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2017 Workshops

Women's Leadership
May 2-4, 2017
Santa Barbara, CA

Women Moving Forward®
June 7-9
Westlake Village, CA

1 Space only

Advanced Women
Moving Forward®
July 13-14
Westlake Village, CA

Advanced Women
Moving Forward®
Sept. 12-13
Westlake Village,


To bring WMF® or Advanced WMF®

to your town or company contact us  




                           20 16 /2017   
Public Workshop Schedule   

All prices are in US Dollars
2017 Workshops

Women's Leadership Retreat®   
May 2-4
Make-up day May 1 
$4175 for returnees
$4950 for Newbies 

Women Moving Forward® 
June 7-9
Westlake Village,CA
1 space left

Advanced WMF®
July 13-14
Westlake Village, CA
4 spaces left

Advanced WMF®
Sept. 12-13
Westlake Village, CA
5 spaces left 

Spouses and Partners of Course Graduates can attend the Courses for half price
(this offer does not include the Advanced Men's Course or WLR) To register for any course, retreat, or conference, contact our office. We accept MasterCard, Visa & American Express
There is a $500 discount when two or more people attend the same $3,750+  workshop from the same company and location.
You must register together and attend together
All prices are subject to change. No refunds are given

Special Women Moving Forward®
Graduate Programs

Observing WMF®

All graduates are able to observe any WMF® public workshop

Availability is based on space
cost: $250 total ($450 US in Another country)
To Observe contact Susan to reserve space.

Reviewing WMF®

Any graduate can attend a WMF® public workshop and be a full participant in the workshop

You will need to fully participate and be present for the entire workshop.

cost: 50% of the workshop cost
(currently $1875 in the US)

Reviewer spaces are based on availability.

Contact us for more information.

2018 Women's Leadership Retreat®   
May 1-3, 2018   
April 30 Make-up day  
Must have attended WMF® & Advanced WMF® 
You MUST Register BEFORE
May 3, 2017 to get one
of the spaces left.  
Men Relationships and Work©

For those of you who want to bring this very special workshop to the men in your company contact us to schedule one.

This is the Men's version of WMF®

Men all over the world have taken this workshop and have been surprised by the results.

The cost:

$35,000 for up to 14 men

We strongly recommend
this workshop be done in locations and
companies where WMF® has been held.

If you only continue to train women but do not also re-train men you just make women more frustrated.



Susan at the Top Women In Business Event where Susan Van Vleet Consultants, Inc®
was a sponsor.

If you have interest to hold a WMF® in Geneva please let Susan know the women you want to register.
The cost is $7500 per woman as we will be paying all of our costs and Training
costs to hold the workshop there. We would need 10 women to make this
viable and no more then 12.

Please let us know if you have women to refer. The dates we were tentatively
holding were: August 23-25.

If you would like to attend an Advanced WMF® there let us know that as well.
That would be scheduled for August 29-30 and would cost $4750 pp. We would need 6 women to make that viable.

Looking forward to possibly seeing you in Geneva!


150+ Bomb Threats on Jewish Community Centers Since 1/1/17
More Graduate Feedback

"Susan - for the first time in my life, I visited a JCC (Mandel JCC in Cleveland) today to attend a fitness class with my friend that I was visiting this week while in Cleveland for a business trip.  It was sobering to see the lengths the front desk was going through to grant me access - they checked my driver's license and I had to visibly wear a sticker badge the whole time I was in the facility.  Members had to wear their badge lanyards too and scan through a variety of gates.  My friend said these procedures were specifically put in place due to the recent incidents.  On the other hand, I truly enjoyed my experience there.  Everyone was so friendly (could've been because my friend's 2-year-old daughter was tagging along with us too J) and even from the back row in the fitness class, I could clearly monitor my form in the mirror (I felt like I towered over the other women there!).  Also, when we were leaving, a bus transporting a dozen or so senior citizens was dropping them off at the lobby.  They looked so happy to be out and about, even on such a cruel joke of an April morning (four inches of snow fell overnight).  It's truly despicable to target JCCs, especially when they are so critical to the fabric of local families and communities.  I'm so glad you had such a wonderful experience there growing up - I got a little glimpse of it this morning and would encourage others to do the same!"

