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The California Immunization Coalition is a public-private partnership dedicated to achieving and maintaining full immunization protection for all Californians to promote health and prevent serious illness. 
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CIC Summit - Wrap Up
Thank you for making this year's Summit a great success!
Thank you to the nearly 300 attendees, speakers, exhibitors, and organizers who helped make our 2018 CIC Summit a success. Held at the Kimpton Sawyer Hotel in Sacramento, the Coalition was delighted to welcome this year's speakers including Karen Smith, Director of the California Department of Public Health; Erica DeWald, Director of Advocacy for Every Child By Two/Vaccinate Your Family; and Alan Wang, Emmy-award winning journalist and founder of NewsWorthy Media.
The 2018 Summit's plenary sessions, panels, and workshops covered topics from school immunization law to the power of partnerships in outbreak response and prevention. Presentations from the Summit are posted; you can access them here . CIC is grateful for the support and collaboration of all our partners.  
Dorit Reiss - Immunization Champion
The California Immunization Coalition was pleased to recognize Dorit R. Reiss, LLB, PhD, this year's recipient of the Natalie J. Smith Immunization Champion Award at this year's Summit. The award is presented annually to an individual, group, or organization in California who has made an outstanding contribution in the immunization arena.

Keynote Speaker Erica DeWald with award recipient Dorit Reiss
Dorit is a Professor of Law at UC Hastings, a tireless parent advocate, and a frequent contributor to journals, blogs, and news media. She is also a popular and oft-requested speaker at conferences and in legislative hearings. Her work focuses on health care and social policies.

Dr. Reiss started her pro-vaccination activism by commenting on various websites and on social media, and she has never slowed down. Since then she has created a blog, authored several articles, spoken in support of immunization-related legislation, shared information and technical expertise with CIC and its national partners, serves on the Voices for Vaccines Parent Advisory Board and has incorporated immunization and public health policy into her curriculum.

Our congratulations and thanks to Professor Reiss.
CA School IZ Requirements - Updates Coming   
A number of changes are coming to the California school immunization requirements. Although the changes become effective July 1st, 2019, it's not too early to start preparing.
Starting in the 2019-2020 school year, changes to the California school immunization requirement regulations include, but are not limited to:
  • Requiring 2 (rather than 1) doses of chickenpox (varicella) vaccine at
- Kindergarten entry
- 7th grade advancement
- K-12 admission or transfer
  • R equiring 2 MMR doses and 3 Hepatitis B vaccine doses at admission or transfer more uniformly throughout K-12 (age restrictions are removed)
  • Medical exemptions for new admissions may be signed only by a California-licensed MD/DO
  • Each temporary medical exemption may be issued for no more than 12 months
Schools can start preparing for these changes by recording all chickenpox vaccine doses for admissions on the Blue Card or school information system and by compiling lists of (at least) current 5th grade students with no record of a 2nd dose of varicella vaccine.
For a version without mark-ups: Kindergarten and School Immunization Requirements
Please watch for updates at
Why I Choose - To Vaccinate!

Looking for a way to spark vaccine support in your clinic, your community, or among your patients?  How about the members of your child's playgroup or preschool class?  
Why I Choose , the popular and easy to implement program developed by California Department of Public Health Immunization Branch and CIC, has gone nationwide, moving from the CIC website to Voices for Vaccines , a national organization dedicated to promoting scientifically based information about vaccines and promoting vaccine advocacy among parents.  

Why I Choose
is an easy to develop campaign, adaptable to a wide variety of settings and situations, and has proven to engage participation across the country.  At the most basic level it requires only a camera, a magic marker and a sheet of paper, but the possibilities for promotion and engagement are great. To see examples of Why I Choose submissions and spark your imagination, take a peek at Michigan's I Vaccinate campaign, or go to and click on Why I Choose to take part in the campaign. 

CIC Education Hour Recap
Shingles 2.0: What You Need to Know

One in  three adults will get shingles in their lifetime, but only 30% get vaccinated to protect against this painful disease. If you participated in CIC's most recent Education Hour on Wednesday, April 4, you and several hundred of your colleagues heard Dr. Mark Sawyer discuss this in "Shingles 2.0:  What You Need to Know."  If you missed it, the presentation is now available on the CIC website.
Watch for our next Education Hour on perinatal immunizations, scheduled for July 2018, date and time to be announced.   

Meet our new Board Member... and VP!

The California Immunization Coalition (CIC) is pleased to welcome back Randy Bergen, MD, MPH, to its Board of Directors. Dr. Bergen previously served eight years on the CIC Board and is rejoining as Vice President.

Randy Bergen, MD
Dr. Bergen is a Senior Physician with The Permanente Medical Group at the Walnut Creek Medical Cente r, clinical site investigator for the Northern California Kaiser Permanente Vaccine Safety Study Center, and the clinical lead for the Northern California Kaiser Permanente Influenza Vaccine Program. He received his medical degree from the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis and an MPH from UC Berkeley.
Dr. Bergen is an active vaccine educator and advocate.

