Issue No. 105  May 2018
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NEW @ S1
Launching soon! Expanded S1 Expendables Store. 

The S1 Expendables Store is Expanding. We are your go to place in Downtown East Side (DES) Toronto, wheel on by. We have Stock, we have parking, we have good prices.
We carry all sizes & colours of Superior Seamless Paper, all sizes & thickness of foamcore, 4'x8' Plexi, all the showcard, all the tapes in thickness & colour, Lee Filters gels, diffusion, reflectives, & black-wrap, and More.

We are expanding to include the Tether Tools lineup, Manfrotto grip, Matthews (MSE) grip, sandbags, apple boxes and more! We will be carrying LED Lighting brands from Fillex and others.

We will send another email with details of the launch in a couple of weeks.
There will be gatecrasher specials to entice you to stop by.
S1 Group Award of Excellence Georgian College 2018
Winner - Kelly Wang

Born in China, and now living in Canada, I really appreciate the freedom of expression I have in Canada, and enjoy creating work without constraints.
Photography is my vision of how I see the moment, and I follow my vision to create images that are powerful for me.
My goal is to continue the journey I started at Georgian College by assisting other photographers while continuing to shoot my own creative projects.

Kelly Wang Website
DP Kevin Wong Shoots Spots for Food Network Canada

Directed by Mark Gamble with Kevin Wong as DP, these four spots show Top Chef: All Stars' Chef Dustin Gallagher, share recipes of his that pair perfectly with different Beringer wines. Watch them all at the links below.

S1 Supplied: Video Van Package - Interior with Operator

Rib Steak with Smashed Potatoes
Clam and Mussel Linguine
Heirloom Tomato Tart
Pear and Endive Salad
Andrew Soule shoots RW & Co & Porter Campaign

Toronto's own, fashion photographer, Andrew Soule, shot this beautiful campaign for a RW & Co. and Porter Airline collaboration.

S1 Supplied: Photo Van Package + Operator, Lenses, Additional Lighting

Caitlin Cronenberg Shoots Campaign for Birks Pétale Collection

Toronto photographer Caitlin Cronenberg shot this campaign for Birks that shares the stories of Canadian women making their mark on the world. Along with Caitlin, the campaign includes Fashion Editor Caroline Issa and actress Amanda Brugel.

S1 Supplied: Lighting, Grip, Production Rentals, Capture Service and Truck Services

Bell Media produces spot for McCain

The Bell Media Creative Agency produced this broadcast spot for McCain, with DP Kevin Wong and Director Alex Molenaar.

S1 Supplied: S1 LED Truck

Norman Wong and Joseph Saraceno shoot the Spring Campaign for Marshalls

Produced by Tristan Tran Productions, on-figure shot by Norman Wong and off-figure shot by Joseph Saraceno.  

S1 Supplied: Camera Support, Lighting, Grip, Production Rentals, 

Marshalls Canada - Get Inspired
Tristan Tran Productions
Norman Wong
Joseph Saraceno
Brought To You By produces spot for Kashi

This spot for Kashi was directed by Matt Barnett and Justin Black was the DP. Check it out at the link below.

S1 Supplied: Video Van Package - Interior + Operator, Additional Grip Equipment

Bell Media takes majority stake in Pinewood Toronto

Bell Media has entered an agreement to take a majority stake in Pinewood Toronto Studios, in partnership with Paul Bronfman's Comweb Studio Holdings, as well as Castlepoint and the City of Toronto. In entering the studio business, Bell Media stakes a larger claim for its Bell Media Studios brand, which the company has been developing over the last year.

Interview with Andrea Stern of Sternrep

SternRep , a boutique agency, is known for its personable, intelligent approach. Founder Andrea Stern says she's discovered just how good life can be when you immerse yourself in what you enjoy most, and for her, that means cultivating relationships on both the artist and client side.
In this interview, PhotoServe talks to Stern about her career, and what it takes to be a photo agent in this ever-changing business.

Pricing & Negotiating: Still Life Images for a Home Good Brand

Julia Hanley of Wonderful Machine, details the quoting process for still life images of a consumer product for a large US-based home goods brand.

