May is a month of change. In many countries around the world, Mental Health Awareness Month is being celebrated; an area certainly in need of change. Discrimination and ignorance are still commonplace. This month millions of people will spread awareness and fight discrimination by participating in Mental Health Awareness Month. We ask each of you join in some way: there are so many ways to help!
  • Volunteer
  • Educate someone or yourself
  • Take a survey or register for a research study
  • Make a donation of time, treasure or talent
  • Reach out to someone in need
  • Connect and join others raising awareness within our online communities on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and
Lastly, read below for inspiration this Mental Health Awareness Month and be sure to check out our blogging contest!

Warm wishes,
Susan Berger
Mental Health Awareness Month Blog/ Vlog Contest

In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, IBPF is holding a blog/vlog contest for the opportunity to have your work published in addition to our normally scheduled content. The top submissions will be published and others may be considered for publication in subsequent months. If video is a preferred mode of expression for you, we would invite you to consider submitting a video blog (vlog).   
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Tune in to hear the story of David Leite, three-time James Beard Award winner, NPR correspondent, and award winning author, as he shares his lifelong love affair with food and struggles with bipolar disorder and his memoir, "Notes on a Banana."
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Featured Blogs
Hear from IBPF Contributers for Mental Health Awareness Month!

by  Jayson Blair 

IBPF  Board Member, Jayson Blair, is a certified life coach and the managing partner of Goose Creek Consulting. Jayson is a nationally known mental health writer and consultant. Check out his piece on changing the conversation here

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Ask the Expert
Your questions answered by the scientific community
This month's expert: 
Dr. Aaron Krasner, Adolescent Service Chief, Silver Hill Hospital and The Youth Mental Health Project
Question: How do I know if my child's thoughts, feelings or behavior are "normal" or signs of concern?
 If your child experiences any signs of concern, ask yourself the following questions:
Intensity: How intense are your child's behaviors, thoughts or emotions?
Frequency: How often does your child feel or behave this way?
Duration: How long do these individual episodes or periods last?
Functionality: Above all else, consider how your child is functioning and whether or not your child is impaired in any way at home, at school or with friends.

If your child's emotions or behaviors are more intense, frequent or longer in duration than most other children his or her age and those emotions or behaviors are causing impairment, it may be a sign of concern and you should contact a  mental health professional for a consultation. 
This Ask The Expert was produced by The Youth Mental Health Project and Silver Hill Hospital. 
For more answers from our experts, visit our Sharecare page.
Healthy Living with Bipolar Disorder Book

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Mental Health Books


Notes on a Banana: A Memoir of Food, Love, and Manic Depression

Electroboy: A Memoir of Mania
by Andy Behrman

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Reckless actions are a common symptom of bipolar disorder, even outside of mania. Good coping tools can rein in impulsivity and prevent the negative consequences.
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