We thank our Olmsted Elementary students this month for sharing their Encouraging Words:

  • "Don’t worry if you’re down. Know you’re a shining star and nothing can hurt you." Kendall K./4th Grade

  • "It doesn’t matter what’s on the outside. The inside is what counts." Bella B./4th Grade

  • "It is okay to lose, but it is not okay to give up." Colin M./4th Grade

  • "When you feel embarrassed, that means you did something awesome." Shane C./4th Grade

  • "You are as good as you think you are, not what others think unless you think the same thing as they do." Tamsin S./4th Grade
The month of May tends to be a time when students focus on completing final projects, studying for exams, and wrapping up loose ends before the end of the school year. For parents, it’s also a time when it seems that things at work tend to become busier, our children’s activities and events are scheduled more often, and we provide additional guidance and encouragement for our children as they wrap up their end-of-year assignments. All of these important tasks and dates come together to create what may feel like the perfect storm of logistical challenges sometimes referred to as “May Madness.” For those of us who consider ourselves master planners and champion organizers, we too may hit a proverbial wall this month as we aim to meet all of the demands on our time. 

If you find yourself feeling a bit overwhelmed this month, it can be helpful to know that you’re not alone, and even more helpful when you can laugh at yourself when viewed through the lens of a master procrastinator. Tim Urban’s TED Talk has been viewed more than 18 million times making it one of the most highly viewed TED Talks. His take on procrastination may certainly make you laugh as he takes you through two scenarios: one with deadlines and one without deadlines. However, it’s his perspective on how we approach the things in our lives that don’t have deadlines, such as exercise, eating healthy, working on a relationship, or following our dreams, that gives us pause to reflect on what matters most in our lives and the actions we’re taking to achieve our unspoken or non-scheduled goals. So no matter where you are on the procrastination continuum, take heart knowing that many of us are feeling “May Madness” and sometimes laughter truly is the best medicine. 
“Designing stuff; getting to be creative with my friends; challenging and fun; when it all works together” are a few of the reasons Karen Acres Elementary students have enjoyed participating in the Karen Acres Coding Club. Earlier this school year, Karen Acres Elementary Principal Lara Justmann, partnered with Urbandale High School teachers and administrators to discuss possible opportunities to jump-start a computer programming initiative for elementary students. Those discussions evolved into the school’s first Coding Club. Since January, 2nd through 5th grade students in the Karen Acres Coding Club have met after school every Friday to work through challenging technology projects that foster perseverance and creativity in a collaborative setting. 

The Coding Club, led by Urbandale High School students Briar Conrey, Sera Veeder, Mercedes Hendricks, and Evan Danforth, has provided a unique opportunity for elementary students to learn the core components of coding in a fun and engaging setting. The Club also provided leadership opportunities for UHS students serving as instructors as they applied what they learned in their Computer Science class, led by UHS Computer Science Principles, Principles of Engineering and Physics Teacher Marc Hermon, in order to develop weekly lessons for Coding Club students. The class will conclude on May 4th by hosting a Parent Night where students will share a presentation and demonstrate their coding projects to their parents. Check out this short video , developed by UHS students Briar Conrey and Sera Veeder, about why Karen Acres students have enjoyed participating in the Coding Club, and the story covered by WHO 13 News .

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Educational Equity Statement
It is the policy of the Urbandale Community School District not to discriminate on the basis of race, creed, color, sex, religion, marital status (for program), ethnic background, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, age (for employment), or socio-economic background (for program) in its educational programs and its employment practices. There is a grievance procedure for processing complaints of discrimination. If you have questions or a grievance related to this policy, please contact the District office at 11152 Aurora Avenue, Urbandale, IA or call 515-457-5000. The District’s Equity Coordinators are Dr. Keri Schlueter, Coordinator of Student Services (schlueterk@urbandaleschools.com), Mark Lane, Director of Human Resources (lanem@urbandaleschools.com), and Crista Carlile, Director of Teaching and Learning (carlilec@urbandaleschools.com).