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One of the article we report in the current newsletter asks the question whether the European Green Capital award could drive environmental action. By the way the city that won  the  2019 award is Oslo, capital of Norway: congratulations!

This is a good question. The award is quite recent as it was launched in 2010 when Stockholm won it. It concerns cities with a population in excess of 100,000 inhabitants and part of an EU Member State, EU Candidate Country, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland and it is based on 12 environmental indicators the competing cities must work on by introducing convincing strategies. For those interested, the rules of contest are here.

For the 2020 contest the winning city will be awarded a max sum of EUR 350,000 to carry out activities although the final definition depends on the EU 2018 Budget and approval by the College of the 2018 Financial Decision for the EU LIFE Programme.

Despite the enthusiasm for this initiative, which is understandable, I don't think this award could drive an extended environmental action for the following reasons:

- lack of publicity - people generally have heard of EU funding, a good share of them have heard of the Horizon 2020 funding framework, but virtually no one is aware of the European Green Capital award (or its sister European Green Leaf award addressing cities with a number of inhabitants ranging between 20,000 and 99,999 and awarding up to 75,000 Euros). This can be an obstacle to the dissemination of good practices implemented by winning cities
- very (too?) different backgrounds - the competing cities have to describe the implementation of measures in the last five to ten years. Although this is needed to understand the quality and consistency of strategies for future actions, every winning city can have a totally different background from others. This means the set of actions implemented by the winning city can't be easily replicated to other cities in the future
- too wide range of cities size - the European Green City award is available to cities with over 100,000 inhabitants but we all know the problems of cities with 200,000 inh. (for example) are pretty different from those having more than 1, 2, even 3 million inh.. Besides, there are other significant differences between normal cities and capital cities where the latter host central governments that require distinct set of issues and consequent actions
- little money awarded - for the 2020 winning city it is envisaged to award up to EUR 350k which cannot allow the realisation of dramatic innovation nor the introduction of technologies

It is not that clear to me how the experience acquired by one city can be transferred effectively to other cities in Europe as it used to happen in those cities that took part in CIVITAS projects.

The initiative is a good start, but it should be modified to become more effective to drive a proper environmental action.

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Can European Green Capitals drive Environmental Action?

16 May 2018 -  A key component of the European Green Capital Award application process is demonstrating not only what a city has done in the last 5 to 10 years, but what it intends on doing in the future.

"Cities across the globe are in a period of rapid change", comments Raymond Johansen,  Mayor of Oslo-the latest winner and the European Green Capital for 2019.
" Urbanisation, digitalisation and climate change are dramatically changing our societies. Cities have the strength and possibility to be in the driver's seat and take the lead in implementing the global climate agenda so that we can reach the goals of the Paris Agreement ". 

These challenges will be the primary focus of the 2018 edition of the annual event in the EU environmental policy calendar, EU Green Week, which will take place on 21-25 May 2018.

Paris gets serious about Free Transit

16 May 2018 -  After banning the most polluting vehicles from the city, pedestrianising the Seine's banks, and generally pushing the transformation of the French capital into one of the least car-centric major cities in Europe, Mayor Anne Hidalgo is preparing to go a step further-a very big step.

The city is launching research into a plan to make the city's public transit entirely free. That could potentially mean passengers would pay no fee for the Metro, bus, or suburban rail system across a metropolitan area that's home to over 11 million people, making the Paris region the largest free public transit zone in the world.

The EC completes its Agenda for Safe, Clean and Connected Mobility 

17 May 2018 -  In his State of the Union address of Sept 2017, President Juncker set out a goal for the EU and its industries to become a world leader in innovation, digitisation and decarbonisation.
Building on the previous "Europe on the Move" of May 2017 and Nov 2017, the Juncker Commission is today putting forward a third and final set of measures to make this a reality in the mobility sector. The objective is to allow all Europeans to benefit from safer traffic, less polluting vehicles and more advanced technological solutions, while supporting the competitiveness of the EU industry.

To this end, today's initiatives include an integrated policy for the future of road safety with measures for vehicles and infrastructure safety; the first ever CO2 standards for heavy-duty vehicles; a strategic Action Plan for the development and manufacturing of batteries in Europe and a forward-looking strategy on connected and automated mobility.

With this third "Europe on the Move", the Commission is completing its ambitious agenda for the modernisation of mobility.

Read more
New Laws pave way for Remote Control Parking in the UK  

17 May 2018 -  New laws introduced will mean that from next month drivers will be able to use remote control parking on British roads. Changes to the Highway Code and relevant regulations were consulted on earlier this year and received overwhelming support from a range of groups including manufacturers, insurance groups and haulage companies.

Developments like remote control parking and motorway assist have the potential to transform car travel for those with mobility challenges, unlocking tight parking spaces and using computers to help driver accuracy on the road.

With gadgets like these already available on some vehicle models, the updates see the law moulding to the modern driving world, making sure drivers are ready to use their new technology safely and ensuring the law is flexible for future breakthroughs.

Bristol: Innovative trial to persuade Car Commuters to catch the Bus

18 May 2018 -  Bus operator First Bristol has joined forces with city-based tech firm Esoterix Systems to make the morning commute more convenient and sustainable in the first trial of its kind in the UK.

The project is taking people by taxi from a pick-up point near their home to a bus stop where they can hop on a bus and get to work without having to worry about parking. The trial started in Henleaze and Westbury Park, with those taking part walking no more than 250 yards (0.229 km) from their doorstep to one of 25 pick-up points dotted around the area.

A Hackney-style shared cab will then transport them to bus stops on Gloucester Road, from where high-frequency buses provide direct transport to the city centre or UWE (University of the West of England), Filton Abbey Wood and businesses on the northern fringe.

Read more
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