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An Introduction to the Cancer Miasm


I've been periodically writing about the seasonally-related chronic miasms, or inherited disease patterns from the family tree. Coming in to the month of May, we are just hitting the transitional point halfway between the Spring Equinox and the Summer Solstice. This is the time of the year where the Cancer miasm becomes most overt.

Like all of the transitional chronic miasms, cancer is a kind of hybrid between the two dominant miasms which are adjacent in the sequence. The bursting, explosive energy of Sycosis in the spring, and the decaying, destructive energy of Syphilis in the heart of the summer are the two parents which gave birth, so to speak, to the Cancer miasm.

Cancer, in terms of its allopathically-tracked statistics, is certainly a disease which can be considered on the same scale as an epidemic. And the "cancer" which Western medicine focuses on (ie the cancer tumour or cell) is just the tip of the iceberg of the deep, pervasive state of mind which cancer represents. 

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Life becomes so much more beautiful when you stop allowing yourself to care about what other people think. Focus on doing what makes you happy, because it is your life and you need to learn to live it for yourself, and yourself only

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Cancer is a having a predisposition for undischarged grief, feelings of rescuing others to the exclusion of self and the unlived life. Their secret, hidden, agenda is that if I help rescue enough folks (children, spouse, friends etc.) eventually they'll rescue me back. However, they become increasingly angry when this does not happen, as the codependency just perpetuates.

To solve it, outright, you need not just mop up the toxicity (tumors, cysts, t-bacilli cells) on the physical level, but also address the state of mind that created the conditions ripe for its "infectious" nature in the first place. This is why folks who've contracted cancer and have it removed with surgery, treated with radiation or chemo generally have a recurrence of the same disease matrix 3-4 years after.

If I open the pages of Michael J. Lincoln's book, " Messages From The Body" and review the reasons for contracting Cancer, you will clearly see that the physical manifestation is only part of the story. In fact until you've addressed this state of mind, the "Cancer" hasn't really gone anywhere:

Cancer - "Powerlessness-rage." They feel overwhelmed and devastated, with a sense of intense emptiness in their life. There has been many years of inner conflict, guilt, hurt, grief, despair, resentment, confusion and/or tension surrounding their deepest personal issues. It is connected with feelings of hopelessness, inadequacy, helplessness and self-rejection. They see no possibility of relevance or effectiveness from the Cosmic realm. They have disharmonious attitudes towards parts of themselves that they don't want to deal with." 
To learn more about this disease matrix, and how to be proactive for yourself and your children, dig into the content of this month's Newsletter. Our goal is to prevent the incidence of this Spring Genetic Miasm in as many folks as possible.


Ally and Jeff
Signs of Cancer in Children

Truthfully, the last thing I feel like doing is writing this blog post, however, knowledge is the only way to treat the root cause of ills.  Recently my daughter was asked to do some work for some family friends.  They'd also hired another gal to work alongside her.  When I met the other young lass, the first thing I noticed was the blue sclera (the eyeball is supposed to be white) of her eyes.  I felt my Clinician/Mother radar sink with disappointment.  The girl also felt beyond shy, sad, and somewhat invisible.

Blue Sclera of varying degrees in the eyes of Children

She was a Silicea Constitution, meaning that she tends to be more IQ, and recharges her energy more from being alone than social.  She alluded to the fact that school was joyless for her, another sign that something was up, as Silicea types usually revel in academic achievement, even at mind-numbing state based institutions.  This gal also clearly lacked much of any engaging warmth or enthusiasm.  These polarities will show up in nature, and in our relationships and this was yet, another key to the disease taking up real estate in her.  I could feel myself discerning just how protracted the issue was in her.  A tough place to be when that participated feeling came back.

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