Google 'LIFE Tags' uses AI to organize LIFE magazine's 4 million-photo archive

Google revealed  a few new projects that utilize its artificial intelligence technology at the intersection of education and culture, and one of those projects is called Google LIFE Tags . For the LIFE Tags project, Google used a computer vision algorithm to intelligently sort through, analyze, and tag 4,000,000 photos from LIFE Magazine's publicly available archive.

With 'Siren,' Unreal Engine blurs the line between CGI and reality

Epic Games has been obsessed with real-time motion capture for years, but the company is now trying to take its experiments with the technology one step further. Enter "Siren," a digital personality that it created alongside a few prominent firms in the gaming industry.
The crazy thing about Siren is that she comes to life using live mocap tech, powered by software from Vicon, that can make her body and finger movements be captured and live-streamed into an Unreal Engine project.

Nocturnus 75mm f/0.95 Unveiled: It's the World's Fastest 75mm Lens

The German brand Meyer-Optik Goerlitz has just announced the Nocturnus 75mm f/0.95, the world's fastest 75mm lens. It's designed for full-frame mirrorless cameras with Leica M, Sony FE, and Fuji X mounts.
The lens features a 15-blade steel aperture with anti-reflection coating for creamy bokeh that's "ideal for portrait photography in difficult light conditions." Paired with the massive f/0.95 maximum aperture, the lens "creates a three-dimensional appearance separating the subject from the background in a characteristic manner," the company says.

Click here for more info

MORE Fabrics

We've increased our inventory of rags available to better accommodate different shooting styles. Grid fabrics, solids, silvers; we have them all!

MSE 8' x 8' Frame & 20" x 24" Gel Frames

A popular size, we have added more 8' x 8' frames to Rentals.
If you use sheet gels as well, we now have 20" x 24" gel frames available to mount them to!

MSE Baby Junior Wheeled Stand

Great for monitors and light weight lamps when you need to be able to move around set.

10" C-Clamps: Junior & Baby

When you need a big c-clamp to rig something to and I-Beam or similar situation, look no further than these big boys! With either x2 Junior/2K receivers or Baby/750k pins, you'll be rigged up in no time.

Hi-Low Bar, 2K Riser & Triple Header: Now in Rentals

More grip options available at S1 for your specialty rigging needs. Need two or three large lamps up on one stand? Try out the MSE Junior Triple Header!

MSE Gaffer Grip Clamp & MSE Junior Receiver Adapter

When you have a small light that needs to get into a position that a stand just won't allow, the handy Gaffer Grip with its strong clamp will do the job.

Film Photographers of the World Unite!...On This Website

Being a film photographer can be lonely. While those around you take hundreds of shots without blinking an eye, each taking only fractional amounts of seemingly endless digital space, you are encumbered with the knowledge that each shot you take  now  means one less shot you can take  later
Now, finally, analog warriors have a cafe in which to assemble, collaborate and discuss visual integrity and the transience of images in late capitalism. Not a real cafe, of course, but the aptly-titled open source platform Analog.Cafe, a "film photography publication."

Kodachrome Movie Now on Netflix

It was a dark day for film when Kodak killed Kodachrome back in 2009. After Kodachrome stock ran out, there was one final photo lab in the country that could process Kodachrome - Dwayne's Photo in Kansas.
Netflix's new movie Kodachrome tells the story of a legendary photographer (played by Ed Harris) and his estranged son (Jason Sudeikis) as they embark on a road trip to process his final rolls of Kodachrome film at Dwayne's Photo in Parsons, Kansas.

Crypto-artwork of a rose sells for $1 million

The digital photo of a red rose sold to a group of 10 collectors who split the cost evenly in cryptocurrency. This is thought to be the highest price ever paid for virtual artwork.
The project, called the Forever Rose, was produced by artist Kevin Abosch and GIFTO, virtual gifting platform on blockchain -- a digital ledger. It's the technology that supports cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, but in this case it's hosting a digital picture.