May 2017
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What's New?
Shoot a FREE Machine Gun mag on your birthday
Our way of making sure you celebrate with a big bang!
Legislature Event
Recently we worked with Nevada Firearms Coalition
to help educate Nevada Lawmakers.
Thanks to NVFC for all their hard work!

Retail News
"Soap Box" time!   Cleaning after shooting

"Inspiring Safer Skin Hygiene"
"...clean off lead at the range instead of bringing it home". 
Soap just doesn't cut!

Single wipes available
at the range desk 


A pack of 25 
is available in our retail area.
Training Opportunities
Lots of training options in the upcoming months 
all levels of experience 
and ages!

       Access to:  * Training Schedule  * Class Availability   * Reservations
Private and Private group training available...
Nevada CCW class
  * Includes NV, UT, FL & OR. 

Shooting quals for all CCW classes are conveniently done in the comfort of our range.
Personal Defense Network (PDN) Tour is underway
Check out the  2017 Tour dates with stops at Reno Guns & Range

Date Course Name Instructor
Barret Kendrick
Barret Kendrick
Rob Pincus
Rob Pincus
Don't miss these popular classes:
Date Course Name Instructor
Alessandro Padovani
Alessandro Padovani
Defensive Focus Shooting
Alessandro Padovani
Some other Favorites! 
Raffle tickets are selling!  HK MR762A1 Rifle
A few good Raffle tickets still available
$50 per ticket.  Retail value $3,999 
O nly 100 tickets sold 

  HK MR762A1 Rifle

The winner to be drawn within 14 days of ticket sell out.   
Winner   is responsible for all applicable taxes and transfer fees.
Bullls-eye League
Our own Bulls-Eye Shooting League  is having a blast Wednesday nights!  Go Teams!

* Low Impact * The Range Kings
* WTF 
* Spot On * KA-KAW
* Tac Driver 
* Pistoleros * Wild Bunch
Military Night and Ladies Nights
Tuesdays - Military Night   ~   Thursdays - Ladies Night 
5:00 PM - 7:00 PM
50% off Range Fee & Gun Rentals (excluding NFA)
* In addition, we offer Qualified LE & Military 10% off an annual paid membership. Website
Our site issues should be resolved now!
We apologize for any inconvenience it may have caused

Free for members | $10 for non-members
Minimum 4 hour notice required

Shop   and  Warehouse  inventory on  
* No shipping fee * on In-Store pick ups (includes in-stock or non-stock purchases)
The warehouse inventory link is at the top of each web page for your convenience.

Gift cards* Under the "  Shop " tab and can be redeemed online or in the store.  

Please call us at (775) 826-2626 ext 100 or email
if you have any problem with the website
Phone Extensions (775) 826-2626
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Jay - Training Manager
2 Range Desk
Ken - Range Manager
3 Memberships
Tyler - Sales Manager
4 Training
5 Sales

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