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Saturday, June 16
NY Catholic Bible Summit 

The Forum for Catechesis and
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Sat., Oct. 6 - Bronx
Sat., Oct 27 - Monroe

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  NYC Public Schools Sex Education Mandate  


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Dear Director/Coordinator,                                               
    As I write to you this morning, we are in a waiting period in our Church year. Last week we celebrated the Ascension of Jesus into heaven. How bereft the disciples and Jesus' mother Mary must have felt. They witnessed his crucifixion and death, and they mourned Him. To their joy and astonishment, they experienced His presence after He rose from the dead. Jesus remained with them for 40 days before His Ascension. He promised to send the Holy Spirit. More 
For All in the Ministry
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The Ninth Annual NY Catholic Bible Summit
"Live the Gospel of Joy" 
When: Saturday, June 16, 2018
When: 8:00 am to 5:00pm 
Where: NY Catholic Center, 350 East 56 Street, Manhattan
Once again, the Archdiocesan Catechetical Office and American Bible Society have joined forces to gather Bible scholars from around the nation and the world to "Live the Gospel of Joy."  
    Cardinals Thomas Collins of Toronto, Canada, and Juan José Omella of Madrid, Spain, will deliver the keynote addresses in English and Spanish respectively. Mario J. Paredes will represent the American Bible Society. The principal celebrant of the opening Liturgy is Archbishop Bernardito Auza, Permanent Observer of the Holy See to the United Nations.
   In addition, there are two full tracks of workshops, one in English and the other in Spanish. Come with your friends and parishioners, and choose from a wide array of topics addressed by returning favorite speakers and many new ones. Price: $25.00 (including lunch) per person. Get all the details at the Bible Summit webpage and make your plans today to attend.  

Directors and coordinators of religious education, along with pastors and catechists, can have all the offerings and news of the Catchetical Office on their smartphones and tablets. The Catechetical Office App, "Catechetical," available free at Google Play or the App Store, was created by the Catechetical Office webmaster, Jim Connell.

Visit our website 
Have you checked out the Catechetical Office website today? There are all sorts of informative and enlightening webinars and other learning opportunities, plus up-to-date information on all things catechetical. Be sure to visit
Catechumenate (RCIA)
RCIA Network Meeting 
The RCIA Bronx and Manhattan Network will meet on Tuesday, June 19, from 6:30 to 8:30 pm at the Church of St. Frances de Sales, 115 East 96 Street, New York, NY 10128.
   Your local RCIA Network gathering is a great opportunity for you to meet with your colleagues in ministry for prayer, fellowship, and the sharing of your concerns, hopes and dreams for the Catechumenate ministry.  For more information on the Bronx/Manhattan network, contact the leaders:
Oscar Cruz / 646-794-2692 

Jayne Porcelli / 212-289-0425 
Catechist Formation 
Get the most update information on Catechist Formation for the men and women who serve the ministry in your parish. This includes online and traditional classes. For more information and schedules, check out the Catechist Formation webpage.
Catechesis of the Good Shepherd 
Level I Part II Formation Course 
When: Friday July 13 through Friday, July 20
Place:   Mt. St. Francis, 250 South Street,    Peekskill, N.Y. 10566
Catechists who wish to register for this course must have completed Level One, Part I formation in order to take part in this class. More information, including schedules and registration, is available here.

Level 2 Part II Formation Course 
When: Friday, July 27 through Friday, August 3, 2018 
Place:  Mt. St. Francis, 250 South Street, Peekskill, N.Y. 10566.
Catechists who wish to take this court must have completed Level I and part I of Level Two. More information and registration details for Level 2 Part II are here.

Learn more about the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd.

By Jim Connell, Webmaster
The Seventh Commandment, as you know, is "Do not steal."  But technology tempts us by making it easy to use materials that do not belong to us.  Many times I have seen an image plucked off the Internet and used on a brochure or flyer with no regard to the rights of others.  As catechetical leaders, we must be careful not to illegally share/use copyrighted images. 
There is a good video on copyright as it affects church leaders.  Jonathan Sullivan, Director of Catchetical Services for the Diocese of Springfield in Illinois, reviews terms such as copyright, public domain, and creative commons in this 14 minute video.  He also gives recommendations on sites that can be used to get images without the worry of copyright.  See the video here:   
As a web developer, I need images all the time.  I use websites like those Jonathan suggests in his video.  I am cautious when I want to use an image that is off the Internet and often find another that is in the public domain or creative commons.  I always assume that a website, image, video, song, etc. is copyrighted.  If I really have to use the work, I get permission from the owner.  There is nothing more flattering to people, then a request to use their work.  It's an opportunity to allow them to be generous in sharing their work freely.  But as I said, I normally use non-copyrighted images.  Do you have sites that you use as a go-to for images?  I'd love to know, that is, as long as we aren't stealing!  Let me know, 
NY Catholic Bible Schoo
  The New York Catholic Bible School, which is part of the Catechist Formation program, provides Levels 3 and 4 Catechist Certification.
 If you are a catechist who has completed Levels 1 and 2 OR you are a director or coordinator of religious education and have completed the Catechetical Leadership Program, you are eligible for a significant discount. Your tuition will be $50 per trimester, three trimesters a year. There is no registration fee.
   Note that the Bible School welcomes all adults, not just those in the catechetical ministry. For these persons, there is an annual registration fee of $35; tuition is $150 per trimester. 

First-Year Classes now forming in Orange, Dutchess, Bronx and Manhattan.
 Visit the Bible School website for more on this program and then complete either an  "I'm Interested" or "I'm Ready to Apply" form on line. Be sure to indicate the locale in which you are interested. If you have any questions, contact Maureen McKew, the director.
Guest Columnist
The Breath of God
Thoughts on the meaning of Pentecost from Sr. Patricia McCarthy, CND, columnist for Rhode Island Catholic.
Within the past few weeks there was an amazing rescue of a twelve year old boy whose foot got caught in a drain at a water resort. It was only a few feet of water but the boy's head couldn't reach the surface with his foot caught. A man jumped next to him and gave him mouth to mouth air for eight minutes under water until the emergency personnel freed his foot. The boy has recovered and appears to have no harmful effects of the ordeal aside from shortness of breath which is also improving with time. More