May 2018 Sustainability News
Inside this issue: Turf Rebates are Back!, New Waste App Debuts, Subsidized Compost Bins, Bicycling Survey
Turf Rebates Are Back!
The Metropolitan Water District (MWD) announced that the turf rebate program will be offered starting in July and accept up to...

Got Waste? There's a New App For That
Does the empty milk carton belong in the trash or recycle? Pizza box? Yogurt cup? LED light bulb? Take out container? Garden hose? Where can I take paint? How about my old couch? Do you debate these kinds of questions with your...

Help Us Improve Walking & Bicycling in Thousand Oaks
Have you ever asked yourself “What would make me walk and bicycle more throughout Thousand Oaks?” If you have, now is your chance to...

Subsidized Compost Bins
Composting is the recycling of organic materials back into a useful soil product that can be used in your garden or on potted plants. Composting can save you...

Upcoming Events & Workshops
Click the link below to view a list of upcoming FREE eco-events, workshops, weekly hazardous waste disposal events, trash schedule  and more!

Get Informed About Emergency Preparedness!
Click the link below to find out how to prepare in case of emergency and to be notified in case of emergencies and alerts in the city and county.

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