Thanks Jen Nienaber! Glad you made it to one of the best JCC's in the country!      
  And The Beat Goes On!!

As some of you know we were sponsors of an Event for women held by the
Pacific Coast Business Times.

It is a great tri-county Business Journal. Every year they honor 50 women in
the area who have been nominated for their abilities and actions both at work
and in their volunteer work.

One of the women nominated for Engineering told a story many of you have
heard before.

She recounted that when she found herself in a group of  4 women engineers
in her field she took the opportunity, since she was pregnant with her first child,
to ask if they had any tips for her to balance her career and her motherhood.

Three of the 4 women replied she would have to choose, you just can't have it
all they said.

By the way, this occurred 4 years ago in Southern California!

Of course I made sure I spoke to her after the program , she is now pregnant
with #2.

I assured her if I did it she could and she would just have to learn to juggle and put
one foot in front of the other!

I guess I am just plain shocked that in 2013 women would be telling women to choose
not help her wrap her mind around how to make her demanding life work!

We fired a trainer a long time ago because, among other things, she told women they
weren't ready to have children. 

Please do me a favor and don't spend your time discouraging a woman from
having a career and a family. That is her choice and her choice alone.

I didn't burn my bra in the 60's to have women discouraging each other from
having the life they choose.

What do you think? Have you gotten bad advice from other women?

A Graduate Is Now a Coach:  
Women Moving Forward® graduate Tatjana Ivanova has started her own Coaching Company to "Improve the World Through Sport"
Tatjana worked for 10 years as marketing manager at Procter&Gamble then she worked
for 5 years for the International Olympic Committee.

 She now gives "Energy Management" training to companies to help prevent
burn-outs and improve engagement by leveraging the insights from human physiology,
sports psychology, science of elite performance and art of coaching.
As Coach Tatjana, she is training dozens of hobby athletes to help them achieve their dreams: run a first marathon, do a first triathlon, finish an Ironman, conquer a trail adventure, cross Alps on bikes or just get fitter and healhier.

Some of her Athletes started from a total zero base - as non-runners, not even believing that they could ever run a 10km - but with Tatjana´s training, they were fit for a marathon in less than 6 months of training - and many totally transformed their lifestyles to live "an active endurance lifestyle"  Tatjana is also a vegan, plant-based athlete - so she can help you with
your fitness, nutrition and mindset. Because she believes in "What we think, we become" principle - and mental toughness and mindfulness are a big part of her coaching - both for Corporate and for Ironman Athletes.

If you are interested in her services you can contact her directly at:
check out her blog at"

2017 Couple's Course
2018 Couples Course January 26-28, 2018
Big Island Hawaii

It was a great 3 day session with a great group of people!
If you want to register for 2018 let us know.

$2750 for the couple. One of the couple must have attended a SVVCI® workshop.
Only 5 couple spaces left for 2018 
If you are changing your e-mail address let us know so we can
stay in touch with you!  Contact Us To Change Address

        HOLDING A WOMEN MOVING FORWARD®                                        

If you have 8 women "ready to register" for a particular date we will schedule
a Women Moving Forward® or Advanced Women Moving Forward®
in your area.

In the US the cost per woman for Women Moving Forward® is $3750. Outside of the US call us for pp cost. 

Cost for Advanced in the US is $2750 pp contact us for cost outside of

Contact Susan ASAP to schedule if you plan one of these in 2017!

 Order your copies of the Women Moving Forward®
books here:

Click here for Amazon
Click here for Amazon UK 

PURCHASE 2  BOOKS GET $500 discount on our Women Moving Forward® Workshops!!!!

