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Issue: #5
May 2017
President's Message                    Next Meeting is Friday May 5th  9:15 AM

 For those of us transplants who came to Vancouver Island because the promise that Spring happens right after New Year's; this year all we can say is -- Wrong!
Now, let's look on the bright side; Flowers are blooming and songbirds are magic to the ears.  As a Club, we've enjoyed some great speakers lately and our 'Out and Abouts' have been diverse and simply fabulous ....and there's so much more to come...   

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  General Meeting Speaker - May 5th    David Hahn: "The Costco Connection" 

Consider a business that does no advertising, offers limited choices, where you pay to shop, where you nearly always spend (and come home with) far more than you had intended, and frequently face long line-ups to pay at the cashier.  And yet... over 3 million people a day worldwide flock to Costco to do their shopping.   How can this be!

To have your questions answered, come out and meet our May speaker, David Hahn, manager of Nanaimo Costco, who will give us a personal talk on running the Nanaimo store and what lies ahead.

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 Men's Pub lunch: Tuesday,  May 9th at Noon

Come out on May 9th for tasty pub fare and good conversation at the Lantzville Pub in Lantzville.  All men are welcome and (for you new members) it's a good way to get to meet a few of your fellow PROBUS fellows.

To sign up, click here...
 Calling all Ladies who Lunch:                         Friday, May 12th  at  1 PM

Everyone loves Cuckoo Trattoria!  So that's where our Ladies Who Lunch shall go in May.
 Hope you'll come out and join us at Cuckoo located by Coombs Old Country Market.

Pat is off on a cruise, so this month's organizer is Joanie Miller.

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OUT & ABOUT - An Evening with Gilbert & Sullivan...
THE PIRATES OF PENZANCE on Wednesday Evening, May 10th

Sit back and enjoy the musical tale of pirates, maidens and Major-Generals.
It is rollicking entertainment for all.  But you must sign up before May 3rd!

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A WEEKEND IN TOFINO!  It's a great idea...  Friday May 19 to Sunday May 21
More than 27 PROBUS members and guests will be in Tofino for this very special weekend - Clayoquot Island is open to the public only one day per year.  This year the date is May 20.  Rendezvous with fellow PROBUS members for a boat ride to the island, and so much more.  Accommodations are getting scarce so make your reservations soon, and be sure to sign up with our organizer Kim so you don't get left behind.

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Nine & Dine

It's time to get out your clubs and practice your swing.  Robert Grose and his fellow duffers have been busy organizing rounds of Social Golf on a Friday in every month from May through September.  Our first outing is on May 26 at the Qualicum Beach course - nine holes followed by dinner. 

Click here to see all the dates and to sign up.



OUT & ABOUT - PAINT SPATTER PARTY!!!  on Saturday, June 3rd

Get ready to throw some paint and get messy at the 4 CATS Studio Paint Spatter Room...
this should be fun!

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After hearing Makenzie Leine talk to us about Island Timberlands, a private forestry operation, there was great interest in visiting to see one of their operations first hand.  So now is your chance.  26 PROBUS members signed up at the April meeting for this four-hour field trip on June 12.

Wednesday, July 26 -
Celebrate Canada's 150th Birthday in Red & White Style

    For all the details, click here. 

OUT & ABOUT - Let's go to CHEMAINUS THEATRE again - September 13th
It's early yet, but never too early to grab tickets for another great play at Chemainus.  Join your fellow PROBUS members for a little taste of British comedy:  Jeeves Takes a Bow.  Buffet Lunch too!

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Report on April Speaker:  Janice Perrino, CEO Nanaimo Hospital Foundation

"We want to diagnose, treat people, and get them home!" 
 These were the words of our dynamic April speaker Janice Perrino,
 CEO of  Nanaimo Hospital Foundation but, in order make it happen,
 we as individuals need to shoulder some of the cost for state-of-the-art
 hospital equipment needed to fulfill this mission.

  For more info and to read what you can do,  click here... 

Report on April 21st Coyote Coffee Roastery Tour

Did you know that Tim Horton's is owned by a Brazilian billionaire?  Or that after oil, coffee is the second largest commodity in global trade?  Or that Asians now drink more coffee than tea?

These were some of the facts presented to nine PROBUS members who attended a fascinating talk given by Philip Perry ("Dr.Pep"), owner and founder of Coyote Coffee Roastery.  A forensic psychologist in a past life..

To learn more, click here..

NWB PROBUS GRAPEVINE - Recommended for your enjoyment
If you have enjoyed a new restaurant or shop, a different TV show, a current movie or a new attraction in the area, share the news with your fellow members. 

Here are Don Dempson's recommendations for Netflix viewing:
Somm and its sequel, Somm into the Bottle (wine)
American Odyssey (drama)
The Code (drama - Australia)
Line of Duty (drama)

MORE TO COME!  Take a Look at  PROBUS events that are currently being planned.

Want to know what's coming up at your PROBUS Club? There's a lot being planned from now until December.  Some dates are set, others are just in the planning stages.  You can check it out on our website by going to the OUT & ABOUT tab and clicking on the Coming Up menu.
Or just click here...

Speaker Chair Robert is on the prowl too, for more fascinating speakers.  We have the Manager of Costco in Nanaimo at our May meeting, followed by Teri du Temple, Warden of Nanaimo Correctional Centre at the June meeting; in July we will hear the B. C. Seniors' Advocate.  There is no meeting in August so Robert can take a breather.

 Mark Your Calendar: 


May 5 - General Meeting - 9:15 St. Mary's Church Hall
May 9 - Men's Pub Lunch
May 10 - Village Theatre - Pirates of Penzance
May 12 - Ladies Who Lunch

May 19-21 - Tofino Weekender plus Clayoquot Days

May 26 - Friday on the Green Nine & Dine - Qualicum Beach 

June 3 - Paint Spatter Party in Lanzville

June 12 - Island Timberlands Woodlands Bus Tour

June 23 - Friday on the Green Nine & Dine - Pheasant Glen   

July 26 - Summer Picnic at Qualicum Rotary Park - 5:00 p.m.

August 23 - Appetizer Extravaganza

September 13 - Chemainus Theatre - Jeeves Takes a Bow  

December 6 - Christmas Party at Fairwinds 


For most events more than one month away, details will follow.

Click on each event in the calendar for more information. 

Oceanside Grandmothers to Grandmothers presents "Ordinary People, Extraordinary Lives" at 1:00 pm on Wednesday, May 17 at the Quality Resort Bayside.  Vivien Frow and Merlyn Patten will entertain you with stories, fun and laughter from their lives in Theatre, Art and Fashion and will present a mini Vintage Fashion Show.  Tickets $20.00 including refreshments, at Cranky Dig Music (PV) and Arbutus Fashions (QB).  Proceeds to Stephen Lewis Foundation