He has co-authored journal articles regarding varicella-zoster virus, influenza vaccine, and other clinical topics; has conducted multiple media interviews; and is active in professional associations including the California Medical Association.
Over his career, Dr. Bergen has volunteered around the world including in the Congo, Dominican Republic, Haiti, India, Indonesia, Thailand, and Liberia. Through this travel, he has experienced many different cultures but also has seen firsthand, the devastating effects of poverty and infections. "All children should have the right to be protected against vaccine preventable diseases," notes Dr. Bergen. "That is why I am passionate about vaccines and so honored to be a part of CIC."

Newest Board Member & Communications Committee Co-Chair
The California Immunization Coalition (CIC) is also pleased to welcome back Kathleen Worthing Gustafson, MPH, to its Board of Directors as Co-Chair of the Communications Committee. Kathe previously served eight years on the CIC Board and as the Co-Chair of the CIC Education Committee.

Kathe Gustafson 
Kathe retired as the Chief of the Immunization Branch for the County of San  Diego Health and Human Services. She started her work on immunizations in 1990 during the measles epidemic and has since been a leader in immunization collaborations. She was instrumental in establishing the San Diego Infant Immunization Initiative (I-3), now the San Diego Immunization Coalition and was active in the California Coalition for Childhood Immunization (C3I) from its inception through the merger with the California Adult Immunization Coalition to form CIC. She is also a member of the Planning Committee for the National Conference of Immunization and Health Coalitions.

Prior to her work in the immunization arena, she held a variety of positions while moving 29 times during her husband's Navy career.
"I have always been proud to work in immunization and am honored to be back on the CIC Board of Directors," notes Kathe. CIC is very pleased to welcome her back!

Visit the CIC website
to learn more about the CIC board of directors.

The 48th National Immunization Conference, "Immunization: Prevention, Protection, and Progress," will be in Atlanta, May 15-17, 2018. The NIC brings together more than 1,500 local, state, federal, and private-sector immunization stakeholders and partners to explore science, policy, education, and planning issues related to immunization and vaccine-preventable diseases. In addition to plenary sessions and workshops, the NIC's poster presentations showcase the important work our partners are doing around the country.

If you can't attend NIC in person, you can follow on Twitter at #2018NIC.

It's not too early to start thinking about National Immunization Awareness Month. NIAM is an annual observance held each August to highlight the importance of vaccination for people of all ages. NIAM was established to encourage people to make sure they are up to date on their recommended vaccines. Communities throughout the US use NIAM to raise awareness about the important role vaccines play in preventing serious, sometimes deadly, diseases.
Toolkits that include important messages and helpful tips to use with your partners will be slightly updated for 2018 - here are links from last years toolkit:
NIAM is sponsored by the National Public Health Information Coalition (NPHIC). For more information on the observance, visit NPHIC's NIAM website and watch for more announcements in June 2018. 

2018 School Based Health Conference

The California School-Based Health Alliance will host its 2018 California School-Based Health Conference: Leading the Movement for a Healthy California, at the Sheraton Grand Hotel in  Sacramento on May 17-18, 2018.

Join hundreds of providers, educators, advocates and other health care professionals who are dedicated to advancing the health and success of California children and the school-based healthcare movement.
For the latest info about workshops, agenda, and hotel, please visit their website
Congratulations -  Prabhjot Johnson, Program Associate

Since Spring of 2015, Prabhjot Johnson has worked as CIC's Program Associate, keeping track of communications, databases, finances and the Executive Director. Prabhjot recently accepted a position as a Health Educator in the Sacramento County Emergency Preparedness Division. In addition to the tremendous work she accomplished at CIC, she also completed her Masters in Public Health in early 2017. She will be missed and we thank her and wish her well in her new career and future endeavors.

We are seeking a new Program Associate!
This is a tremendous opportunity for a public health professional interested in a fast paced, dynamic environment - working with great people and doing important work. If you are interested in joining our team, or know someone who might be, see info in the link below.
Please go to the Health Education Council for details on how to apply.

Prepare For Summer Like a Pro
Summer is just around the corner. Get the most out of your vacation and stay healthy. Diseases, sunburn, and blisters make terrible souvenirs.  
  • Make sure everyone in your family is up-to-date on recommended vaccines.
  • Clinic staff go on vacation, too. Plan ahead if you need to book an appointment.
  • Check your students' vaccination records and schedule those back to school appointments before you leave for summer break.
  • Bug off! Avoid mosquitoes, bees, biting flies, and other bothersome pests.
  • Be allergy alert. Outdoor fun can trigger allergies in some people.
  • Use sunscreen, hydrate (drink before you get thirsty) and monitor little ones anytime you are near the water.

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