                                    WOMEN MOVING FORWARD®                                             

For nearly forty years, Susan Bash Van Vleet has been conducting groundbreaking workshops that have helped thousands of women worldwide move forward both professionally and personally. In her latest guidebook, Van Vleet presents twenty-seven innovative concepts that will help women live with intention and create a happy existence.

Van Vleet, founder and president of a consulting firm that specializes in the areas of change management, diversity, communication, team building, project management, and leadership, offers concepts and a series of exercises that lead women through a step-by-step process to finding purpose in life, creating and intending to make positive changes, learning self-love, and shunning negative thought processes. Included are worksheets that help women identify past emotions in order to transform current relationships, the signs of addiction and co-dependency, and the differences between certain types of behaviors.

Women Moving Forward® shares theories and thought-provoking assignments that guide women to identify a purpose and build a better, more fulfilling life.

                              WOMEN MOVING FORWARD®
                                             Over The Years 

For nearly forty years, Susan Bash Van Vleet has been conducting groundbreaking workshops that have helped thousands of women worldwide deal with personal blockages to moving forward in their personal and professional lives. Now in a compilation of articles gathered from her popular Women Moving Forward® newsletter sent to workshop graduates over the last twenty years, Van Vleet shares valuable knowledge, personal stories, objective opinions, and up-to-date research that will appeal to women from all walks of life.

Van Vleet, founder and president of a consulting firm that specializes in the areas of change management, diversity, communication, team building, project management, and leadership, offers a plethora of information on a wide variety of topics that include violence against women, motherhood, health care, workplace issues, mental health, and aging. Included is feedback from workshop graduates who provide diverse perspectives on her teachings and newsletter topics.

Women Moving Forward® shares a collection of articles gathered from years of newsletters that continue to this day to provide time-tested advice, guidance, and empowerment to women around the world.

Order Now on Amazon by clicking below:

You can order in Paperback or iBook versions!

Also Available at Barnes & Noble
                        BUY 2 BOOKS AND GET  $500 DISCOUNT ON ANY

                             WOMEN MOVING FORWARD WORKSHOP®
                           simply show us your sales receipt to receive discount!!

CA Sunset
Location for our WLR 2017
 2017 Course Schedule 

Advanced WMF® $2750       
 July 13-14     Westlake  Village, CA 

Women Moving Forward® $3750

June 7-9, 2017   Westlake Village, CA
only 1 space left 

If you want us to come to your town or company and hold a WMF® or Advanced WMF® contact us for information.   
WLR® 2016

May 2-4, 2017 Women's Leadership Retreat FULL!!!

If you plan to register for 2018 you will need to complete
your registration by April 21 of 2017!  

The Couple's Course®  


Join Us In Paradise In 2018! January 26-28.
  Big Island Hawaii  

4 Couple spaces left!

$2750 per couple.  
Prerequisite: One of the couple has to have attended another SVVCI® workshop and you need to be in a committed relationship for 5 or more years.

To get one of the last space in 2018 call us at our office; 303-660-5206 or Send us an E-mail;

We look forward to seeing you on The Big Island in 2016!

To register for any of our workshops go on line to, call our office at 303-660-5206 or E-mail us!

All spaces are available on a first come first serve basis! Don't wait
to register These workshops will fill up many months out!

Click on link below and register or e-mail or call! 

Thousand Oaks and Westlake Village

Our office:
31416 Agoura Rd. Suite 255
Westlake Village, CA. 91361



If you plan to attend in 2018 you will need to
register before May 3 , 2017!




  Continuing your Women Moving Forward® experience 
 The March Advanced Women Moving Forward® Group in Westlake Village, CA.

If you have ever thought, "I wish I could hear Susan's voice again" or "I want to re-visit what I learned in WMF® now that my life has changed" then

Advanced Women Moving Forward®
could be an option for you!

Because women's lives occur in stages: singledom, marriage, kids, etc. we always had the option for women to return to the workshop when they entered a new stage.

