Issue No. 94  May 2017
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NEW Truck Package added to the Fleet at S1

At the end of last year we came up with a novel idea for a truck package that may just be the only one of its kind in North America. Its bigger and badder than anything we have launched so far, and we think it will be obvious how useful it will be in the production process, once we tell you what it is.
The design was finalized and the order placed at the beginning of the year, and the build is now complete, so expect to see more details shortly about the launch and full details of just what it is.

Javier Lovera Shoots for Fashion Magazine in Mexico

Toronto photographer, Javier Lovera, traveled to Mexico to an iconic location, to shoot Canadian model Heather Marks for the Summer 2017 cover story for Fashion Magazine. Check out the stunning images online.

S1 Supplied: Camera Lenses, Camera Support, Computer, Lighting and Grip

Paul Steinberg Shoots 360 Degree Car Interiors for Chrysler

Paul Steinberg spent three days shooting 360 degree interiors of a huge range of cars and trucks that can be seen on the family of Chrysler Canada websites. Check out the amazing final shots below.

S1 Supplied: Capture Service with Digital Tech, Camera Support, Van Services

Eszter and David shoot Environmental Portraits for Cogeco Peer 1

San Francisco photography duo Eszter and David came to town to shoot a series of editorial portraits for Cogeco Peer 1, a  managed cloud, hosting and IT services company servicing the globe. 

S1 Supplied: Photo Van Package, Production Rentals, Expendables
Steve Wilkie Shoots the Gallery for Dark Matter Season 3

Steve Wilkie shot the Gallery images of cast of the sci fi tv show Dark Matter shooting here in Toronto. Season three starts Friday June 9th on SyFy in the US and on Space in Canada.

S1 Supplied: Capture Service with Digital Tech, Lighting, Grip, Expendables and Van Services.
Norman Wong Shoots for Marshall's Canada SS17

Toronto photographer Norman Wong shot the SS17 campaign for Marshall's Canada, produced by Tristan Tran Productions. You can find more from the shoot on the Marshall's Canada website.

S1 Supplied: Camera Support, Lighting, Grip, Special FX, Production Rentals and Van Services
Corus Entertainment Shoots a Promo for Private Eyes Season 2

The team from Corus Entertainment shot this teaser for season two of the tv show Private Eyes, starring Jason Priestly and Cindy Sampson. Season two airs Thursdays on Global TV.

S1 Supplied: Video Van Package, Camera Support, Grip, Electrical and Specail FX
Breakthrough Entertainment Shoots Margaret Atwood for the Animated Series 'Wandering Wenda'

CBC has adapted "The Wide World of Wandering Wenda", a children's story written by renowned Canadian author Margaret Atwood, into an animated tv show. The crew from Breakthrough Entertainment shot Ms. Atwood to incorporate her into the opening credits of the show. 'Wandering Wenda' airs Saturday mornings on the CBC.
Pricing & Negotiating: Pharmaceutical Portraits

"One of our Northwest-based photographers reached out looking for help pulling together an estimate for a library shoot for a local mid-sized pharmaceutical manufacturer." 
Check out the quote and details courtesy of the team at Wonderful Machine. 

Close-Up: An Extensive Interview with Edward Burtynsky

Edward Burtynsky is a legendary Canadian fine art photographer who specializes in chronicling the extraction and destruction of the earth and it's minerals, mines and more. His images bring a painterly beauty to the banal. A photographer and master printer for over forty years, Burtynsky has pioneered a unique way of looking at the planet. Ken Weingart had the opportunity to speak with the artist at the Von Lintel Gallery in Los Angeles, where his latest exhibition "Industrial Abstract" was recently on view. 

Underwater Muses

"It sounds like a complicated math equation: If you have 20 nude models, a large swimming pool, three assistants, one photographer who can't swim, and less than a minute per dive, how many shots will it take to get the perfect image?  As unpredictable as those variables may be, that's the reality of  Ed Freeman's  productions."

Get Lost in Australia's Vast Salt Lake With These Dreamy Photos

Lake Eyre Sits roughly in the middle of nowhere. It is not really a lake, but a salt pan. It covers more than 3,500 square miles of Australian outback, a vast expanse of parched earth and shimmering salt stretching toward the horizon. During the rainy season, when as much as 5 inches might fall, it fills with shallow pools of water that reflect the sky above.  It rarely fills completely, but the smattering of lakes create oases in an otherwise brutal desert. Murray Fredericks  captures this stunning transformation in  Vanity , the latest in his ongoing  Salt  project.

Camera Review: The Leica M-10

While Leica has a diverse camera lineup that covers everything from a $300 instant film camera to a five-figure medium-format camera, the beating heart of the Leica brand is unquestionably its M-series rangefinders. So when a new M comes along, as it has in the form of the M10 , it's kind of a big deal.

Check out the review by Greg Scoblete.
Profoto Updated B1 with New B1X

Profoto is rolling out an updated version of its battery-powered B1 monolight. The new 500 W/s B1X  offers an upgraded battery that delivers 50 percent more energy for up to 325 full-power flashes while retaining the size and weight of the original B1 battery.

Phase One launches 100MP black and white medium format IQ3 'Achromatic'

Phase One has announced a mono version of its 100MP IQ3 medium format camera back. The $50,000 camera has no colour filter array or IR filter, so should produce higher levels of pixel sharpness as well as offering greater sensitivity. It can integrate with its IQ3 XF camera as well as being compatible with a range of other medium format cameras. 

Polaroid Sold to The Impossible Project's Largest Shareholder

The owner of well-known Polaroid  brand, PLR IP Holdings, LLC, now has a new owner. A group of investors has bought 100% of the shares, led by Smolokowsky family, particularly Mr. Wiaczeslaw (Slava) Smolokowski. He is a Polish businessman and a majority shareholder of the Impossible Project, who produces the instant film for Polaroid cameras. 

Multi Slider is the World's First Bendable Camera Slider

If you're in search for a camera slider, Austrian startup Waterbird Systems  will make you say "Shut up and take my money." They have developed Multi Slider, a bendable slider which enables linear and curve camera tracks in the same product. You can change it from a linear to a curve slider at any demanded radius in only a few seconds.

MSE Pipe Corner - 2" Round

Got an odd sized fabric that needs to get rigged to a frame? With four of these Pipe Corners, you can make any size frame you want out of standard 2" OD pipe! Add on a pair of MSE Backdrop Ears - 2" Round and you've got yourself a custom frame.

Airvada's Diodon is the World's First Inflatable Drone

French company Airvada has launched Diodon, the world's first inflatable drone. Yup, you read it right, inflatable drone. You use a compact electric pump to fill it with air, and it's ready for a takeoff.
It sounds funny, but apparently, it's quite powerful and has a few pretty good sides.

Kickstarter - FilmLab, an app for viewing and digitizing analog film

FilmLab is a mobile app that lets you use your smartphone to work with analog film. All you need to use it is your smartphone, some film, and a light source such as a light box. When you first point FilmLab at some film, it automatically detects the photos, and gives you a real-time preview of what negatives will look like as positives. 

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DJI's VR-Like Goggles Let You Control Your Drone Cam with Your Head

If you want a more immersive experience from your Mavic Pro or Phantom 4, DJI's got you covered. Almost a year after they first teased  them, DJI has officially released the DJI Goggles: a pair of VR-like FPV goggles that let you control your drone camera with your head.