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Volume 13, Number 5

 May 2017 

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Did You Know?

In California ultra-low-emission Vehicles (ULEV's) are permitted to use HOV facilities regardless of the number of passengers, provided the vehicle has been registered with the State Department of Motor Vehicles and displays the appropriate state-issued decal certifying that it is permitted to use HOV facilities with less than the designated minimum occupancy requirement.

Message From the Executive Director of SBCCOG

The South Bay Cities Council of Governments (SBCCOG) is pleased to announce a new program, Renewable South Bay, that aims to help more homeowners go solar, improving their homes and contributing to a cleaner, green environment for the whole region.  Our partner in Renewable South Bay is Renovate America's HERO Program, the nation's largest residential Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) program.  The HERO Program pairs an innovative financing solution with industry-leading consumer safeguards throughout every step of a project, making solar panels on homes much more achievable.  All residents of cities and unincorporated areas within the SBCCOG are eligible to participate.  Click here and read more...

And have a great Memorial Day weekend! Safe and Sustainable! 

Jacki Bacharach
Pipeline Safety Enhancement Work Near LAX
SoCalGas announced that on April 10 it began a six-month pipeline valve enhancement project on a natural gas line near  Aviation Boulevard and 104th Street  in Los Angeles. The work will allow the flow of natural gas in the pipeline to be controlled automatically or remotely. These efforts are part of SoCalGas'  Pipeline Safety Enhancement Plan , a multi-billion-dollar program that tests and/or updates the natural gas pipeline infrastructure in Southern California. 
Southern California EdisonSCE  
SCE Named No. 1 Solar Utility in U.S. for Second Year in a Row
Southern California Edison delivered more solar energy to its customers last year than any other utility in the nation, according to rankings compiled by the Smart Electric Power Alliance. The rankings were announced at the alliance's annual Utility Conference.
LADWP Celebrates Tap Water Day With Tours 
Of Los Angeles Aqueduct Filtration Plant

Recognizing that in many parts of the world, access to clean and safe drinking water is considered a luxury, the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) does not take it for granted that protecting and ensuring the water we supply is of the highest quality.  Recently, LADWP took an opportunity to highlight its complex water planning treatment and monitoring systems at a celebration of Tap Water Day LA and the 30th anniversary of its  Los Angeles Aqueduct Filtration Plant (LAAFP.)

Travel Pal
Bike to Work - Plan Your Trip with Travel Pal

National "Bike to Work" week is happening right now! Leave your car at home, hop on your bike and peddle to work - it's a great way to get some exercise, relieve the stress from driving and help lessen your personal transportation carbon footprint!
While Travel Pal can't peddle for you, it can help you plan your route, meet others who are traveling to work near you by bike, and help you to understand how choosing your bike (instead of your car) can make a difference towards a greener city.

Sanitation Districts of LA County
Sanitation Districts of Los Angeles County
Take a Tour of the San Jose Creek Water Reclamation Plant, Puente Hills Landfill, and Puente Hills Materials Recovery Facility on June 10th
Have you ever wondered what happens to your waste? Find out on this tour. You will visit three Sanitation Districts' facilities-the San Jose Creek Water Reclamation Plant, Puente Hills Landfill, and Puente Hills Materials Recovery Facility. The tour is free and open to ages 10 and up. Must RSVP by May 31.

West Basin Municipal Water DWest Basinistrict 
Upcoming FREE Workshops

Learn about greywater and rainwater harvesting systems, turf removal techniques and how to implement a California Friendly Landscape by registering for upcoming workshops in the months of May, June and July.
City of Torrance 
City of Torrance
Upcoming FREE California Friendly Landscape Training: Saturday, June 3rd at West High School
Learn about native plants and edibles, water-efficient irrigation devices, rainwater capture and permeable materials and on-site water retention techniques at this upcoming FREE training. 

L.A. Metro
Three reasons to Bike to Work on Thursday, May 18
Why should you bike to work? For one, it's good for the environment. Bikes are zero emission, and swapping four wheels for two even just once a week can make a difference in the fight for cleaner air. Plus, research shows that bike commuters tend to enjoy better health and are generally less stressed than other commuters. So for the sake of clean air and good health, give bike commuting a try - and there's no better time to do it than on Bike to Work Day, Thursday, May 18.

Also, learn about other Metro programs such as Vanpool and ExpressLanes.

South Bay in the News 
LA County Leaders Warm Up to Running New Community Power Agency
The Board of Supervisors voted unanimously on April 18th to allocate $10 million to start a county run power agency - known as a community choice aggregation or CCA program - that will purchase power and set rates for customers who want to use and pay for renewable energy.

Energy Leader Partnership Program
Palos Verdes Estates Moves Up to Platinum 

Through the South Bay Cities' Energy Leader Partnership (ELP) with Southern California Edison, South Bay municipalities are encouraged and rewarded to lead by example when it comes to energy efficiency. From lighting to heating and cooling, it is more cost effective and better for the environment to be energy efficient. The SBCCOG, through its Environmental Services Center, provides an energy engineer for member cities  to conduct audits, give advice, and provide assistance in completing SCE rebate and incentive applications for city energy efficiency facilities projects. Cities in this program save energy, reduce costs, work to improve code compliance and lead by example by developing energy policy through their Energy Action Plans. 

May 2017 Events & Workshops 
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