Here are the 3 options graduates can use to attend WMF® again:

Attending Advanced Women Moving Forward®

The 2 day workshop will have you focus on:
Your purpose in life and how to live a more purposeful life.

Completing your old Declarations of Self

Creating new Declarations of Self

Declarations of Self Exercise


In this option you are actually a full participant. You do a pre-call and pre-work and participate as a full participant!

You will need to be present for all 3 days and do all the workshop exercises.

The cost is 50% of the total cost of the workshop. So here in the US reviewing currently costs $1875


In this option you sit at the Observer Table and do the exercises from that vantage point. You can "observe" where you are now and where you need to be next. You participate only silently from the back of the room.

Observing affords you the flexibility to come and go as you please (except during the completion exercise).

You do not participate fully and only speak to the room if asked to by Susan

The cost to Observe is $250 in the US and $450 in other countries.

In every workshop we do we have limited spaces for Reviewers and for Observers.

If you think you will want to Observe or Review please let us know so we can reserve your space.

Next Opportunities to Observe or Review are next week in Cincinnati and in October in Geneva. I look forward to the possibility of seeing some of you soon!

Watch for new schedule of Advanced WMF® in 2016!


2017 Women's Leadership Retreat®   

2018 Women's Leadership Retreat®
will be full by May 3!

At the 2016 WLR® The topic was POWER;
Being as powerful as you are and not suppressing it.  

The 2016 WLR® group
WLR® 2016
The Bacara Resort was the beautiful site for 2016

& Have Dinner 
A Graduate Lunches & Dinners are Scheduled for:

Sunday Brunch  March 26  Shanghai, China, Hilton Hotel
RSVP by Monday 3/20
  Linda, Chris & Sharon Dinner NJ

Graduate  Lunch in Princeton, Jersey
Graduate lunch August 2 in Princeton, NJ  
Join us at the next Graduate Lunch in Cincinnati
Dec. 9  

Graduate Lunch in Cincinnati September 16
Kaye Weiner, Carol Stacey, Susan, Ann Brack & Jeryl Proudfit


 If you plan to refer someone or attend yourself let 
us know ASAP!!!! 


July 13-14, 2017            Westlake Village, CA
September 12-13, 2017 Westlake Village, CA 

Ana & Gill   Day 2 Advanced WMF®  Westlake Village, CA.
Here are some quotes from the evaluations of the last
Advanced Women Moving Forward® Workshop:

"I understand the boundaries that go along with my role,
I will be able to make more efficient decisions"

"I have a greater sense of clarity over my life....this has given
me the opportunity to start with a clean slate. I am more in touch with myself..."

"I am more purposeful and can lead from a higher level....
I am more 'in the moment' because the distractions are being

"...(I'm) not alone in my experience, support is so helpful...
like a renewal of WMF® to a further degree"

"I will live more on purpose at work which will make me more
effective in my a leader. This will benefit my company.."

"I plan to move through breakdown as quickly as possible"

"I am more centered and more on purpose which will help me
make clearer decisions and improve productivity"

"Knowing that breakdowns are opportunities to learn
information to move back into creation vs viewing them as a
dead end"

"I will focus on 'who owns the problem' and delegate the
solution to them"

"I have let go of old declarations and am refocused on the
path forward"

 Deb & Sonia pairing up AWMF® Westlake Village, CA

The 2016 Retreat® Lunch

We used this year's Retreat to discuss Power. How to be at your Full Power and
not suppress it or pretend you are not as powerful as you are.

 The Retreat© is a safe place for women
 to be so they can feel the support of other women and personally
and professionally grow from that experience.

No matter how successful you are there is always
more to develop and grow.

 Anne and Nienke enjoy the Bacara
To attend in 2018 you must be a graduate of Women Moving Forward®
 for at least a year and you must also attend Advanced Women Moving Forward® 

Advanced Women Moving Forward® is scheduled for:

July 13-14 & Sept. 12&13  Thousand Oaks, CA

You will also need to attend the make-up day. You will have 31+
concepts to master and 90+ pages of pre-work.

