May 2017

We are so blessed to be surrounded
by the colours, sounds and fragrance
of this glorious season.
Birds are singing and building their nests, 
fox kits are scampering in the field, 
and petals are bursting forth...

May you all be blessed
by nature's wonder and beauty.

Join us...

Writing Through The Aging Journey
- No Matter What Age You Are!
Friday May 5 - Sunday May 7
(includes Saturday workshop)
Put 'pen to paper' as you discover and contemplate the wonderful journey of aging, rich in mystery and possibility. Facilitator: Brenda Peddigrew rsm.
This retreat is full

Open to the Public WORKSHOP 
"The Magic of Aging"
Saturday May 6, 9am-noon 
Facilitator: Ayuna Joan Weir
This workshop is full

3-Day Silent Retreats
Tuesday noon - Thursday 1pm
May 9-11(full), June 6-8, Oct. 10-12, Nov. 7-9
Take time to receive the gifts of silence waiting for you, with spiritual direction offered as part of these days.
"Silence is the special sacrament of God's presence." Edward Farrell

LMH Gate - Spring

Open Garden Sundays
May 14, June 11, July 9, Aug. 13, Sept. 10,  4-6pm
Join us for our first Open Garden Sunday of the season.
Enjoy the beauty of the gardens and woods.
(Access to grounds only).
For more details, visit
Maryholme Moments...

Okay, so we are tree huggers after all ...

Thanks to Stitch in Tyme Upholstery
 for our newly upholstered chairs and cushions...


From Our Garden 
To Yours...


From Mary Ward...

It is ingratitude if one thinks that everything is chance 
just because one is not aware that everything 
can come from the hand of God;
for it is written, that no sparrow falls to the ground 
without God knowing (Mt. 10:29) and for me it is true 
and is the easiest way to virtue if we accept everything 
from the hand of God, be it ever so little.
Mary Ward 1585-1645


"I believe a leaf of grass
is no less than a journey-work of the stars."
Walt Whitman

"When the world is too much with me,
I head out to the magic forest to listen to the silence
which is not silent at all."
Cara Moulds

At  Maryholme...

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L oretto Maryholme Spirituality Centre
is a sacred space  of peace and beauty on Lake Simcoe for those seeking to restore energies needed for personal and communal transformation.

The Centre is available for use by individuals and groups whose activities 
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