Buddha's Birthday 

Join us on Saturday May 6th at 9am for  
our celebration of Buddha's Birthday

We'll be bathing the baby Buddha

Bathing Baby Buddha

This ancient ritual is symbolic of our own journey of cleaning our hearts and minds.  As we look within at our own attachments we are able to realize our own limits and defilements.  From this insight, we can begin to let go and live the process of awakening.  The ceremony will start at 9am and end at 10:30 am.  We'll have refreshments and tour of the Abbey to follow.

Northwest Tibetan Cultural Association




    Tsering Choephel
(left)                                   Pema Choephel (right) 
             Vice President                                                                         Director of Spiritual Affairs

These gentlemen visited our temple.  NWTCA organizes various programs and events for Tibetans, while interacting with the greater Northwest community to promote awareness about the Tibetan culture and reinforce His Holiness the Dalai Lama's message of global peace and compassion.  Their mission statement says:
  1. Support the endeavors of the Central Tibetan Administration to resolve the issue of Tibet through the mutually benefiting Middle Way Approach.
  2. Strive to enable the Tibetan youngsters in North America to acquire working knowledge of the Tibetan language.
  3. Ensure the participation of 50% of the eligible voters in the future elections of the Kalon Tripa and the members of the Tibetan Parliament-In-Exile.
  4. Improve the Green Book contributions by striving to increase at least 5 to 10 percent Green Book contributors annually.
  5. Contribute individually or in group to enhance the education, economic, and social development inside Tibet.
 We had a lovely visit with these gentlemen.
   We hope they will hold their community retreat here. 
Thay Z at the ocean
  Thich Minh Thien's Column

Most of the Christian world recently celebrated one of their great days of remembrance, which we all know as Easter. It is preceded by 4 weeks of Lent and the culmination of Easter celebrates the belief that on the third day, after being crucified, the Christ rose from the dead. The Lenten period is marked by a focus on repentance and preparation for the joyous occasion of the Resurrection. Many Christians adopt the practice of giving up something during this Lenten period. Many choose to give up eating meat on Fridays or other things like candy, chocolate or that daily Starbucks. In this giving up, the hope is that there will be a cleansing of sorts and a sharing in the suffering that would be undertaken by the Christ.
As a Catholic, I participated in this practice for many years. Someone I know said that their practice of giving up something was going to be divesting themselves of one item each day and after the 40 days of Lent, all those things would be given to charity for the benefit of others. Now as a practicing Buddhist, I liked that idea and decided I would do the same thing during the Lenten period. This was the third year I adopted the practice, however this year, I began to think about the teachings of the Buddha; especially the Four Noble Truths. This teaching was about suffering and how attachments are the cause of this suffering. The good news in this teaching was that the cessation of suffering is attainable and the prescription for this cessation could be found in the Noble Eightfold Path.
I began to correlate my Lenten divesting of physical STUFF with my meditation practice and the work we all do in recognizing our attachments to things, concepts, beliefs, thoughts...the STUFF...that seems to keep our suffering and disappointments in place in our lives. So, each day, before meditation, I chose what physical item I was going to give up and then in preparation for my meditation, I thought about my own STUFF, and looked at my own attachment to it; be it judgements, delusions resulting through my thinking, beliefs, etc. After that, I started my meditation. Numerous times, thoughts and feelings came up during meditation and they seemed to be centered around the STUFF I thought about preceding the meditation. I recognized that I probably was front-loading that experience, however, I valued the increased awareness and work around my STUFF. This whole process became a mindfulness practice and who can't see the value in that?
The meditation practice joyfully continues and I will use the practice of Divesting of physical STUFF during the Lenten period each year. I felt joy in divesting my physical stuff and hopefully, those who received that which I gave, also had some need, some suffering lessened. My well-wishing today for all of us is that through our practice of mindfulness, we all find ways of divesting some of our STUFF and find joy, happiness, understanding and freedom.
Nomo Tessa bhagavato arahato samma sambuddhassa

3 Ways you can help

Buy on Amazon at   http://smile.amazon.com/ch/30-0468937
Whenever you order from Amazon.com use this link and your regular passwords and the temple will receive a small amount of the purchase price.  

Donate directly to the temple (Mt Adams Zen Buddhist Temple PO Box 487, Trout Lake WA 98650


donate on line at   www.gofundme.com/ywdqkc

We are a 501(c) 3 organization and donations to the temple may be tax deductible.
We have started on our plans to build a temple on our 23 acre farm.  Our temple proposal has been approved for up to 4000 sq. ft by the Klickitat Planning Commission, now all we need is the money to start building.  Please help us by donating to our building fund.
We've been here for 8 years.  Our retreat area is complete, our gardens are complete, now is the time to start on building a temple.  We have been approved for a 4000 square foot structure by the county and we want to raise $275,000 to build a Dharma Hall.  This will be one of the very few Buddhist Temples in our county. 

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Spiritually Based Healing
A dear friend, Sylver, will be starting a new program at the Abbey. He will be here once a week to help with Spiritually Based Healing.
He is a retired Chiropractor who has been on a journey of spirit and awareness for some time and is willing to share his healing energy with others.
He is doing this by donation (suggested minimum is $20.00) and will be at the Abbey on Tuesdays from 10am - 2 pm. You can set up an appointment with him at 352.284.9588.
He has been helping Kozen recover from his knee surgery.
"Sylver's work is kind and loving, he has helped me a lot". Kozen
If you have chronic or acute physical problems, give Sylver a call and see if there are perhaps some psychological or spiritual components that he can help with.
Remembering our China Trip

Morning Qi Gong at the temple

Venerable Abbot Ming Chan

Venerable Ming Chan performs
Thay Z's Ordination

Venerable Thich Tam Phap (RL Miles)
Venerable Thich Tam Minh (Jeff Miles)

seemed to find tea wherever they went in China.  Ven Thich Tam Minh has become a delightful gourmet of all things tea.

