as Universal Acceptance. More importantly, Aji is campaigning
to #doublethetigers by 2022. Aji serves the Tx2 Ambassador for this initiative which is backed by organization including the GTFWWF, and TRAFFIC.

Watch the Interview to learn more:

Ajitora at ICANN 55-Marrakech
Ajitora at ICANN 55-Marrakech
6,000 Articles!!! Help us continue to Grow

ICANNWiki recently added its 6,000th article. These articles provide important information about ICANN and Internet Governance to the global community in an accessible and neutral format. This includes information  on the peopleorganizationstechnical functions, and high-interest topics, all of which are essential to to understanding the complex and interwoven nature of Internet Governance. 

We have worked hard to build this resource over the past 10 years, but ultimately this is an accomplishment that we share with all of you. We never would have reached this milestone without a dedicated and passionate community of contributors. So, if you have ever hit the "Publish" button on ICANNWiki, Thank You! 


The work on a wiki is never done! There are new developments in our field every day and it takes a village to keep ICANNWiki up-to-date and relevant. If you are already a contributor, we would like to encourage you to continue to all of your great work. If you have never edited ICANNWiki, we would love to have you join our community of contributors. You have the knowledge and we have the platform. Let's join forces and continue to improve ICANNWiki and educate people about the importance of Internet Governance!

If you are uncertain where to start, we have a list of articles that need to be updated or created that will serve as a good jumping off point. You can find that list here.

If you need any help getting started or have any questions about ICANNWiki, please r each out to us at or
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South School on Internet Governance 2016

We recently attended the South School on Internet Governance (SSIG) in Washington, D.C. It was an amazing experience, where we met a lot of great people and learned a lot of new information about Internet Governance from a Latin American perspective. 

If you were unable to attend, and would like to view the slides from the presentations, you can download them from the  SSIG website

Stay tuned for video recordings of the presentations. 
Sponsor Spotlight

We would be unable to do the work we do without the support of our sponsors. Whether it is adding translated content, ensuring the success of our Edit-a-thon, or simply making it possible for our team to make every ICANN conference, your confidence in our project saves the day!

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