May 2016 - In This Issue:
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Pastor's Message
Ministry through Injured Eyes
No, my eyes are not injured, they are just fine.  But being a Pastor and having an injury that is both quite serious and does limit my ability to do my job the way I would like is an eye opening experience.  First, to address the seriousness of my injury.  If you have not heard I cannot put any weight on my leg for 3 months following surgery.  I have two plates and many screws that are holding the top of my lower leg together and yes there is a significant amount of pain that goes with that.  This then affects the mind and emotions in many ways.  First, as most of you know I am a very active person skiing, hiking, and even working around the house is what keeps me sane.  My sanity fix is gone for a while.  There is also the toll of pain.  This is very new for me.  I have broken both arms and a leg as a kid, with my interests I have had many bumps and bruises, but I have never experienced the specific pain, cumulative body ache, and extreme exhaustion like I have the last few weeks.

Ok, now why do I share all that, it really is not to garner sympathy.  I share it because I have a new understanding.  Many people have or have had severe physical life challenges, while I have always approached these situations with a sympathetic heart I feel I now have an understanding heart which is maybe even more important.  It is I realize really difficult to really have empathy for someone if you have not experienced the pain that they have.  You can be a friend, you can show acts of great care, but you don't really "know".  So challenge number one we all could do a better job of looking around, being sensitive, and responding to the needs and brokenness around us.  There are people in real physical pain, there are people in real emotional pain, there are people in real spiritual pain.  As followers of Jesus let's to our best to be there for those in need.

The second thing I want to touch on is how this injury has limited my ability to do my job the way I would like.  How do we handle a situation when we cannot either because of physical, emotional, or spiritual reasons do a job the way we want to do it?  I never thought there would be a time in my life where I would have to take an afternoon nap to get through a day.  I am physically so tired that I truly have to take a nap each day. In this I guess I would suggest we all learn to be more understanding with ourselves.  We live in a culture that demands excellence, which I am not discouraging because we should do our best for God, but we can actually be our own worst enemy and be less productive if we allow those expectations imposed by others or ourselves to beat us down.  I know this may sound like one of those, just change your behavior and the listeners are saying, you are putting even more weight on me.  Again this moves us to the reason for the church and challenge number 2.  As Christians we need to be more understanding and more ready to help. 

There are seasons in life there are seasons of crazy busy schedules, seasons of pain and discouragement, seasons of pain and struggle.  But there are also seasons of available time, seasons of contentment, and seasons of emotional and spiritual health. I want to encourage those in the second category, those with available time, contentment and emotional and spiritual health, if you have time, life is pretty good, and you are strong in the Lord.  Look around and be the hands and feet of Christ.  I promise you won't have to look far.  Make a commitment to reflect Jesus in your life as often as you possibly can.

Thank you to Church of the Cross and to every individual who has been there for me and my family the list is long.  Thank you to those who have helped with physical needs.  Thank you to those who have helped with emotional needs.  Thank you to those who have prayed for me and my family so faithfully.  You have been the hands and feet of Jesus to me, Thank you.

See you in worship.

Pastor Philip
Weekly Prayer Gathering
All are invited to participate in the weekly prayer gathering each Wednesday afternoon in the sanctuary at 2:00pm.
Bible Studies
Women's Bible Study
We will resume again in the fall with a new study.  For more info, Eunice at 303.697-6757

Men's Bible Study

Thursday, May 5th - 6:30am
Thursday, May 19th - 6:30am

Join us in the church fellowship hall.
Welcome Visitors

We want to welcome last month's visitors. Thank you for worshiping with us!

Charlie & Karisa Eberly 

Indian Hills, CO

Kevin Bowles & Claire Dixon

Denver, CO

John & Barbara Wingate

Evergreen, CO

Marty Schuler

Evergreen, CO 

Love Offerings

Each month we will highlight an outreach or special ministry. Loose cash offerings and designated offerings will be given directly to those ministry opportunities.

In March we collected $1182.00 for Project Sparkle Armenia.

In April we collected $229.80 for LCC Youth Scholarships


The May Love Offering goes to

Happy Birthday!

05/05 Jayne Schlichter

05/06 Linda Mohrmann

          Bill Weisenborn

05/09 Barbie Garnett

05/12 Karen Soper

05/16 Jane Von Thun

05/18 Eric Esau

          Erik Jensen

          Gary Jensen

          Gloria Owens

05/19 Skip Olson

          Tammy Theisen

          Donna Wortman

05/24 Bob Inman

05/26 Betty Luzadder 

Happy Anniversary!

