May 2018 Asian Pear
Spring into Summer
Pear Tree Tie Down

With a very brief Spring, looks like we are leaping right into Summer. Warm, muggy days. Afternoon rainstorms. Grass growing at "hy-pear-speed."

Our Asian Pears are loving every moment of it! Just weeks after bloom, what started out as green-pea sized pears, are speedily swelling into near olive-size.

The Subarashii crew is spending time making sure any stray branches and limbs are trained (with twine) to grow sideways towards their neighboring trees, instead of reaching across the orchard aisles. These twine tie-lines will ensure each little pear has maximum access to sunshine for growth all summer long.

asian pear spread
Our 'go to' ingredient for outdoor parties, particularly for a holiday barbeque, is Asian Pear Spread. 

Not only a healthy condiment (100% Asian Pear), it will be your BFF because it is so versatile. Asian Pear Spread can be used as a dip with pretzels, cheese doodles, Bugles or ginger cookies; it makes for a fantastic wet rub for meat on the grill; an awesome burger topper; also a terrific all-natural steak sauce; and of course, sumptuous to pair with your favorite cheeses as well.  

Party rained out? Make grilled cheese sandwiches with our pear spread and white cheddar. For an even simpler sandwich with gourmet flair - use our pear spread with peanut butter instead of jelly. 

To order our pear spread.

Pear Spread & Veggie Verrines

Serve your guests something visually beautiful, healthful and easy to hold in one hand during your weekend picnic gatherings. 

Verrine, simply put, is a dish served up in a glass with the contents artfully displayed in layers. 

Chef Lesle has created a verrine using our pear spread, wild rice, corn, feta, carrots and more. A chilled veggie salad, personal size! 

Your guests can help themselves to a glass & spoon while they enjoy an 

Pear Spread and Veggie Verrine
outdoor gathering on a late Spring afternoon. 

Click here to download this veggie verrine.