From the Desk of the Community Lay Director:  

Here is May. Wow, the year is going by swiftly. Reminds me of the old adage that “the older we get the quicker time goes by”.

I want to remind everyone that May 4th is the National Day of Prayer. Make plans to set apart some time for special prayers for your concerns. 

We have the Community Picnic for our Gathering this month on May 6th. I went out to Blythe Island Regional Park to check it out. Very nice pavilion right next to the playground, bathrooms and boat rental area. There are areas for fishing, they have a small beach area next to a small swimming hole, and someone is bringing a horseshoe set and some other activities. This will be a great time for fellowship and communion, so we hope to see a lot of our community there. Bring your family and future pilgrims.

Exciting news! Our application counts are rising! We have 36 women and 21 men applications turned in. Thank you to everyone that is working to get applications turned in. The Board has voted to set the goal of having 50 applications for each men and women. When we reach that goal we will set dates for walks and start mailing invitations out. I have been told by some folks that they are working on getting applications in to Anne very soon. Thank you for all of the prayers and being willing servants to be obedient to what God is doing in our community.

Your Board is working on a lot of different ideas. These ideas have been suggested by members of our community. We are always listening to our family on ways to improve our community.

   **We have started looking into ways to improve our walks at the Lions Camp concerning the Chapel.

   **We are going to have a prayer Virgil weekend in June for our Walks.  

   **We are finding different ways to get communications out to our community and improving the quality of our Walks.

These are ideas suggested by you. Thank you for showing care and concern for the growth of our community.

So many great things are going on. We know that God is right in the middle of it all. Continue praying for God’s direction for our Board.


Mike Martin

The Board will supply hamburgers, hot dogs, condiments and ice.

We need GIWTE Community members to bring side dishes and chairs.

Bring any family friendly activities we can share with each other (Horseshoes, Corn hole, Footballs, etc.)
Calling all Pastors!

Darrell Joiner, our Community Spiritual Director needs to know if you have attended a walk. If so, he needs your information.

Also, if you haven't filled out a Clergy Willing Servant Form in awhile, please do so again to update your information.

Click on the BUTTON below to access the form. Fill it out and send it to  Darrell. Click HERE for Darrell's email address.                              .
Upcoming Events
Community Gatherings       

May 6--Blythe Island Regional Park 10 AM- 1 PM

June 2--Waynesville Baptist Church 7 PM

July 14--Glynn Baptist Church 7 PM

If you would like to offer your church to host a Gathering in the future, or would be interested in sharing a Fourth Day testimony, please contact David DuBois for more information regarding what is required of a host church.
Reflections from the Heart
Prevenient Grace
Trisa Chancey
Table of Mary

The first time I heard of Prevenient Grace, Brother Vernon Dillingham preached on the subject. Later, on my Walk to Emmaus, I learned more about it.

This morning when I read “Leadership Devotions, Cultivating a Leader’s Heart,” I was reminded of God’s prevenient grace again. On page 47, James D. Berkley writes, “Faith and courage spring from the awakening sensation of God’s prevenient grace that greets us in the morning, having already bettered the day.” 

On one Walk to Emmaus, Reverend Tom Dent gave the talk on Prevenient Grace. He explained that “prevenient” means “comes before, or in advance of,” and that “grace is the unmerited favor of God.” Rev. Dent went on to say that Prevenient Grace is the “courtship phase of our relationship with God. God is looking for us even when we are unaware of him.” 

It amazes and humbles me to consider God’s matchless grace. To meet morning with the fresh excitement of a new day dawning, knowing there will be challenges, and that God has already prepared a way for me to meet them. Sometimes, the way he has prepared for me is to buckle down, grit my teeth, and face the challenge head on. More often, the way he has prepared for me is to admit my weakness and allow someone to step in and help. 

Reverend Dent pointed out that God’s prevenient grace is evident through people, circumstances, and church (church being the visible representation of Christ in the world).

Take a glance through your memories. How have you seen God’s prevenient grace at work in others?

How have you allowed God to show his prevenient grace through you?           

May you find yourself in His hands!  


Church Reps Needed
To help assure that all GIWTE community members are receiving information about our community, the Board is seeking a volunteer from each church in our community to facilitate information distribution from emails and Facebook notices among your church's Emmaus group.

Please contact Lori Durham if you are interested in volunteering to help spread news throughout the churches in our community.
Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

In this section of the newsletter, I'm asking you to consider writing a short piece (about 300 words) about how you have experienced life in God's Hands.

I'll print stories from Community members each month. It's my hope that this discourse will allow us to get to know each other better and to rejoice in the many ways God has blessed us and kept us safe as we have trusted Him on our 4th day adventures.

To submit your story, please email me by clicking  HERE .

Thank you!
In God's Hands

Janet Mohr
Coastal Georgia #65
Table of Ruth

It started out as an ordinary Friday, but my life changed in the proverbial “blink of an eye” when I found that I had breast cancer.  Thankfully, we serve a God who doesn’t blink.

Early on in my cancer journey, I questioned God, "Why me? Why Now? How could you do this to me, Lord?"  I may never have the answers for some of those questions, but after I thought about it, I realized that there was no clear evidence that God did this to me.  In fact what I did see was God was there for me in real and tangible ways.  

My quiet time had the very words from God that I needed for the day, my prayer life was enriched, and I was able to draw closer to the Lord than I had ever been, realizing that I could not walk without Him. Throughout my cancer journey, others not only lifted me up to the Lord in prayer, but went to appointments with me, fed me, offered to clean my house, and supported me with agape love. They were literally the hands and feet of God to me. 

Now, I have been blessed in that after surgery, radiation and lots of prayers, I am considered in remission. But God did not heal me just physically, but also emotionally, relationally, and spiritually.

My cancer has helped me to look at my priorities in a whole new way. On my good days I can say that only God knows how many days that I have (Psalm 139); I only get to decide how I want to live those days. 

On the not so good days, I remind myself of my son when he was a toddler.  After being the energizer bunny for what seemed like hours, he would become so tired that he could simply not take another step. He would look at us, lift his hands, and simply say, “Carry me.”

I admit that is what I have said many occasions to my heavenly father. And He has done that as well as guided me, loved me, comforted me, healed me, and given me peace and joy.

And you know, He wants to do that for each and every one of us.  

Golden Isles Walk to Emmaus Board Meeting

GIE Board Meeting May 20, 9 AM   Brunswick FUMC, Miller Building.

E mmaus community members are always welcome at Golden Isles Emmaus Board Meetings, which are normally held the third Saturday of each month at the Miller Building behind Brunswick First United Methodist Church.