May, 2016

Dear Friends:
It's been over 2 months since the end of our legislative session and summer is here! Our first legislative interim meeting was held on May 18, 2016. Interim meetings are different from our standing committees during session because they include members from the House of Representatives and Senate, as opposed to just being members from each respective body. Appropriation committees include members from both the house and senate - this is the same during the legislative session and interim meetings. Interim meetings are set for June 15, July 13, September 21, October 19 and November 16, 2016.  
Below is a current list of my legislative assignments:
Standing Committees
Natural Resources, Agriculture & Environment
Economic Development & Workforce Services     
Government Operations (Interim)                       
Senate Ethics Committee
Appropriation Committees
Public Education Appropriations
Executive Offices & Criminal Justice Appropriations
Senate Confirmation Committees 
Economic Development & Workforce Services     
Health and Human Services
Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice               
Natural Resources, Agriculture & Environment
Senate Boards, Commissions & Task Forces
Federal Funds Commission

Native American Liaison Committee

- Indian Affairs Joint Meeting
Rural Development Legislative Liaison 
State Water Development Commission      
Utah Constitutional Revision Commission
Aside from the above legislative appointments, I serve on the Emergency Medical Services Committee (EMSC) and the Utah State Instructional Materials Access Center (USIMAC) of the Utah Schools for the Deaf and the Blind, and Primary Children's Hospital Board of Trustees.
For a complete summary of topics discussed during the May 18, 2016 interim meetings, please see Interim Highlights and Fiscal Highlights, which are excellent resources prepared by the amazing Office of Legislative Research and General Counsel, and Office of the Legislative Fiscal Analyst.

In addition to interim meetings, I will continue to have meetings with numerous stakeholders pursuant to the directives in SB 192 - Study on Claims Exceeding Statutory Limit,
which I sponsored during the past 2016 legislative session. Unfortunately, another bill that I sponsored, SB 81 - Redistricting Advisory Commission, will not be studied during interim. However,  HJR005 - Joint Rules Resolution on Redistricting Standards,  sponsored by Rep. Merrill Nelson, is on the interim study list for Government Operations. Although good standards, HJR005 is a resolution only and supports standards to follow but does not allow for an independent, bipartisan redistricting commission which would allow for increased public involvement and transparency.

In addition to legislative policy work, I represent this District in other ways. I attend local events, celebrations and memorials. I also attend various community gatherings on specific issues or for specific groups. Also, there are city and county council meetings, and community council meetings.  
Utah Senate District 4

District 4 includes t hree cities (Salt Lake, Holladay and Murray) and Millcreek Township, which will soon become the seventeenth city in Salt Lake County with population of approximately 60,000. District 4 includes three school districts -- Salt Lake City, Granite and Murray.
Neighborhood community councils (which are different from school community councils, both of which do amazing work for our communities) work on local issues on a volunteer basis. They are your neighbors and watch for issues which arise in your neighborhood, as well as represent your priorities and interests. I wanted to introduce, or re-introduce you to the community councils in this district - and provide you with important information directly from them. Hopefully, you will be able to voice your concerns, or even better, get involved in some of the issues impacting where you live! Below are summaries provided by the community councils in District 4. 
Millcreek Township

Canyon Rim Community Council - Vice Chair, Linda Milne
With so much of government distant from the challenges and realities of our day-to-day lives, it is refreshing to have easy access to participate in governance at a community council level - both as a resident and as a council member. It is democracy at its finest and simplest. 

CRCA is a forum for issues that are important to our citizens. A few examples include preserving our unique history and heritage, reviewing zoning change requests, and finding a balance between the needs and passions of dog owners and those residents who place a value upon open, unfettered nature.
It's summer and we our about to embark on Venture Outdoors - our summer-long Friday night family activity held in the parks of all four community council areas in Millcreek. There are food vendors, free activities, live music and a movie in the park.

We cordially invite our residents and business partners to attend our CRCA meetings the 3rd Tuesday of each month (except July and December). We value an on-time, 7:00p.m start and move swiftly through a relevant agenda. Come meet us and participate. We open our meetings by offering 3 minutes for each person who wants to address our council, then we move on to the business of our community.

