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MAY 2017
Dear Members and Friends,

In a recent meeting I was asked why did I join TTN?   I joined because I loved the idea of exploring Philadelphia artistically, intellectually and with women who have a passion for life.

Whatever the reasons are, I find that we all share a bond with our community of women and the opportunities TTN gives us to explore, develop our networks and give back to our communities.

This month at our Steering Committee meeting we discussed:
* The upcoming exciting events planned by the Events Committee (May events listed in column on the left)
* The formation of new Special Interest Groups (SIGs) around the Chapter (see article below).
* The wonderful time members had at the latest Foodie event at Zinc
* How to better use our resources to continue to provide engaging and fulfilling services to all who are members and guest of the Philadelphia Chapter.

As you know, TTN is a member-driven, all volunteer organization and for our Philadelphia Chapter to thrive and continue offering activities such as SIGs, Peer Groups, Events, Programs and Volunteer opportunities, we need your help. 
Let us know if you are interested in joining any of our Committees. We welcome your participation and ideas. 

I also hope our Member Spotlight included below about Marion Blow and the sense of accomplishment she feels from being more involved, inspires you to raise your hand and join us to plan, run and support our TTN efforts.

Please reach out if you want to chat about a passion you have or to get more information regarding our Committees. Have a wonderful Spring and check out our events and programs!

Fatima Class
Chair, TTN Philadelphia
Special Interest Groups:  SIG Corner  
Hope you are enjoying this beautiful Spring weather.  Many of our new Special Interest Groups/SIGs are capitalizing on the season to get outside and be active!  The following new SIGs are looking for members:

1st Bike Ride on May 1!

This SIG has officially launched.  The group meets on Mondays at 10AM under the Walnut Street Bridge on the Schuykill River Trail.   Meet there with your own or rented bike and a helmet.  We will bike towards the Art Museum.  You can stop there, keep pedaling onward or circle back to our starting point.   If you have questions or want to join, contact Elena Cappella at   

Let's Go To The Movies Again!
Our current movie SIG is full so we are going to start another one! Members will decide what to see, how to structure, etc. A movie will be seen; a movie will be discussed. 
If you are interested, please contact Alice Milrod at

Jogging Group:
A group of newbie joggers, going at a slow pace, are looking for others to join them on the Schuylkill Trail for a morning jog. Contact Joanne Bowes at

Build your Post-Retirement Business:
Are you retired but involved with or considering a new business venture? Meet with other TTN'ers to discuss ways to launch and support your venture. Meeting topics might include: developing strategic plans, exploring marketing ideas, finding ways to identify ideal clients, understanding social media, etc.  Contact Alice Milrod.

Wine Lovers, Too:
Our first Wine Lovers SIG is too full to accommodate more members, so we're starting a new one.  The new group will meet as soon as have enough participants.  Contact Alice Milrod.

SIGs are a wonderful way to meet other members with common interests and to have fun.  Last year, we established a SIG Oversight Committee and we are looking for new members.  If you are interested in volunteering for TTN and belong to a SIG or two, please consider getting involved.  The Committee meets monthly for 2 hours and considers matters regarding how to best support our fabulous SIG leads.  We welcome new ideas and more hands on-board.   

If interested, please contact Alice Milrod.  
Mainline Member MINGLE!  New Location 
TTN Member Mingle October 2016
You asked for it and we aim to please!  Come join us at our next Member Mingle & Munch  on Monday, May 22 
from 5pm to 7pm at the White Dog Cafe in Haverford Square on the Main Line.

This is a great opportunity to meet and greet new and long-time friends without having to drive into town or worry about parking.  Invite a guest or two to introduce them to TTN, bring your business card to share what you do, and enjoy an informal get-together over drinks.

We will be offering free mini-appetizers along with selections from the Happy Hour menu (at an additional cost).  For just $5 each, have a glass of wine, white & red Sangria or a Dirty Martini, with more drinks at Happy Hour prices.  B ring 
$$CASH$$ for fastest service. Come early and visit the boutiques in Haverford Square and stay late for a delicious dinner. 

You don't have to live on the Main Line to join the Member Mingle & Munch on the Main Line.  Easily accessible from Center City - only two blocks from the Haverford Regional Rail Station on the Paoli/Thorndale line.  Look forward to seeing you there!    

Member Spotlight:  Marion Blow
Marion Blow, January 2017 with TTN at the Women's March 
Marion Blow first joined TTN nearly 18 months ago and quickly became actively involved. Hear what she has to say about TTN and her current transitions:
I joined TTN about a year and a half ago and I am very excited to become the newest member of the Philadelphia Chapter Steering Committee. When I first joined TTN my only goal was to have opportunities to occasionally meet other women in my age group from the Philadelphia area.

