Region 6 South Central Public Health Training Center Newsletter
May 2017 Newsletter
Featured Partner: Munim Deen, MPH

Munim H. Deen is pursuing a PhD in epidemiology at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center (OUHSC). He is a graduate research assistant at the Oklahoma Public Health Training Center, where he develops web-based public health training courses in conjunction with the Region 6 Public Health Training Center. He also works extensively with Native American tribal health partners and the Oklahoma Area Tribal Epidemiology Center on projects related to American Indian and Alaska Native health topics, in collaboration with OUHSC faculty members Drs. Amanda Janitz and Janis Campbell. His personal research interest is emergency preparedness and improving healthcare processes, particularly healthcare Advance Directives in Oklahoma. He has presented his work at international, state, and local meetings. His prior research includes experience in immunogenetics, focusing on T-cell signaling; and bacteriology, focusing on antibiotic resistance in bacteria. Published as both a researcher and photographer, he hopes to work in public health administration and academia making use of the excellent learning and collaborative opportunities he has experienced as part of the Region 6 Public Health Training Center. He holds a BS (magna cum laude) in microbiology and an MPH in epidemiology, both from the University of Oklahoma. A former newspaper columnist and writing tutor, he hopes to one day be made into a character on The Simpsons. In his spare time, he enjoys traveling, movies, playing music, and running sound for concerts.

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Featured Course Bundle
Leadership Development

The Leadership Development course bundle is an online version of the highly successful South Central Public Health Leadership Institute. The online version aims to enhance and develop leadership skills in participants through education and individual change and growth The course bundle stresses application of core functions to public health issues, and translation of leadership skills  into  tools for community empowerment.

The goals of the program are to: 
  • Effect individual growth and change
  • Develop leadership skills among participants
  • Apply leadership skills and techniques in public health practice
  • Improve organizational effectiveness, efficiency, and equity
  • Develop collaborative partnerships to generate healthy communities
  • Develop the skills to create online learning environments conducive to program outcomes
The Leadership Development course bundle consists of the following courses:
Transition from Management to Leadership 1 credit hour
Futures Methods for Public Health Leaders 2 credit hours
Creating a Context for Change: Leading through Organizational Development 4 credit hours
Decision Making: A Systematic and Organized Approach credit hours
Managerial Communications credit hours
Civic Engagement credit hours
Community Partnerships and Perspectives - Intermediate Level credit hours
Collaboration: The Key to Public Health System Improvement credit hours
Managing and Motivating Effective Public Health Performance credit hours
Diversity Leadership: A Strategic Approach credit hour
Ethics and Public Health: How Public Health Reacts Ethically in a Disaster credit hours
Risk Communication: Best Practices for Communicating Effectively in High Stress Situations credit hours
Crisis Management: Critical Thinking in Crisis Preparation credit hours
Resilient Leadership: Building an Organizational Culture of Resilience credit hours
Coaching and Mentoring: Learning with and from Others credit hours
Evaluating Effectiveness in Public Health at the Individual and Organizational Level credit hours

For more information about the Leadership Development course bundle, please  click here
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If we don't have the resources already available, we will look into the possibility of developing those resources for you. Please send us an email at and let us see if we can be of help. Thank you.
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