MAY 15, 2018, VOLUME 24, ISSUE 9
GENERAL MEETING: MAY 15, 2018, 7:00 p.m.
Providence United Methodist Church, room 104
2810 Providence Road, Charlotte, NC 28211

MAY 15, 2018 PROGRAM
John Amen is the author of several collections of poetry, including
Strange Theater (New York Quarterly Books, 2015), a finalist for the 2016 Brockman-Campbell Award. He is co-author, with Daniel Y. Harris, of  The New Arcana. His latest collection,
Illusion of an Overwhelm, work from which was chosen as a finalist for the Dana Award, was released by New York Quarterly Books in 2017. His poetry, fiction, reviews, and essays have appeared in journals nationally and internationally, and his poetry has been translated into Spanish, French, Hungarian, Korean, and Hebrew. He is a staff reviewer for  No Depression . He founded and continues to edit  The Pedestal Magazine.

And here, in his own words:

Poetry: From Sanctuary to Freedom

When I began writing as a young teen, the artistic process served as a sanctuary. Freedom was experienced via poetic expression in a way that didn't seem possible in "real life." Over the years, this process, in which fundamental traumas and internal conflict could be systematically redeemed as artistic content, also facilitated a broader and more quotidian sense of empowerment. In this way, the pursuit of poetry is a pure experiment and a practice by which psychological integration and flexibility can be achieved. During this program, I'll offer a mix of autobiographic explanations and share relevant poems from my collections.

If you are interested in participating in a Mixed Genre Fiction Critique Group in the Denver area, please contact Shawn Cooper at or in the Huntersville area, contact Donna Fitzgerald at donna.fitzgerald@nimblepm. Also, anyone interested in a Poetry Group in the South Charlotte area, contact Emi Miller at Any questions about critique groups, contact Susan Mills Wilson, Chair, CWC Critique Groups at
The Elizabeth Simpson Smith Short Story contest is still open , but closes on May 15th, so get with it!  Winners will be announced at our regular meeting on September 18th.  Visit the CONTEST page with information on how to submit and pay. 
Members $15: Non-members $20.

1st CWC Open Mic Night at Mug's Coffee!
CWC and Mug's Coffee are partnering to provide an opportunity for CWC Members to read their work June 15th from 7pm -9pm. Registration is limited to 10 readers and is a member only event. Each reader will get 10 minutes at the Mic.

This is a great opportunity to share what you've written and gain experience reading in public. This is a necessary skill to promote your writing.


April Meeting Recap and Handouts
If you missed April's meeting, check out the April Recap page on our website.  It includes photos, captions, the questions / answers from the panelists, and their handouts.
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Thomas Wolfe Society Conference to be held in Charlotte!
                       "Wolfe and the City"  
The Fortieth Conference of the Thomas Wolfe Society
Charlotte, North Carolina                                                              June 1-2, 2018
         Meeting in Charlotte on June 1-2, the Thomas Wolfe Society conference will address the idea and reality of cities in the author's life and work. Among a variety of talented presenters will be community historian Tom Hanchett, NYT best-selling novelist Wiley Cash, and North Carolina Poet Laureate Shelby Stephenson.                         Conference registration and sessions will be located in the Holiday Inn, Charlotte-Center City, 230 North College Street. For information and registration materials, visit the Thomas Wolfe Review page  or contact Rebecca Godwin ( )  or Anne Zahlan ( ).

Here are some of my favorite quotes  that you might remember from Sophomore Lit class:

Why John Grisham can get published and you can't, even though you're a far better writer?

"Some judge of authors' names, not works, and then
Nor praise nor blame the writings, but the men."
(Pope's  Essay on Criticism )

Or why beauty gives an unfair advantage:

"If to her share some female errors fall,
Look on her face, and you'll forget 'em all."

And a little sneer at bright women:

"But -- Oh! ye lords of ladies intellectual,
Inform us truly, have they not henpeck'd you all?" 
(Lord Byron,  Don Juan )

Have a great (and productive) summer.  DDC

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