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Volume 63, Issue 4 | May 2018   
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 HVCA Hosts MV Chamber Mixer

More On Street Safety
By Liz Bolton
Along with many others in Homestead Valley, I continue to be concerned about the speeding of vehicles on our streets and the disregard for "Stop" and "No Parking" signs. There are also areas of the Valley where the roads are in poor condition and street signs are missing or needed.
For almost two years, I have been in contact with the Highway Patrol and Marin County Public Works about these issues. Response from both ( except for one officer at the Highway Patrol) has been limited and with no indication to me, directly, how our concerns can be evaluated and corrected or at least improved.
Warmer days with less rain are here and children will soon be out of school for the summer. There will be more use of our narrow, winding, no sidewalk streets by walkers, by those with dogs and strollers, by bicycle riders and skate boarders.
If you have concerns about drivers who disregard safe speed limits or ignore street signs and you know where road conditions and signage need to be improved, please consider contacting the following individuals or departments:
     For Traffic and Parking Violations:
                      California Highway Patrol, Special Enforcement Unit
                      Officer Brian Miller,
                      415 924-1100
                      53 San Clemente Drive, Corte Madera, CA, 94925
   For Road Conditions and Signage:
                      Marin County Public Works, Transportation and Traffic Division
                      Robert Goralka, Manager,
                      415 473-3076
                      1660 Los Gamos Drive, San Rafael, CA 94903
                      Missing or Damaged Street Signs:
                      415 446-4422
                      Questions or Complaints for MCPW:
                      415 473-7388
Wishes to all for safe and happy days in our beautiful valley.
HVCA Prepares...

By Kris Cann
  •  What: Recruiting 69 neighborhood Block Contacts to reach out to each   residence in Homestead
  •  Purpose: to give residents the opportunity to determine if and how HVCA   contacts them with disaster preparedness info such as Nixle emergency   contact service, Firewise Program progress; and HVCA Safety Committee   updates
  •  Goal: obtain each resident's preferred contact method, identify those   residents who might need help during an emergency, who would like   reflective address placards, and learn if and how each resident wants the   Homestead Headlines delivered
  •  Block Contact responsibilities: act as conduit between Block residents and   HVCA Safety Committee and Southern Marin Fire Department.
  •  Need: each resident's cooperation with their Block Contact when they   knock on your door.
Land Trust Notes
Wildflower Hotspots in Homestead
By Marabeth Grahame
A hike along any of Homestead's many trails will bring much flower viewing enjoyment. However, if you are looking for concentrations of flowers, consider seeking out areas of prime habitat. Oak woodlands, forest edges and meadows have some of the most diverse wildflower populations in Homestead. Efforts at habitat restoration and invasive broom removal have targeted these areas for this reason. Although only weeded of broom for a year or two, the recovery of native plants in these areas has been encouraging with beautiful displays of wildflowers blooming now.
The Ridgewood Rock
With its spine of meadow bordered by oak woodland and many terraces formed by the rock, the Ridgewood Rock (marked R on the attached map) is one of the best habitats for wildflowers...
Homestead Valley History by Chuck Oldenburg
A Significant Year

First published in December 2000

In early 1973 many Homesteaders sensed that something important could be accomplished. How to preserve open space, prevent further development and maintain the character of Homestead Valley became the focus of attention. After Brown's Hall was sold in 1972, planning was underway to acquire the Hughes Call property next to Homestead School for a community center. County Services Area #14, created in 1968 to serve recreation needs, would facilitate attaining these goals.

Several residents with the expertise...

Wildfire Risk Reduction - HVLT & Firewise 

Wildfire Resiliency - HVLT & Firewise - Update #8
By Randy Georgi

Pointers for Organizing a Neighborhood Wildfire Fire Mitigation Program
  • HVLT-Firewise Neighborhood Chipper Days - Madrone Park Circle
What we did on Madrone Park Circle (MPC) over 3 ½ months:
  • organized 27 participants among 30 parcels, covering ~ 7 acres
  • secured ~ $30,000 
    • $17,400 in owner payments for contractor labor on owner's parcels,
    • $6,800 raised for "common funds"..
E-Headlines Green Delivery Starts This Summer

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Recipe Exchange
Chef's Pork Spareribs
By Marilyn 

As soon as it gets sunny outside  we start thinking about barbecues. I you do also here is a recipe you can try on one of those sunny days. One of our favorites
for meaty pork spareribs.
Serves 3 or 4
1 cup brown sugar
1 tablespoon salt
1 tablespoon celery seed
1 tablespoon chili powder
1 teaspoon paprika
2 to 3 pounds pork spareribs
1/4 cup vinegar
1 cup canned tomato sauce

Mix the dry ingredients and rub part of the mixture into the ribs. Combine
remainder of the dry mixture with the vinegar and tomato sauce for
basting. Let ribs stand an hour or  longer if convenient, then spread on grill over slow fire , about five inches above bed of coals and grill about 25 minutes basting now and then with sauce.  (To reduce worry about cooking  time, pre-cook in kitchen oven  until almost tender, then finish on barbecue grill.) 

Save the Date...  

HVCA Artist Series Reception
Christine Wichman
Sunday, June 3
4:00-6:00 PM PM
Community Center


Save the Date... 

First Day of Summer Camp

Monday, June 11


Community Center Calendar

HVCA Board
Tues., 5/1, 7:00 PM
HVLT Board
Tues., 4/10, 7:30 PM

Firewise Committee
Tues., 5/15, 7:00 PM

Music Festival Committee
Tues., 5/15, 7:00 PM
Sanitary Board
Tues., 5/22, 7:30 PM
Tam Design Review Board
1st/3rd Wed., 7:00 PM
(Log Cabin, Tam Valley)
A. A. Meeting
Saturdays, 10:00 AM
Mill Valley Zen Meditation
Wednesdays, 7:00 PM
Music Together
Fridays, 9:30, 10:30 & 11:30 AM

Hu Chanting Group
4th Friday, 7:15 PM

Funderblast After School
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Weds., 1:30-6:00 PM

Funderblast Kids Night Out
Friday, 5/11,  5-9 PM