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May 2018


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Cruise one done for 2018, too many lobsters at the picnic already reappeared as lobster hollandaise, happy shipmates eager to return; all good. Makes a winter and long spring of preparation all worth it.

Every cruise this year has people signed up. Let us know if you have time for a trip!

Crew's News

courtesy of Linda Page
First crew concert this season: two guitars (Zech and Christa), a cello (Andrew), and several good voices (including Sarah).

courtesy of MB R0lfe

courtesy of Linda Page

And strawberry rhubarb pie, moon pies, and a yellow cake with peanut butter icing for Zech's birthday.

 courtesy of Linda Page
Fresh bread every day, English muffins off the grill, pastries and scones at brunch. New asparagus, stuffed pork loin, four kinds of quiche.

Cruise News

We (the lanterns) get lit every night and put out at bedtime

courtesy of MB Rolfe

Courtesy of MB Rolfe

My favorite house in Cutler Harbor

courtesy of MB Rolfe

Petit Manan Light on Green Island

courtesy of MB Rolfe

And what we use when we can't even see the light. Our Lathrop hand crank fog horn is older than the schooner.

Postcards from away 


Note the tug in front of Ponce de Leon Light

She's the F D Russell, built in Daytona Beach in 1938 and still owned by Frank Russell in 1971

      And a few feet smaller in every dimension than Cadet, built in 1936

We respect your privacy 

On May 25, 2018 a set of new data privacy laws named the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) went into effect across the European Union. While you've probably been notified about these laws by various sites you subscribe to, the stipulations in GDPR are designed to provide consumers with more control over their privacy and personal data.

The American Eagle is fully on board with the spirit of the GDPR as we join the effort for a safe and secure Internet. We want to protect our guests' and readers' privacy. For the personal data we do collect, we acknowledge your right to privacy, thus we seek to be transparent about how and why we store your data. 

To comply with the new regulation requirements, we've developed a new  Privacy, Data Collection & Usage policy, posted on our website. We encourage those interested to read this policy. We hope you continue to want to receive our monthly e-newsletters. However, if you do not wish to receive them, simply click on the UNSUBSCRIBE button at the bottom of this newsletter. Thank you for your continued trust in us.     

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And thank you for making thirty three seasons possible here on the American Eagle, and more to come!              

      John and the crew

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