Like many women in the TTN community, I have had a long, successful and satisfying career. I am a CPA and have spent over 30 years in senior level finance roles within the banking industry. Shortly after joining TTN, my most recent position was impacted by an organizational restructuring and the result was that I was laid off.

This wasn't the first time I had been in this situation and my initial reaction was to immediately get back into the job market and find a similar position. But I realized that at this time in my life this transition was different and I have spent the last year deciding whether I was on a career break or retired. Although I wasn't planning to retire for a few years, and had a concern that retirement may be a difficult transition for me, my involvement with TTN has helped me to bridge the gap.

Over the last six months I have expanded my TTN involvement beyond participating in the occasional event, by volunteering to serve as a member of the Membership Committee and as Vice-Chair of the Events Committee. I've discovered that this level of commitment is providing me with a real sense of accomplishment and has allowed me to get to know so many amazing women and to establish some great personal relationships. I'm looking forward to finding other ways to contribute in the future!

Contact Marion at
Volunteer Opportunities 
A number of volunteer opportunities are available to TTN members in May and June, including Habitat for Humanity Dedication Day hosting, Cradles to Crayons group volunteer session, MANNA and The Career Wardrobe spring fundraiser, 

Habitat for Humanity:  You are invited to volunteer for one or more of five Dedication Days scheduled for Habitat for Humanity. Each Dedication Day will accommodate 6 TTN hostess volunteers. The dates are the following:
Saturday May 13th 1601 Page Street
Saturday May 20th 2014 N. 16th Street
Saturday June 3rd 1603 Page Street
Saturday June 17th  1605 Page Street
Saturday June 24th 1600 Fontain Street

Please plan to arrive at the location by 1:30 and stay until 5:00. The Director of Family Services for Habitat for Humanity, Rita Calicat, will be at the site, as well as a TTN member who has attended a prior Dedication Day.  Check TTN  Events Calendar in a few days to register.  

Questions?  Contact   Anne Tindall or Moya Kinnealey

Cradles to Crayons:  Due to the great success of our first volunteer activity, a second Cradles to Crayons group volunteer opportunity is scheduled for Wednesday May 31st from 1:00PM - 3:00PM.  Please register here for this event. 

MANNA:   Let's keep the momentum going to support MANA on the following dates:  May 3, May 23, June 7, June 20 and July 18.  10AM to 1PM.  All events can be found on the Events Calendar.

Career Wardrobe is hosting Hope's Night Out: An Evening of Fun, Fashion and Impact at Moore College of Art, May 26th, 5:30 - 8:30.  A Cocktail Reception, Silent Auction and bidding on Empowerment Hours (meet-ups with Philadelphia's most interesting and influential people) is planned. See for details and cost. 
Questions: Contact TTN Member,  Nancy Kauffman  
SIGgestions:  Where We Are Going.....

Who has time for everything?  TTN Members in SIGs, of course! Here are some of the ways we're staying connected and engaged.

Philadelphia Museum of Art
A Closer Look SIG

Taller Puertorriqueno Cultural Center 
Art Appreciation SIG

Private Screening Room
Classic Movies SIG

Jerry's Girls - Walnut Street Theater
Philadelphia Theater Series SIG

Check out all our Special Interest Groups!
Giving Circle:  Grant Awards Process Update 
2016 Giving Circle Awardee "New Leash on Life"
After a month of study and discussion, the Giving Circle Grants Committee selected ten applicants as finalists for our 2017 grant. All finalists must meet our selection criteria as a non-profit organization benefiting women and children in the Greater Philadelphia area.

As you read this, groups of three or four members are making site visits to meet with the organizations. Site visits give us a chance to gain a deeper understanding of the social problems addressed by these groups. We meet the people who will lead the projects, get a feel for the credibility and capacity of the organization and have an opportunity to ask about issues that were not addressed in their grant proposals. In short, they bring the applications to life. They are a valuable learning experience and help us make better informed decisions on behalf our donors.

On May 8th the Grants Committee will meet again to share the results of our visits and narrow down the field of applicants to 3-5. We will present the final choices to the entire Giving Circle at a dinner on May 18 where their vote will determine our 2017 grantee.

These are types of social needs addressed by our final ten applicants:
  • Legal Rights - one for LGBT youth and another for teenagers aging out of the foster care system
  • Out of School Enrichment - three free programs, one each in art, music and theater
  • Teen Dating and Violence Protection
  • Pregnant and Parenting Teens - peer support and resources
  • Nutrition Outreach - gardening and fresh produce in a "food desert"
  • Women Leaving Prison - post release support to prevent re-incarceration
  • Low Income Homeowners - vocational tech students make free repairs
We're looking forward to completing this phase of our Giving Circle grant process and will publicize our decision in the June time-frame.  

For more information, contact Giving Circle Chair, Susan Vineberg.