MAY 2016


PowerCorpsPHL members, alumni, and staff are committed to building a better world. That commitment is expressed through our AmeriCorps service, our participation in local and national efforts to build stronger communities, and through the sharing of our stories of perseverance with others.

We hope you enjoy just a few examples of our efforts this month to promote civic responsibility, fuel community empowerment and celebrate the great work of our alumni and partners.

RightRaise Campaign
Celebrating the success of the first campaign

Last fall, PowerCorpsPHL teamed up with RightRaise and Philadelphia Lawyers for Social Equity to crowdfund $4,800 over the course of 45 days. A huge thank you to everyone who donated and reached out to their network for donations! This past month, PowerCorpsPHL and PLSE made payments on court fines and fees for 21 PowerCorpsPHL alumni. For many of the young people we serve, these fines are a significant barrier to getting off probation and transitioning into new and better lives.
Focused on the path forward
Cities United Convening, including PowerCorpsPHL's Mabari Byrd, Stanley Morgan, and Aaron Kirkland
Cities United Fierce Urgency of Now Convening
Stakeholders from over 80 cities gathered to build a brighter future

The third annual convening of Cities United was held in Birmingham, AL on May 3-5, 2016. PowerCorpsPHL staff and alumni participated in the convening: alumni Stanley Morgan gave the opening remarks. Alumni Aaron Kirkland spoke on the "Voices of the Affected" panel. Crew Leader Mabari Byrd spoke on the panel "Educating Opportunity Youth: Giving the Under Educated and Under Employed A Legitimate Chance at Success". Interim Director Julia Hillengas spoke on the panel "Understanding the Bottom Line: How the Business Sector is Stepping Up to Provide Training and Jobs in Our Communities". Cities United and PowerCorpsPHL are committed to improving the lives and outcomes of black men and their communities.
Alumni Highlights
Congratulations on their next steps!

This month, we caught up with Ashley Carter, Katrell Holmes, and Eugene Peace.
Ashley is serving a second term of AmeriCorps service in the PowerCorpsPHL Fellowship program with Vetri Community Partnership; she engages youth in developing healthy eating habits. Katrell is a Solar Installer and Designer with Solar States. Eugene is utilizing his landcare experience with Smith Memorial Playground performing grounds and building maintenance.
Ashley Carter in Vetri's kitchen
Kalef Jones interviewed by VCH crew
Veterans Coming Home Film Project
Bridging the military-civilian divide

Veterans Coming Home is a multi-platform media project aimed at bridging the gap between veterans and civilians by exploring issues of service, citizenship, and veterans' lives.  A VCH film crew joined Kalef Jones' crew New Wave to document their service. VCH is interested in the parallels between military service and national service and aims to expand domestic service options for returning veterans.
Broad Street Run
Volunteer service and diverting waste from the landfill

Waste Watchers Philadelphia aims to divert as much waste as possible away from landfills and instead, into recycling and compost! PowerCorpsPHL crews managed six of the eight water stations during the 10 mile Broad Street Run. Crews sorted trash, recycling, and compost in order to divert waste from the landfill. Although it was a rainy day, the energy was high as marathoners powered down Broad Street!
Street Sweepers crew sorting waste
PPR Commissioner Kathryn Ott Lovell
Love Your Park 
Building investment in community spaces

Love Your Park Week, hosted by Philadelphia Parks and Recreation and Fairmount Park Conservancy, is a celebration of public places that engages community members in their city's parks.  PowerCorpsPHL crews volunteered throughout the week and into the weekend on projects with a variety of service partners.
  • PowerCorpsPHL was featured on MIT's Community Innovators Lab because of its model that builds community wealth and resilience.
  • PowerCorpsPHL is partnering with LRNG to create meaningful, employer-aligned badges for our corps members to earn as part of their training.  Badges are defined as a shareable, digital credential that provides evidence of a substantive learning achievement.
  • A small group of PowerCorpsPHL members attended a strategy session on the School District of Philadelphia's Code of Student Conduct.  The Education Law Center hosted the session to hear from individuals with experience in the SDP in order to give recommendations on revisions to the Code.
About PowerCorpsPHL
PowerCorpsPHL is a City of Philadelphia AmeriCorps initiative, administered in partnership with EducationWorks, that engages disconnected young adults in transforming their lives through service. Launched in September 2013, PowerCorpsPHL  plays a key role in addressing Philadelphia's environmental stewardship, youth violence prevention and workforce development priorities.  Read more.
Hire Our Alumni!
PowerCorpsPHL members complete 900 hours of AmeriCorps service with Philadelphia Parks and Recreation and the Philadelphia Water Department. If you are interested in hiring one of our alumni, contact Margy Wilcox, Assistant Director of Professional Development, at
to learn more about our employer services.
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