Making Sustainability Standard Practice
Vol. 12       No. 5      May 2018 
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TopFrom the President's Desk
In Good Hands
By Rob Andrejewski, ISSP-SA, Director of Sustainability, University of Richmond, Richmond, VA

In most industries, a 100% turnover rate every year or two would probably be cause for concern. Working with students at a university, where we lose most of our employees to graduation, it's a reason to celebrate.  
This year, four student employees in the Office for Sustainability, all women and all double majors, will receive their diplomas. Like many of their peers, Paige, Nella Gray, Claire, and Harleen are industrious, capable, and a bit anxious about the future. Here's what they've taught me about sustainability's future.  (Con't.)  

Let's Not Talk Sustainability - Let's DO It! Advancing the SDGs Together. 
By Marilyn Johnson, ISSP-CSP, Former Board President of the International Society of Sustainability Professionals

Everywhere one looks nowadays--from Wall Street to Walmart--'Sustainability' is becoming mainstream and familiar. However, there remains confusion as to the definition and what Sustainability means. I propose that we move past talking about what Sustainability means, and accelerate ACTION! 

The UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) , p rovide a golden opportunity to embrace globally agreed upon language and a framework to "end poverty, protect the planet and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity." See this past LinkedIn post about the extraordinary range of great initiatives going on around the goals. And while many organizations are already on their SDG journey, the rate of progress is far slower than needed to meet the 2030 targets .

It's time to act! (Con't.)

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Profile: Jeff Yorzyk, ISSP-CSP
Jeff Yorzyk
This month, we spoke to ISSP-CSP Jeff Yorzyk about his sustainability story. Jeff is the Associate Director of Sustainability at HelloFresh, the meal planning and delivery service, and is also a former ISSP President.

Jeff first felt a connection to sustainability through hiking and spending time in the wilderness, and has a message for anyone hesitating to get credentialed for their sustainability expertise:

"Just do it! ISSP has made the credential incredibly accessible - on purpose - and it can only help build your individual story as a sustainability professional."

We couldn't agree more!

Hear the rest of Jeff's story on our  ISSP Member Profiles page . For more information on the professionals who hold an ISSP credential, be sure to check out our credential holder directory .

ISSP-NYC Chapter: New York Sustainability Connector
By Danielle Stogdill 
Photo Credit: D. Stogdill
On April 25th ISSP-NYC co-hosted an exciting collaborative, networking event   - the New York Sustainability Connector - along with Be Social  Change, Braceletote, Ecocult, Fair Trade Coalition, Impact Travel Allia nce, and Slow Money NYC. Held at Prime Produce in Manhattan, participants were treated to delicious, sustainable snacks and beverages from a variety of socially-co nscious sponsors. This unique event allowed organizations across the sustainability  c ommunity to come together for idea sharing and learning. Through facili tated networking activities, this collaborative evening provided each organization's members opportunities to build meaningful  connections and expand their networks. Our chapter's leadership team members in attendance were delighted to connect with other sustainability professionals from across varying sectors, including fashion, entertainment, travel, food, finance, and law. Relationships established at this important event will further broaden our chapter's reach throughout the New York City sustainability community.

ISSP-NYC Chapter: Green Procurement
By Camille Cannistraci 

At our April Sustainability in Action event, co-sponsored by  ISSP-NYC and the NY Sustainable Business Council (NYSBC), panel experts discussed the importance of green procurement and how businesses can reduce harmful chemicals.

Speakers included Hilary Baum, Program and Policy Director for NYSBC, and Rich Schiafo,  Campaign Coordinator at Clean and Healthy New York. They covered chemicals in commerce, their impact on the environment and public health, and resources to help businesses measure and reduce their chemical footprints. A corporate perspective was conveyed by Robin Guenther, a Principal of Perkins+Will and Senior Advisor to Health Care Without Harm. She shared her company's innovative role in material health and transparency in the construction industry.

Read the rest of our report to learn more and link to useful organizations and resources.

Webinar: Sustainable Development Goals And YOU - the Sustainability Professional
May 24th at 11:00am PT / 2:00pm ET
The UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) provide a golden opportunity to embrace globally agreed upon language and a framework to "end poverty, protect the planet and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity."  While many organizations are already on their SDG journey, the rate of progress is far slower than needed to meet the 2030 targets.