Jeff Waters
Rhonda Bachman  
Robin Clegg [email protected] 
Kory Meyerink 
Linda Milne 
Christopher Newton  [email protected] 
Robert Peterson  [email protected] 
David Scott  [email protected] 
Nancy Von Allmen 
East Mill Creek Community Council - Chair, Lee Ann Hansen
East Mill Creek Community Council meets once month on
Evergreen Park in East Mill Creek - Venture Outdoors
the first Thursday of every month at the Millcreek Community Center.  As one of four councils in the Millcreek Township, the council is often the first contact when residents have needs or questions.  Every year the council prepares a list of municipal priorities often based on comments from neighborhoods and residents which may be related to sidewalk improvements, streetlights and traffic calming.  

Recently, the council has worked with Salt Lake County Public Works in partnership with UDOT to install a crosswalk at 3300 South and Honeycut/Melbourne intersection.  This area is often crossed by pedestrians and transit customers.  Through the efforts of Senator Iwamoto , UDOT conducted a traffic study, which recognized the need to improve pedestrian and traffic safety in this location.
As a result, the community looks forward to the team effort between the two agencies to complete a crosswalk with a flashing light overhang.  This improvement is expected to
be installed and completed by August 2016. 
Lee Ann Hansen, Chair
Nancy Carlson-Gotts, Vice Chair
John Lish, Vice Chair
David Carlson, Secretary
Joe Spencer, Treasurer
Lisa Bagley
Nick Morgan
Kurt Zimmerman
Blake Keithley
Clark Smith
Millcreek Community Council - Chair, DIane Angus
The Millcreek Community Council was established to serve the residents of Millcreek. I have served on the council for 28 years. As the current chair of the Millcreek Community Council, I have seen so many changes occur over the years. Our original role was mostly a zoning and ordinance boar d to make recommendations to the planning commission. 
Our role now is a broader perspective of community events along with zoning recommendations. We also help residents with issues and concerns they may have in their neighborhood. We have created family friendly community activities, and it has been a pleasure bringing them to our community. The movies in the park, bike rodeo, garden contest and holiday lighting contest, were all created by the community council. We are excited about our luau this year, which will be held on August 26, 2016, 6:00 p.m. at the Big Cottonwood Park at 1300 East, off of 4500 South.  The dinner is $5.00 per person or $20.00 for a family of five.  We have the Happy Hula entertainment booked to bring the flavor of the islands to our residents. We have Meier's catering coming with a roasted pig and sides for a delicious dinner. After dinner we will end with a movie under the evening stars. Please join us for a fun-filled summer of activities. 
Council members include:
Diane Angus, Chair 
Fran Holfeltz, Vice Chair
Silvia Navejar, Secretary
Howard Holfeltz
Scott Claerhout, ACCT Rep
Craig Carpenter
Tom Davis
Chris Gosdis
Chris Haller
Shane Gosdis
France Ross
Allen Sowards 
Mount Olympus Community Council - Chair, Jeff Silvestrini
Mount Olympus Community Council meets the first and third Tuesday of every month in the library of Churchill Jr. High School on Oakview Drive, above Wasatch Boulevard.  Recently, we have been addressing the new flood plain map proposed by FEMA and the Utah Division of Emergency Management as it affects hundreds of residents in our community.

Rita Lund - Community Relations Liaison for Millcreek area
R ita Lund has been the community relations liaison for Millcreek Township for many years. Rita is a  Millcreek resident and her position is with Salt Lake County.  Rita can assist residents with their questions or concerns with municipal services and community issues.  Rita can be reached at [email protected] or (385)468-7471.
Salt Lake City

Bonneville Hills Community Council - Chair, Ellen Reddick
Bonneville Hills Community Council is a neighborhood council and meets the fourth Thursday of every month at the Anderson - Foothill Library (1145 South 2100 East) at 6:30 P.M. We discuss resident & business issues and concerns and provide for the residents & businesses committees to meet needs and desires of a great community.  We use as a community tool for residents to keep informed and share information.

