Are You Self-Medicating?
Life is overwhelming. Feeling like the stress will never end is all too common these days. Many people have a drink, take a hit, or pop a pill, to unwind, numb the pain, or help themselves cope. When this practice becomes a habit, it's considered self-medicating. Self-Medicating is a slippery slope to addiction. So how do you know if you're self-medicating? Here are some signs:
  • you plan your day around your next drink, pill, etc
  • you panic when you can't have a drink
  • you drink or get high when you feel stressed, depressed, angry, or sad
  • the more you medicate yourself, the worse your stress gets, the positive effects are short-lived
  • your ability to experience true joy or make meaningful connections with others is greatly decreased
  • you have financial problems
  • your friends, family, and doctors are telling you to get help
If this list sounds familiar, don't wait until things get worse. We offer confidential support and job protective services 24/7. Call 1-888-828-7826 today!

Spotlight: Ray Greaves
Ray and John Costa, International VP of ATU
Amalgamated Transit Union
State Chairman Ray Greaves gets high marks from the staff at HCAMS.
  Ray was recently honored for his tireless efforts on behalf of New Jersey Labor at the State Democratic Party's Jefferson Jackson Dinner. "The best and most loyal guy I know. His dedication has no limits. Always there for the ATU!!" Says Richard Stark (ATU Ret).
 Martin Heraghty President of lo cal 824 quotes Ray: "When the $#!? hits the fan, be close to the fan." The closer you are to a situation, the more you can fix in a timely fashion for your brothers and sisters. 
  Janet Gerhard, Director of Public Relations at HCAMS, learned most of what she knows about solidarity from Ray; not by what he says or the awards he receives, but by what he does.  "Ray has a great sense of self, is very humble and he knows how to motivate good people to do great things, did I mention that he is very funny?"
Thank you Ray Greaves for all that you do for labor across America!

Did you know that HCAMS offers free trainings on stress, bullying, how to help a member in crisis and more?
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It is both the legal obligation of a union and the nature of union representation to help those at risk on the job.
 When the cause of the problem on the job appears to be behavioral health, substance abuse, or stress-related, representation can be challenging.
 The member is often in denial, feeling shame and being defensive. In fact, denial is a primary symptom of behavioral health and addiction problems.
HCAMS  works with union representatives and the affected member. We recommend course of care coupled with job defense strategy, follow up on the member's care, and provide advocacy services.
Since these conditions may often qualify as disabilities under federal law, state law, and case law, employees are entitled to medical/legal remediation.

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