May 2017 - - $100,000 of Price Reductions Announced!   
May 26, 2017

I and many other dealers have seen some recent slowness in the coin market.  Accordingly, I have decided to reduce prices on much of my inventory.  The lower prices are not just for a brief sale, but represent mostly permanent price reductions.  The price reductions total slightly over $100,000!  Therefore, you might want to peruse my website to see if any coins will work for you at the lower prices!

Please contact us at (863)314-6872 or (717)579-8238 (cell), or email us at and let us know the coin(s) you want.     
And, we wish you a nice Memorial Day holiday! 
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Our next show is the Summer FUN show in Orlando, Thursday, July 6 thru Saturday, July 8 at the Orange County Convention Center, Hall WE1.  Pl ease stop by and see us!   
                                                                          - - Rich Uhrich
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