The vision of the Bonneville Hills Community Council is to involve citizens in identifying issues, plans, and projects that enhance the beauty, safety, vibrancy, and human-scale character of Bonneville Hills neighborhoods, businesses, and historical and natural resources. The council sponsors, supports, and provides a voice on such issues to governing bodies, public and private service agencies, the community at large and any other organization or individual that may directly affect the vitality of the Bonneville Hills area and its residents.

"The Bonneville Hills community is a safe and beautiful community
of friendly, enlightened, caring and involved neighbors"

To accomplish our vision, B.H.C.C. mission action items are:
  1. Educate the community about issues and activities concerning the B.H.C.C. and surrounding areas;
  2. Encourage involvement of neighbors through monthly meetings, volunteerism, street fairs, and other community events including block parties;
  3. Encourage the improved walkability of neighborhoods by having maintained sidewalks and drainage systems, more trees, maintained yards and gardens and improved lighting;
  4. Encourage places that support relationships among residents, including small business, coffee shops and clean recreation areas;
  5. Support an adequate number of law/safety officers to meet the needs of the community, in combination with crime prevention programs and citizen involvement;
  6. Support historic preservation;
  7. Support the increased maintenance and enhanced improvements of parks and areas that are for the multiple uses of all residents;
  8. Promote neighborhood involvement for well thought out traffic control and planning, and utilization of public transportation;
  9. Support our local businesses;
  10. Plan today for the residents of tomorrow;
  11. Support Neighborhood Watch programs; and
  12. Promote Emergency Preparedness for every family.
The B.H.C.C. Officers are:
Ellen Reddick, Chair
Brad Duncan, First Vice Chair
Michael Ford, Second Vice Chair 
Sugar House Community Council - Chair, Amy Barry
The Sugar House Community Council is a volunteer-run nonprofit organization that works to involve citizens in identifying issues, plans and projects that enhance the beauty, safety, vibrancy, and human-scale character of Sugar House neighborhoods, businesses, and historical and natural resources. We have very active committees that are open to anyone living or working within our boundaries. The Land Use & Zoning Committee (LUZ), Parks, Open Space and Trails (POST), Transportation (TRANS), Historic Signs (HIST) and Arts & Culture (ARTS).

We participate in every development that occurs requiring a conditional use or variance. These all go through the LUZ committee for community participation and comments. Currently, the POST committee is working on cleaning up the 1300 E freeway exchange with Senator Iwamoto and UDOT. The Historic Signs committee has been hard at work with success in restoring the old Snelgrove ice cream cone, Sputnik and the Stark Steerlink sign which will soon be working in its neon glory! Learn more about us at and follow us on facebook. You can contact us at [email protected] .
General meetings are the 1st Wednesday of every month at Sprague Library (2131 S Highland Drive) from 7:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m. Come join us!
Sugarhouse Community Council 
The Sugar House Community Council's Executive Committee includes:
Amy Barry, Chair
Maggie Shaw, 1st Vice Chair
Judi Short, 2nd Vice Chair
Steve Kirkegaard, 3rd Vice Chair
Bryce Williams, Secretary
Larry Migliaccio, Treasurer
For the full list of the board, please click here.

Yalecrest Community Council - Chair Lynn Kennard Pershing
Yalecrest Neighborhood Council (YNC) represents residents living within the area between Sunnyside Avenue and 1300 South, and 1300 East to 1900 East. The neighborhood council meets the first Wednesday of every month (except July and January) in the Kiva at the Carmen Pingree Autism Center of Learning (780 South and Guardsman Way) from 6:30 - 8:00 p.m. We discuss resident and city issues and concerns, and provide necessary information to the residents to meet the needs and desires of a great community. We do not have 501c3 nonprofit organization status.
YNC uses the new YNC website, , our Facebook page, "Yalecrest Neighborhood Council", email, [email protected] and as community tools to keep residents informed about local and city events and as a venue to share information.

