Apitherapy is the medicinal use of honeybee products. This includes honey, propolis, royal jelly, pollen, beeswax, and bee venom. Founded in 1989, the AAS is a community of individuals interested in this natural, holistic practice.
Announcing the 2018 Charles Mraz Apitherapy
Course and Conference (CMACC)
To be held in Providence, Rhode Island
October 26-28, 2018
More details and registration coming soon!

American Apitherapy Society News
Join AAS President Frederique Keller, L.Ac.
at the North Carolina State Beekeepers Association’s Summer Meeting at
180 W Campus Dr, Flat Rock, NC 28731
July 19-21, 2018
May 20th is World Bee Day!
May 20th was officially declared as World Bee Day December 20, 2017 at the General Assembly of the United Nations in New York! Also accepted on this day is a press release and a resolution about declaration. Reaffirming its resolution 70/1 of 25 September 2015, entitled “Transforming our world: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development”, in which it adopted a comprehensive. .. Read More
46th Apimondia to be held in Montreal, Canada
September 8-12, 2019 Registration now open!
Bee Brood – Apilarnil
What is bee brood? What is Apilarnil? Do we eat bees? Yes. Can you picture a skewer full of bees on a barbecue? No, not like that. Though, some natives in Africa do this. Bee Brood is like “bee children”. R ead More
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