We will bundle the price of the workshops together so you can meet the prerequisites with a discount.
2018 will be full by May 4!

Fee for new participants or participants who missed a year; $4950 US
Returning participants; $4150 US

I look forward to speaking with you about this
incredible program!




For those of you who want to attend The Women's
Leadership Retreat® for the first time in 2016 there is
now a prerequisite; Advanced Women Moving Forward®

We use to be able to do a make-up day for The Retreat®
to cover all of the previous year's concepts.

This is not possible any longer. With 60+ pages of
concepts to learn before the first day of The Retreat®
we must have another way to get potential attendees
up to the current year's concepts.

The 2 day format will cover:

1. The participant will start to identify or identify
their purpose in life.

2. The participant will know the properties of purpose

3. The participant will know how this supports their
work and how to maximize their work contribution
using their purpose

4. The participant will know and know how to use
intention to attain higher levels of productivity.

5. The participant will be able to bring in to being
bigger results using their knowledge of Creation,
Intention and Purpose.

Who Should Attend This Workshop?

1. Any woman who is a graduate of
Women Moving Forward® and who wants to
improve her productivity and lead a more purposeful life.

2. Any woman who plans to attend the Women's
Leadership Retreat® and has not attended before.

3. Any graduate of Women Moving Forward® who
wants to continue the process they start

Cost: $2750 ($4750 in Geneva)
To register: E-mail us at
or register via our website: 

Graduate Programs: 

Observing is a WMF® graduate program that includes 
attending the workshop and looking at how far  
you have come since taking the workshop. It also helps  
you to keep the learnings you got as impactful as they were  
when you took  
the workshop. 
 The side benefit of Observing is supporting the women  
attending by modeling what it is to complete the workshop.

If you would like to Observe any of the community based  
workshops in 2011 all you need to do is contact us to make  
a reservation and pay the $250 fee. Seats in each  
workshop are limited and are given on a first come  
first serve basis.
Four Graduates in Europe Observed the Frankfurt workshop
last year. 
You do not have to be at all three days of the workshop.  
You can  be at one day or several or you can come for an afternoon.
The schedule is up to you when you Observe.

Some Graduates bring their workshop buddies with them  
to Observe and some bring their old notebooks!

     2018 Women's Leadership Retreat®                                                                               
       May 1-3, 2018
       Will be full by May 3
If you have never attended before you will need to attend  
the Advanced Women Moving Forward®    
as a prerequisite.
Cost: $4950 US
$4175 US for returning attendees  

Bring Women Moving
Forward® or Advanced Women Moving Forward® To Your Area  
To have us schedule a  Women Moving Forward® 
Public Workshop or an Advanced Women Moving Forward®
 in your  area  you will need to register  10+ women
Prices differ by country and US state.

We will then fill the rest of the spaces with women from
other companies and areas unless you purchase all 12
spaces for your company.

For more information contact Susan 
Women Moving Forward®
For Your Company or
To have a Women Moving Forward®  workshop  that
 is just for your  Organization the fee is $45,000+ USD
any where in the world for up to 12 women!
For more information contact us at
Women Moving Forward® Website!!!

  Visit it for all the updates & news about
Women Moving Forward® and
the Women's Leadership Retreat©. Refer your friends to it.

When you google us we are in the first 5 listed as:
Original Women Moving Forward®.

All of the back issues of the  WMF Newsletters are also there.


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Graduate Lunches & Opportunities for Graduates

Any Graduate of Women Moving Forward from
company can attend. There is no cost to the

Watch for new Schedule

Observing Women Moving Forward®

Observe any US Community Based
Women Moving Forward®
for $250 in US $450 elsewhere

Space is limited so reserve your chair to observe  NOW!!


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