05/10 Kyle & Mary Stults

05/28 Richard & Karen Miller 

Church Staff
Pastor - Philip Reimers
Ministers - All of our People
Youth Director - Open
Music Director - Patrick Stone
Choir Director - Elinore Quander
Office Manager - Robbin Sellers
Council Members
Nonie Willisch - President
Mark Selman - Vice-President
Mike Lofing  - Treasurer
Maggie Blake - Secretary
Steve Ramsey - Business Mgr
Claire O'Brien - Education
Gloria Owens - Evangelism
Open - Fellowship
Eunice Bollinger - Outreach/Missions
Paul Mohrmann - Property & Grounds
MaryAnn Schmidt - Stewardship
Vicki Morrison - Worship & Music
Barbie Garnett - Youth & Family
Vacation Volunteers Still Needed !!
Vacation Time is Coming Up.
Looking for office volunteers to answer phones for a couple hours a day on Friday June 17th and Tuesday - Friday June 21st - 24th while Robbin is on vacation.
No need to create bulletins they will be done. Just answer the phones.

Saints Alive!
"We have heard of your faith in Christ Jesus and of the love you have for all our saints..." Col. 1:4

We give thanks for the following people who have helped support our life together as a community of faith:

For All Those; Who helped during Pastor Philips absence - there are so many but to many to name.

Special Thanks to;
Pastor John Bergren, Pastor Lupande, Ken Touryan, Gloria Owens for delivering the message on Sunday's that Pastor Philip was unable to do so.
Christian Day Camp

Get ready for some rock solid fun. Christian Day camp for 2016 is June 27 to 30 (NEW DATE). The theme is CAVE QUEST!

We are partnering with Bethel Lutheran in Colorado Springs ( Steven Freund, their Youth Leader and his Youth Group, are providing tise 'Rock Solid' day camp experience.

LCC will still provide adult and youth leaders along with snacks and lunch so please pray about volunteering to help. This day camp ROCKS! Kids will be grounded in the rock-solid foundation of God's love, a love that guides us through life's dark times.

On this courageous, captivating quest, kids sing, have fun, and experience Jesus-the Light of the world!

So gear up and get ready to enjoy an over-the-top underground adventure!  Please talk to Suzanne Pecoraro about how you can volunteer to help: or call 303-674-7848
The Evangelism Committee has written a Vision Statement; to see a Christ-centered spiritual renewal in our mountain community. And our Mission Statement; to stand together as Christians in a spirit of grace and truth, encouraging our churches, uniting in prayer, and boldly proclaiming the life-giving message of Christ.

It has been recommended we change the word "revival" to "spiritual renewal." Our next step is to have invitations taken personally to each church asking them to stand with us for a Mountain Community Spiritual Renewal. We ask for your prayers for the churches to respond. Currently we have five churches committed.
May Coffee Services
Readers for May

Pray Partners for May

Sacrament Assistant & Ushers 


Youth and Family News
Families Faith Day at the Rockies
Crowder will be this year's musical guest !
For over ten years now, this post-game event has been a fan favorite, and we are looking forward to another big day.
Besides being a great outreach opportunity, Faith Day offers Colorado churches and Christians from all over the state the chance to come together for a time of fellowship at the ballpark! Tickets range in price so I would love to see how much interest we have, if we have 25 or more people we can get a group rate. I have a sign up on the back table if you are interested.
Skillet is Coming
Skillet is coming to Elitch Gardens August 13. Visit Elitch Gardens at 5:30 for fun, fellowship and a free concert starting at 7:00 ! Tickets are $26.00, if you would like to go please talk to Barbie and we can purchase tickets soon!
Young Life Camping
High adventure, lots of fun, great food and excellent speakers who understand and respect high school and middle school kids. At Young Life's camps in North America, kids are treated to resort-quality facilities, for which Young Life has become known.

"The Best Week of Your Life!"

As Young Life's worldwide outreach continues to grow, our camping program is expanding as well, with Young Life-owned or leased camps in a number of international locations.

Regardless of the facility, the experience is the same - kids getting away from the pressures of everyday life, having fun with friends and their Young Life leaders, and hearing the message of God's love in terms they can understand. And Young Life camping is open to kids who often are overlooked: those from economically depressed communities, kids with disabilities and teenage mothers.

This Year's Summer Camps:

We have money to help pay for scholarships so please talk to Barbie if you would like to go!

Young Life Camp - Castaway Club July 9-17, 2016 Cost is $810.  For more detailed information click here:

WyldLife Camp
Crooked Creek Ranch, Fraser CO August 10-14, 2016 Cost is $450
For more detailed information visit:

Youth Mission Trip
Save the Date . . .
Please join us July 16 - 22 we will be serving on the Navajo reservation in the Black Mesa Community in Arizona.  The Navajo Reservation is the largest Native American reservation in the United States today. The Navajo continue to live on the land of their ancestors, and their native language and culture has been maintained to a large extent, making this a unique cross-cultural experience. Navajo mission trip teams enjoy the beautiful desert landscape, eat Navajo tacos, and build genuine friendships with the Navajo people. To reserve your spot today please contact Nonie.
Male Chaperones are needed for this event.
Wednesday Nights
Wednesday Nights will run thru May 25th and then be done for the summer months.  They will start back up in the new school year, watch this space for that date. 

Mission Statement:

As people of Church of the Cross, we proclaim the Love of Jesus Christ in all we do for the Glory of God.