Go Tell It on the Mountain

May 2017 Newsletter
Skyland Community Church

10:30 Sunday Service

Rev. Stephen Glauz-Todrank
Church phone: 408-353-1310

Chelsea's Farewell: She'll Be at UCC Meeting 
In Sonoma This June

Hello dear church friends,

By the time you read this, I will be just a few weeks away from graduating from the Pacific School of Religion.

I can't thank you all enough for our joyful time worshipping together this year. It went by way too fast! Stephen and my parish-teaching committee (Julie, Gina, Jeri, and Jeremy) have been a huge help to me as I've moved along in the UCC ordination process.

I will attend the annual gathering of the Northern California-Nevada Conference of the UCC in Sonoma in June, and hope to see some of you there. 

I am looking forward to preaching with you again in July while Marcus and I prepare to move to Sacramento, where I have been offered a pastoral internship at Parkview Presbyterian Church.

Don't worry, the Catholic Worker Farm has grown over the past year and is in good hands. With your love, I have been learning that God's voice can be trusted even when the way is not yet clear.

Blessings this Easter season, and thank you for your prayers and support!

ove, Chelsea Collonge Page


Theis Visit on for May 13

Berkeley landscape architect BobTheis will again visit Skyland on Saturday, May 13, for further discussion on development prospects for Skyland Church.  Details are not yet complete; but there will be a meeting with Mr. Theis for all interested church members, at which members' already expressed desires will be discussed, a potluck lunch served, and a tour of church property conducted by Mr. Theis.   

Members wishing to attend should notify Marcia Rollins at (831) 332-2656 or email marciar@cruzio.com, so that she can plan for the potluck.

Details, including times, will be made public by email when they are available.


Altar Flowers

To donate flowers, please check the calendar in Whitaker Hall and sign up for an open Sunday.

Faithful lavender
enticing bees, hummingbirds
purple branching spikes.

-- haiku by John Heyes


Meditation M oment   

Always look out for the sunlight
the Lord sends into your days.

-- Hope Campbell

Palm Sunday Cleanup

                                                                                               ...Anne Evans wields airborne mop on a sanctuary window...

...while outdoors, Don Law of the leaf brigade has technology's answer to clutter on the ground, a leaf blower... 

...and Joan Law opts for a more traditional, and quieter, tool, a classic rake, to collect light vegetation...
Easter to Remember

Al Feuerbach and his nephew John Lift shepherd John's son Rocky during the pursuit of eggs before the Easter service.


Skyland Group at Murphys UCC Church

Chelsea Page, left, with Angela Patterson, Anne Evans, Larry and NancyJo Lopp, and the Rev.  Dr. Bonnie Hollister of Chelsea's home UCC church, formally known as the First Congregational Church of Murphys. Anne drove up on Sunday morning; the other Skylanders were there on Saturday for a fiber arts open house at the Catholic Worker Farm where Chelsea lives. The FCCM mission team organized an earth day potluck, with demonstrations of various household tricks for saving on plastic, and talked about becoming a green church. The Skylanders were paired with mission team members to share information about our churches during lunch, and they also talked with Dr. Hollinger afterward.

-- -- --
Minister's Letter

Chelsea to Leave as Intern in May, Return to Preach in July

Chelsea Page's last day as our student intern will be on May 14. We will celebrate her time with us and bless her into the next chapter of her life in ministry.
I have enjoyed her time with us so much. I have appreciated her thoughtful, creative and deep-spirited sermons. She has been very engaged in the life of our church: guiding our journey with the White Privilege curriculum, developing a narrative budget that gives us a clearer picture of all the things we are doing, and supporting the Church Council in their wish to enhance church vitality. 

She seems to me to have done an excellent job of getting to know people and engaging them with a kind heart and a thoughtful presence. We had many fascinating discussions in our mentor meetings, touching on every imaginable ministry topic. I will really miss her.
I also want to let you know that the Deacons have approved my request for a sabbatical for eight weeks this summer. I will also be taking a week of vacation so that I will be gone from July 5 through September 5. Chelsea will return to preach and lead worship during July, much as Yael Lachman did for my last sabbatical. Patricia Wood will provide pastoral care during my sabbatical and will preach along with guest preachers we will also invite for August and early September.
I know I will be leaving you in good hands. I am planning to use some of my sabbatical time to explore what Jesus meant when he used the phrase, "the Kingdom of God," which he did quite often. Scholars are not in agreement about what he meant,  which makes it an attractive topic to explore. I hope to return to you with some new sermon ideas and more.
Thank you so much for all your support and encouragement on the journey!
-- Stephen

NOTE from your treasurer:
Pledge income through April 26 is $129 more than committed at 11 months in our fiscal year, with one Sunday remaining in this month. Thanks for catching up on your pledge gifts.
Thanks to your generous giving, $1856 was received for One Great Hour of Sharing.
We are now able to accept credit card payments for pledge, general and special offerings if that is more convenient than check or cash. See either Jan Swayne or me after service for these transactions.
Here are our operating finances as of Apr. 26 for 11 months of our fiscal year:

            Summary of Operating Finances
                 April 2017   | Jun 1,2016 to Apr 26
            Actual  Planned |  Actual    Planned
Income   $  14,278  $ 10,532 | $180,079   $172,645
Expenses $  10,429  $ 10,192 | $172,461   $174,372
Net      $   3,849  $    340 | $  7,618   $ -1,727

 -- Gerald J. Alonzo,Treasurer

Not quite SRO, but definitely a packed house

An Easter to Remember

Easter dawned gloomy and with a threat of rain; but nonetheless, our service at Skyland was packed with members and visitors. The egg hunt for kids was moved up to precede the service, to avoid holding the event in the rain (which did arrive on schedule). The service itself was lively, with a platform full of children to hear Chelsea Page reading the Easter story; Lynn Mitchell, accompanied by flautist Paula Leary, singing a moving aria from Messiah, "I Know That My Redeemer Liveth"; and at the end Margretta conducting the choir, augmented by volunteers and accompanied by Gerry on the piano, in a rousing "Hallelujah Chorus" -- all of which was followed by an elaborate potluck whose centerpiece, as ever , was a lamblike pastry produced by Mary Ellen McTamaney. A week before, on Palm Sunday, members had prepared for the event with the annual cleanup, indoors and outdoors. All of this activity produced an outpouring of photography, by Carol Greene, Ann Baier, and Christina Schwabecher, whose work is seen below and to the left.

The celebration began with eggs -- baskets of them -- collected in only a few minutes as the rainstorm threatened.  

Then the kids moved inside to hear Chelsea's Easter story.

Plus Lynn's Handel aria with Paula's flute

Then - Hallelujah!