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May 2018

Leaders Guild News and Update

50th Anniversary of the Dances 

We are now within a few weeks of the 50th anniversary of the first Dances led by Murshid SAM.

In March Murshid Wali Ali led a teleconference on the origins of the Dances. Now, over one weekend, Dances will be taking place in at least 21 countries, from Russia to Khankah SAM, from Chile to Australia. The generosity of Rosina Horeth and the vision of Arjun Calero are seeding the Dances in new parts of the Middle East, with a timeline for new opportunities in parts of Africa and further afield.

We also have new contributions on the website on  the timeline of the Dances, and resources on the Walks.

Thank you, Murshid SAM!

eventAnniversary events

Details of the anniversary events can be found  here (look down the page, just above the videos).  Arjun Calero ( email) is co-ordinating these events and would love to hear from you if he does not yet know of your event.

timelineTimeline of the Walks and Dances

 1. Early 1930s: Samuel Lewis meets Ruth St Denis and Ted Shawn in Hollywood, Los Angeles and participates in their Denishawn school, where he dances while St Denis talks about how to pick dances from the akashic sphere. Samuel Lewis begins to call Ruth St Denis his "fairy godmother."

2. Late 1930s: Samuel Lewis writes "Spiritual Dancing," as an informal commentary on Hazrat Inayat Khan's "Art: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow." The book also references his time at the Denishawn School and includes ideas of Ruth St Denis.

3. March 1962: Samuel Lewis visits the tomb of Selim Chishti in Fathepur Sikri, India and receives a vision of the "Dance of Universal Peace." See excerpt of letter below. He reports this two years later to Ruth St Denis, who says that she and Ted Shawn received the same vision while they were there.

4. September 1963: First Walks shown to Paul Reps. Murshid SAM begins to instruct his god-daughter and first Khalifa Saadi Khawar Khan in them via correspondence, in preparation for S.A.M's return to Pakistan and his teaching them to children there.

5. May 1964: Murshid SAM meets with Ruth St Denis for an hour and presents his vision of "the Dance of Universal Peace."

6. Spring 1967: Walks classes begin on Saturday for the few early mureeds, including Mansur Johnson, Moineddin Jablonski and Fatima Jablonski.

7. March 16, 1968: First small Sufi dance class for mureeds. (See transcribed recording from March 13, 1968 and subsequent letter and diary entries from May 1968 about classes in "Dance of Universal Peace.")

8. June 24, 1968: First public Dervish Dances presented.

9. July 1970: Saturday night advanced Dance class continues, along with public Dance classes Sunday afternoon and Monday night (combined with Sufi teachings).

(This timeline with notes was produced with the help of Ruhaniat Archivist Tansen O'Donohoe and with the author's access to the Ruhaniat archives at . References and dating evidence from the writings and recordings of Samuel Lewis follow the timeline.-Neil Douglas-Klotz, May 2018.)
Notes to this paper are available here (above the entry for the anniversary of the Dances, scroll down to the videos and you will find it).

videosNew resources on the Walks

Now included in the articles and papers are several videos of the Walks. Be sure to check out these valuable resources.

outreachLegacy fosters outreach

Rosina Horeth's legacy to Dances of Universal Peace international is providing for a phased seeding of the Dances in new parts of the world, drawing on the contacts of Arjun Calero through the Global Ecovillage Network.

A number of events are scheduled for early fall in Turkey, Israel and Palestine, and contacts are also being developed in Iran. A further phase is in planning for developments in Africa and beyond. It is wonderful that in this anniversary year the Dances and Walks are continuing to spread round the world.
For more details contact Arjun Calero.

gdprData protection
New European Union regulations on data protection come into effect on May 25.
We have taken this opportunity to articulate our policy in this area, and to strengthen the protection of your data wherever you are in the world. A summary can be found here. Please contact Aziz Dixon, Executive Director if you have any questions about this aspect of DUP International.

We have recently moved our database and website to a new server, and are confident this will enhance security of your data and restore the highest levels of reliability and accessibility to our online presence. I would like to apologize for the IT problems you may have encountered in recent weeks.

BoDBoard of Directors - summary of meetings

The Board of DUP International meets annually in April, and at three or four meetings during the year provides the governance for the organization, in support of the Guidance Council Approved minutes of Board meetings are published  on the website. 

At the April10 Board meeting, new goals and objectives for 2018  were agreed.
At the Annual meeting on April 10, the Board thanked retiring Treasurer Zarifah Spain for her work over the last three years, and  welcomed Rukmini Miller to the Board.

recognitionsLeader Recognitions

The Guidance Council would like to congratulate and acknowledge all the Walks and Dance  leaders who have been certified or recognized as Mentors in Training or Mentors or Senior Mentors over the last  several months, since our last newsletter:

Senior mentor
Jorge Arjun Calero
Shivadam Adam Burke
Jeri Anne Haqiqa Hampton
Nathalie Blanc
Cathy Asha Nuri Bolliger
Brenda Nur Latifa Crane
Elizabeth Dequine
Monica Garrdo Pavez
Deborah Latham
Dhyana Sophya Ramirez Salinas
Certified Leader
Aura María Rahmana Acuña Muñoz
Jörg Bertram
Tasnim Janice Burton
Margaret Lily Celestino
Neesa Copple
Claudia Dahm
Windsong Clara Sage Daims
Catherine Ishara de Garis
Teri Lynn Grunthaner
Alexei Korsky
Amira Judy Jones
Mark Kreilkamp
Amina Donna Kruck
Siddiq John Middleton
Zahir Keith Moree (Aug 2016)
Jutta Norbert-Wurm
Farhad Forrest Pierce
Nigel Hamid Pizzini
Aotearoa NZ
Caroline Ragano
Karina Ramos Llausas
Gemma Ratcliffe
Emma Relph
Britt Ripley
Cornelia Schön

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