Our temple took a two week trip to China several years ago.  We're planning a trip again next year to China, Vietnam, and Cambodia.
2017 Calendar 
This is not 100% complete. An undated
schedule will appear each month
6 Buddha's Birthday Celebration 9am
5-7 Laurie VanCott Yoga retreat (541.490.7420)
13 Kozen attend Buddha Day at CRCC - Prison Ministery
19-21 NUNM Pik Shan Ko Taiji Retreat - Private

27-29 Buddhist retreat, Venerable Thich Hang Toan, from the city of 10,000 Buddhas, will be the Guest Master.  In Vietnamese language. 
3-4 Master Thích Minh Hải will be Guest Master for an open retreat here in English and Vietnamese
7 Buddhist Festival - Portland
15-22 Yoga / Astrology Retreat - Private
24-30 Kozen on Retreat - (temple closed)

1-5 Ziikr Retreat - Private
7-8 Thich Nhat Hanh group retreat
13-16 Eight Winds Festival (Druid Event)

12-18 Vedanta Retreat housing only
19-20 Precepts Retreat by Buu Hung Monastery - here
23-28 Beyond The Gates (Druid Event)
27 - Ullambana - Buu Hung Monastery - Vancouver
31 - 3 Sept  Xinglin Institute Private

31 August - 3 September Xinglin Institute (private)
23 Autum Equinox (Druid Event)
29- 1 October  NUNM Private

Sept 29-Aug 1 NUNM (Private)
13-15 Fall Retreat Zen - here

No scheduled group retreats
Private retreats welcome

9 Bodhi Day - meditation 11:30 pm - 12:30 am
meditation 11:30 pm - 12:30 am

Weekly Temple Services 
Monday -Friday 6:30 am Meditation

Saturday  9am full service + meditation 
Because of your smile, you make life more beautiful. - Thich Nhat Hanh  
Mt. Adams Zen -  outside of our temple
1st Sunday of the month, Buu Hung Monastery at 3pm
17808 NE 18th St.  Vancouver WA 98684   
contact Venerable Su Co Hue Huong, huehuong7@yahoo.com

Every Monday - Trinity Sangha, at Trinity Natural Medicine at 12 noon
1808 Belmont Ave, Hood River, OR 97031
1st and 3rd Wednesday Evenings - Trinity Sangha Study Group 
Time   6:30-8:00pm
Where: first meeting at Withers residence, 1829 5th St., Hood River (Sieverkropp Development behind Rosauer's)
Book to be studied: Peace in Every Breath by Thich Nhat Hanh
11th Step Recovery Meeting - A Fresh Step Forward in Recovery Sunday evenings 6:30pm at Bethel UCC Church in White Salmon, WA.  Contact Dick Withers: Richard.withers@att.net; 414-587-4065
Walking Meditation
can be a calming and energizing practice.  You do no have to be a Buddhist to meditate.  People of all faiths have found meditation to be beneficial. Sean is practicing walking meditation in the Cloister.

Ongoing Local Gorge
Meditation Groups:
Mt. Adams Zen Buddhist Temple morning meditation Monday-Friday at 6:30 am and Saturday at 9 am with Ven. Kozen Sampson at the Trout Lake Abbey located at 46 Stoller Road, Trout Lake, WA. http://www.mtadamszen.org.  Contact: Kozen Sampson ( thaykozen@mtadamszen.org; 509-395-2030)
Trinity Sangha with Ven. Kozen Sampson, Mt. Adams Zen Center, Noon to 1 pm every Monday at Trinity Natural Medicine located at 1808 Belmont Road in Hood River. Sitting meditation and loving kindness meditation.  www.trinitynaturalmedicine.org. Contact: Emily Martin ( Emily@trinitynaturalmedicine.org; 503-358-1949)
Pacific Hermitage Meditation and Dhamma talk with Thai Forest Monks 6:30-8 pm every Tuesday evening at Yoga Samadhi in White Salmon, WA.  http://pacifichermitage.org 
Hood River Zen Sunday afternoon walking and sitting meditation every other Sunday 3 - 5 pm in the Bamboo Room of Cascade Acupuncture, located at 104 5th St. Hood River, Oregon.  http://www.hoodriverzen.org. Contact Kyri Treiman: ( kjtreiman@yahoo.com)
White Salmon Dharma Practice Group every other Sunday evenings at Atlan (near Northwestern Park outside of White Salmon).  Contact: Scott Cushman: ( rscottcush@gmail.com; 925-708-5652)
11th Step Meditation: A Fresh Step Forward in Recovery
Sunday evenings 6:30 pm at Bethel UCC Church in White Salmon, WA. Contact Dick Withers:
(Richard.withers@att.net; 414-587-4065)
Trinity Sangha Study Group  1st and 3rd
Wednesday evenings  Time 6:30-8:00pm
Where: first meeting at Withers residence, 1829 5th St., Hood River (Sieverkropp Development behind Rosauer's)
Book to be studied: Peace in Every Breath by Thich Nhat Hanh

The Five Cultivations of a Buddhist
1.   I vow to cultivate humanity.
2.   I vow to cultivate renunciation.
3.   I vow to cultivate stability.
4.   I vow to cultivate harmony.
5.   I vow to cultivate piety.

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