A tiny mountain lion, Willy's new girlfriend, and our 10 Year Anniversary

May 2016
10 Year Anniversary and PEEP Grand Opening
By Executive Director Doris Duncan

Jennifer Mendoza of the Board of Supervisors, Mike Reilly, Retired Supervisor, Mike Kerns, Retired Supervisor, and Andrea Krout, District 2 Director, cut the ribbon for the Grand Opening of the PEEP Barnyard. Cheyenne, Educational Wolfdog, supervises.
On a blustery Friday this May, SCWR hosted representatives from the county and influential people from our history for our 10 Year Anniversary and Predator Prevention and Educational Barnyard (PEEP) Grand Opening. It is because of the generosity and hard work of both members of the county government and private citizens that we were able to get this beautiful site ten years ago and are still here today. We took this day to honor their contributions and to celebrate our future.
Doris Duncan,SCWR Executive Director,  Mike Kerns Retired Supervisor, Mike Reilly, Retired Supervisor, Andrea Krout, District 2 Director
At the celebration SCWR was honored with a Gold Resolution from the Board of Supervisors, presented by Andrea Krout, Director of District 2 and Board Member of FarmTrails. A Gold Resolution is an impressive document outlining and formally recognizing the contributions that SCWR has made to this county over our many years of service. We are deeply honored to be the recipients of this resolution.

The PEEP Barnyard is officially open!
Braving the wind on the hill, we held a ribbon cutting ceremony to formally open our PEEP barnyard. 
Carla Maus, Department Safety Manager, meets our goats and cats in the catio.
After the ceremony, we took our guests on a tour of the PEEP barnyard, where they were able to meet our some of our ambassador animals and see our educational signs and structures.

We are so blessed to have been at this site for ten years and look forward to many more years of supporting the wildlife and the community of Sonoma County. With the county's and your support, we can make our vision of a more sustainable and wildlife friendly Sonoma County possible.

Tiny Cub, Big Future

Nicole's first well baby check
Meet Nicole. This tiny mountain lion will be joining SCWR as an education animal. After quite an ordeal, she is now medically stable enough to announce her joining our ambassador team. We have a lot of work to do before she is ready to greet the public, including a renovation to our mountain lion enclosure which will cost at least $5,000. Expect a special edition in June with Nicole as the star! We'll share more photos, details of her story, thanks to all the people who helped save her life, and the ways we hope to learn from working with her.

Meet Cheyenne

Dr. Gurevitch and staff help Cheyenne feel less nervous at the vet.
Remember how Willy, our education wolfdog, needed a new companion? We have finally found her! Her name is Cheyenne and she joined us from Lake Tahoe Wolf Rescue. She had been unsuccessful at being a house pet and craved an outdoor life. When she came to SCWR, she had a torn pawpad and a ruptured salivary gland. Dr. Russ Gurevitch, a Good Samaritan veterinarian, took it upon himself to help Cheyenne as an act of love. Now she is with Willy, finishing her recovery and showing us a bit of her sassy, playful self! Welcome to the Education Team, Cheyenne!


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