May 2017

Being Your Higher Self is Being Conscious...

"Being conscious means Being present, aware and choosing something different than the old human way; one which now comes from love, honor, integrity, kindness and peace from inside your higher heart.

Many "think" that being aware is enough. I heard so many times along my journey "oh, I am very aware of that", yet nothing changed. There was no action, just awareness, usually with some judgment, blame, or expectation thrown in as well. Sometimes they saw, and chose to do nothing, because their stubbornness was stronger than their higher heart...

Consciousness starts out as a "new awareness", yet it eventually evolves into an entire way of being again. Being conscious is not a "part time job". It is what you are as energy and how you allow yourself to be in a remembered state.

The conscious being exists in a sacred space inside, where fear, lack, judgement and separation no longer exist. It honors all things as itself, for it understands that all are one. Any judgment or unkindness that comes out of us, comes back to us, for we ARE that.

We come from a space of honor within. We share from a space of love, and we don't allow the limits and separation of others to cause us to fall back.

Consciousness does not hide, is not fake and it does not suppress or cover up. It does not fight "out there" for it understands that the fight is within. 

Consciousness holds a certain vibration of love and light. It transmits by the way of frequency, for all at their highest need no words to speak. To even speak means to drop down to human,  so as physical beings we must take care to observe that which we transmit with and without words.  For there is no hiding in frequency as hiding is from our own selves.

REMINDERI must be present and observant in order to be consciousness. Then I must DO that which exists in my higher heart." - Lisa Transcendence Brown

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Seems to be the theme of the month - Consciousness, and Being present...

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And just a few reminders about May classes...

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Introduction to
and Sacred Seasons of Wellbeing

Wednesday, May 3 | 6 pm
at GOODWILL Manasota


The 12 Stages of Healing (more recently been called as 12 Stages of Extraordinary Experiencing) were discovered by Donny Epstein, developer and creator of Network Spinal Analysis.

In his book of the same name, he shares that all human beings go though the same path or stages of healing/experiencing. Each stage has a unique rhythm and consciousness, and when experienced, helps us to reconnect with parts of ourselves that's been ignored, disliked, traumatized or not forgiven. 
Healing means being with IT or Experiencing, and therefore is an integration of all the apparently separated parts into a whole.

The stages are grouped into 4 Sacred Seasons of Wellbeing: Discover, Transform, Awaken and Integrate. These Seasons determine the way you experiencing yourself and your life. Join Dr.Tatiana Agafonova, D.C. for this interactive class and learn about the stages and rhythms of life that we all going through, and how using our focused attention and breath can instantly change our reality, bring more peace and make us more whole.


Wednesday, May 3 | 6 PM
Goodwill Manasota - Mecca
5150 N Tamiami Trl.
Sarasota, FL 34234
Join US for an
Energizing Transformational Experience!
Just a Few Spots left!

Sunday, May 7 | 9:30am-7:00pm  

Anyone, who is desiring to experience something Extraordinary, who feels with all their heart and soul it's the time to upgrade their baseline of living and to step forward into their greatness, please JOIN US! This is an incredible opportunity!   

Even if you've never received Network Care before, you can join the 
Clear Day Workshop!  Prepare to be AMAZED!

"It was the best Clear Day NSA/SRI Experience of my Life!!"
- George Skurla
"It was very powerful and really took me to the next level. I made a
huge leap!" - Maggie R.
"Peaceful, calming, rejuvenating" - Ellen Michelson
"It was wonderful! The space was super special. Clear Day is the perfect name for what we all experienced. I left with a clear purpose!
Thank you, thank you, thank you." - Lou Richards

It is time to come together as community of people committed to better life, health, vitality and collaboration. It is time to amp, experience and then anchor,  through our spines,  the ENERGY  of greater awareness and new possibilities  
as our new baseline of living!   
  Who is in?!