The 2015-2016 YNC Officers are:
Lynn Kennard Pershing, Chair                   [email protected]            801-971-4959
Jan Ellen Burton, Vice Chair                      [email protected]
Robert Argenbright, Vice Chair                  [email protected]
Nicholas Marsh, Secretary/Treasurer        [email protected]
Yalecrest Neighborhood Council Purpose
The purpose of the Council shall be (1) to promote a positive, cultural and physical environment that aids the community members in obtaining a meaningful, geographic identity; (2) to encourage positive relationships among the members of the community; and (3) to pursue other objectives that are beneficial to residents of the Yalecrest Neighborhood (Bylaws 040412)
To accomplish our vision, YNC mission educates the community about local city issues that impact YNC and quality of life. It encourages residential involvement and volunteerism in local projects.

Areas of YNC interest and activity
Urban Forest - Yalecrest is noted for its large tree-lined streets and for being the second largest forest in the city. YNC works with the Urban Forestry to promote and maintain health in our 78+ year-old iconic canopy park strip trees, by preparing a flyer on deep watering. Provision of contact information and forms for obtaining park strip trees has promoted the renewal of our urban forest with replacement trees.

Historic Preservation
Yalecrest has been cited for historic preservation in all City Master and Preservation Plans since 1979 and was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2007. Five of the nine local historic district applications submitted to date to Salt Lake City have been approved through the citizen-initiated process. However, historic preservation has garnered support, as well as opposition. State legislative efforts since 2010 have made the citizen-initiated local historic district preservation efforts more difficult.
Local Parks/Green Space
YNC was involved in the design, restoration and stabilization plans for the Miller Bird Refuge and Nature Park (established in 1935) located at 900 South and 1700 East, after the 2010 Chevron oil spill. Designs for stabilizing the creek bed, removal of invasive tree species, trail restoration and water rights were achieved through many hours of negotiation with SLC Parks and Open Space.
Spillover commuter traffic number and vehicle speeding on neighborhood streets has been a constant issue in Yalecrest, as Foothill Drive reaches maximal capacity as a commuting corridor. Capital improvement project (CIP) funding has been applied and awarded for installation of physical barriers to reduce traffic speed on one street. YNC continues to engage UTA, SLC Transportation and the University of Utah in discussions for bus service to the neighborhood to promote neighborhood solutions to slow down vehicle speed on local streets and encourage use of mass transit.
Good Neighbors
YNC has joined the University of Utah Community Forum to promote awareness of the impacts that University athletic events have on Yalecrest traffic, safety, street parking, noise and light pollution, pedestrian safety and trash. Meeting quarterly has improved our relationship into a productive and more effective partnership. YNC has been actively involved in the East Bench Master Plan document, the Foothill Implementation Study and Parleys (2100 South) Master Plan(s).
Yalecrest has the lowest crime in the City. Increased education on enhancing residential security, reporting and neighborhood-watch strategies are contributing to better crime statistics. Monthly statistics on the number and types of crime in the Council meeting have increased awareness and methods of prevention and contacting appropriate authorities for help.

Emergency Preparedness for every family
Guest speakers and Council meeting education have provided the "nuts and bolts" of emergency preparedness in terms of action plan, enrollment in various training courses and making an emergency kit of essentials for each family member.

As you can see, District 4 has dedicated individuals and organizations representing your interests! It has been such a pleasure working with, and getting to know these community volunteers during my time on the SL County Council, and now, in the legislature. And, as always, I am honored to represent my district and our state...and you.


As always, I appreciate your input. Your voice is critical. If you would like to volunteer, PLEASE contact me, I can be reached at [email protected] (legislative matters), [email protected] (personal matters), by mail to 4760 S. Highland Drive, #427, Salt Lake City, Utah 84117, or by phone at (801)580-8414. Check out my website here, or you can interact with me on my Facebook!  
This Senate seat includes the following house districts: District 36 (Rep. Patrice Arent), District 37 (Rep. Carol Spackman Moss), District 40 (Rep. Lynn Hemingway), District 46 (Rep. Marie Poulson) and District 28 (Rep. Brian King). To see who your Representative is click here!
Jani Iwamoto
Senate District 4

To visit my website, click here. To visit my facebook page, click here.