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May 2017
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MAY 2017

Memorial Day and the 4th of July 
are around the corner....
Our DIY Egg Contest was so popular, we've decided to offer a DIY Flag Contest.  Come in and pick up a 5"x7" canvas on 13 or 18 mesh to create your unique design.  

The only requirement is it be a US flag
how you star it, stripe it, color it, design it, is  up  to you.  Perfect for trying new 
stitches, using leftover threads, 
ribbons,  beads  or buttons.

Flags need to be in for finishing by Thursday, June 8th to be finished 
in  time for 4th of July and entered 
into  the  contest for voting .
May 3rd - May 27th

Before                After     

20% off all trunk show canvases! 
Special orders are 15% off
  Cooper Oaks canvas mounted as a 
top to a Nantucket basket
Rosalie Peters' Brownstone