Join us on May 24th as we sit down with two former ISSP Board Presidents - Marilyn Johnson, Brand VO2, VP Platform Innovation and Jeff Yorzyk, Green Chef, Director of Sustainability to discuss numerous ways that Sustainability Professionals can engage with and support the Sustainable Development Goals.  We'll discuss and share examples to raise awareness and inspire action!                  

ISSP webinars are free for members, and non-members will receive a coupon for $25 off a new ISSP membership.  Sign up today!

Course: Life Cycle Assessment | The Basics
Begins June 13th at 12:00pm PT / 3:00pm ET
Gain an understanding of the scope, challenges, and possibilities in applying life cycle assessment to decision-making processes.
This is a survey course on life cycle assessment. Participants will learn the steps involved and gain a basic understanding of the scope, challenges and possibilities in applying life cycle assessment to decision-making processes. An introduction to the use of LCAs to support Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) based on Product Category Rules (PCRs) will also be included.

This course provides an overview for sustainability practitioners wondering if LCA would be a good field to get into; who may need to hire a firm to do a detailed LCA and need to know enough about the process to oversee the project; need to understand LCA to produce Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs), especially those interested in having their products eligible for LEED credit points in the building and construction industry; or who need an introduction to LCA before taking the 'deep dive' into certification training as a practitioner. We will not cover LCA software tools such as SimaPro, GaBi or OpenLCA in detail, however, they will be introduced regarding functionality.  Sign up today!

Upcoming ISSP Chapter &
Regional Learning Network Events
ISSP Chapters and Regional Learning Networks bring together local communities of practice to network, share resources, and provide professional support. Get involved in your local ISSP community with these upcoming events.

5/9 8:00am PT ISSP Member Info Session - Join us for a 30-45 minute orientation session that gives participants a chance to 
meet other ISSP members, learn about ISSP and its mission, and discover how to use the ISSP web site to both find and contribute materials to our professional library.

5/14 5:30pm PT ISSP Seattle Chapter - Attend the second Puget Sound Sustainability Professionals social, knowledge and networking event. One of the best things this group has to offer is the opportunity to learn from each other.

5/16 5:30pm ET ISSP Greater NYC Chapter -  We are delighted to present a film screening of  SEED: The Untold StorySEED  reveals the David-and-Goliath story of passionate seed keepers battling multinational chemical seed companies to protect valuable seeds from becoming extinct.

5/24 7:15am MT ISSP Alberta Chapter - Attend The Industry in Focus Breakfast and learn about sustainability in the construction industry. 

5/29 5:15pm CT ISSP Greater St. Louis Chapter - Join us for a presentation and discussion on why you should care about sustainability literacy in the workplace. 

9/23-27 ISSP Colorado ChapterCome and experience new tools to elevate your work, the power of sharing a common experience with colleagues, an experienced and engaging faculty, and the reinvigorating connection to the very heart of why you do the work you do.

If you are interested in having a RLN meeting in your region, fill out the
survey form and consider volunteering to be an ISSP Ambassador.

ISSP Out and About
ISSP board members and associates can be found sharing their kno wledge, sharpening their skills and networking at sustainability gatherings around the world. Reach out and introduce yourself to the ISSP members listed below if you too are planning to travel to one of the many sustainability conferences going on this spring through fall. Let us know where you're headed by dropping a note to .

May 1-3 TSC Summit 2018 , Chicago, IL. ISSP Board Member Sarah Elaine Lewis attended.

May 3 Rocky Mountain Green , Denver, CO. ISSP Executive Director Maureen Hart attended and hosted a booth.

May 3-4 GreenSchools Conference , Denver, CO. ISSP Executive Director Maureen Hart attended and hosted a booth.

May 8-10 CA18 Climate Adaptation Conference . ISSP Board Member Fabian Sack is presenting.

May 14-16 SPLC Summit, Minneapolis , MN. ISSP Board Member Sarah Elaine Lewis is attending.

May 15-17 Environmental Leader & Energy Manager Conference (ELEMCON) , Denver, CO. ISSP Board Member Jeff Yorzyk and Colorado Chapter Co-Chair Caitlin Rood are both speaking.

May 17 Bloomberg's Sustainable Business Summit , Seattle, OR. ISSP Board Member Jacqueline Drumheller is attending.

May 31, Oregon Green Business Awards, Portland, OR. ISSP Board Member Jacqueline Drumheller is the keynote speaker.

The International Society of Sustainability Professionals (ISSP) is the world's leading professional association for sustainability professionals. ISSP is a member-driven association committed to moving the profession of sustainability forward through building strong networks and communities of practice.