"I felt embraced with loving kindness and extreme skill"
- Marlene Dailey
"A breath of fresh air, a balm on my Soul" - Karen T.
"It was an uplifting event filled with music, movement, entrainments,
and breathing exercises that left me filled with gratitude and
invigorated with the energy and love I experienced from everyone present. I met some wonderful people, enjoyed a delicious lunch, and came away from the day a more open, a less fearful, and a lot
more centered and wholehearted. I can not wait for the next one!" 
- Gloria Leon
" It was AWESOME! I had to face issues that I didn't know I had! It allowed me to address it to move forward." - Shamyra C.

This Clear Day will consist of multiple NSA Entrainments, SRI sessions, mini-talks, meditation time, lunch(included) and much more. 

Sunday, May 7 | 9:30 AM-7:00 PM

  in the Flexer Healing Chapel     
with beautiful Healing Garden
General Registration Adult $245 | Child $145
(Ends on May 4th)
(for new participants only; please contact us to handle this tuition )

for more information and questions 
contact: or call (941)953-2209

Re-0rganizationaly Speaking...

Wednesday, May 24 & June 28 | 7pm

"The amount of Energy you have available determines the thoughts you think, the dreams you have, your conversations, your physical form, and everything else! IT IS THAT SIMPLE!" - Donny Epstein

Join Dr. Tatiana Agafonova, Re-organizational Healing practitioner and Wellness enthusiast, from the comfort of your home, every fourth Wednesday of the month at 7pm. Enjoy this Free online Teleclass, and receive guidance, wisdom, clarity and shift of perception that will enable you to further your progress and evolution.

Bring your questions, share about your challenges, and together lets find the best solution(s), Re-organizationally speaking, unique for YOU, that will boost your Energies, shift your perceptions and will help you optimize your life experiences.

"Life doesn't happen TO you, it happens FOR you!" - Tony Robbins 

Every fourth Wednesday of the month 
May 24 & June 28 | 7 PM
for more information and questions 
or call (941) 953-2209
SRI hands on workshop, Part III

Saturday, May 27 | 1 - 3 pm

Based on "The 12 Stages of Healing" by Dr. Donald Epstein and  Somato Respiratory Integration (SRI) Exercises, this workshop, led by Dr. Tatiana Agafonovawill focus on the stages of healing collectively called Season of AWAKEN

Season of AWAKEN is about joyous and grateful acceptance of reality, and therefore an expansion of Self. Going through these stages of healing, we are deepening our experiences, relationships and awareness of our connections and our participation in a field of Oneness. 

Overview of stages of healing, and hands-on time connecting to the rhythms of Season of AWAKEN.
** PREREQUISITES: SRI workshop Part I and II, and/or you must be in consistent Network Care for a minimum of three months. If non applies, and you really want to take the class, please contact Dr. Tatiana **

Saturday, May 27 | 1 - 3 PM
235 N. Orange Ave. Suite 102, Sarasota, FL34236
(Orange Professional Center)

 Please RSVP:
or call (941) 953-2209

TUITION: $45 (repeat $10 off)

Book recommendation.
My friend and author Steven Layer just published his first book "INNER SKY". Steven says that "Life begins where resistance ends". In his book(Steven's true story) he shares that the solution to life's most difficult challenges (including cancer) comes in a new way of seeing.  Inner Sky brings a new perspective that unlocks the door to living.

My another friend, Matthew Joseph Anello - an inspiring and caring health coach and SRI facilitator, offers a 5 Week FREE Mini Course Via Email called Magnify Your Energy. This mini course is based on Matthew's book “The Secret to Conscious Living”.

“I regard consciousness as fundamental. I regard matter as a derivative from consciousness. We cannot get behind consciousness. Everything that we talk about, everything that we regard as existing, postulates consciousness.” – Max Planck  

From the producers of "Inner Worlds, Outer Worlds" comes a new movie "SAMADHI"
See for yourself!

We look forward to seeing you soon!
Join us!

Much love to all,

235 N. Orange Ave. Suite 102
Sarasota, FL 34236