Hello my friends,

Ah, to be my dogs.  I would have loved to have spent the last eight months curled up in my bed, such as has been my attitude since the conventions last summer.  I might as well have been, given my lack of mojo concerning creating newsletters.   At the January 2 nd Friday Art Walk a friend called me on it with a huge compliment - that she liked reading my newsletters!  And I used to love writing them.  So drum roll please - I am back!

There is nothing like spring time to blossom a new attitude - although as I write, it is snowing outside!  

Here is what is ablooming:

The Art Walk Basalt 2 nd Friday is now a year old.  We are a loosely knit group with, count them,  7 galleries in historic downtown.  At Riverside Plaza there are now two thriving restaurants - Free Range Kitchen and Wine Bar and the brand new Jalisco "fine Mexican dining."  I had dinner there last night - it was yummy!   The Basalt Public Arts Commission will unveil their first public sculpture on June 10 - at what will finally be a town park along the river.  We have a new "interim" director of the Basalt Chamber - our longtime friend Bennett Bramson.  And as of right now, we finally have a new town manager.  I dare to think that Basalt is due for a more civil and prosperous time.

A raffle has been added to our Art Walk and my gallery is to be the destination for the drawing on May 12.  And, as you will learn with my next TIMELY (!) newsletter, I have a super art demonstration planned.  And all the things that are up my sleeve for the summer will manifest in regular newsletters and notifications.

In the meantime, I leave you with the following:

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Toklat Gallery, on Two Rivers Road  at Riverside Plaza
(intersection of Two Rivers Road and Midland Avenue)