May 14, 2018


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Monday, May 14, 2018   Chicago Prime Italian
1370 Bank Drive, Schaumburg, IL
10:45 A.M. General Meeting followed by lunch
Mail reservation and checks to Justyna Krafft-Weirich


Monday, June 4, 2018   Rolling Meadows Library , 9:45 A.M.

Saturday, June 30, 2018 Deadline: Festival of Pianos

Happy spring! Even though we were beginning to think that spring would never come, we have turned the calendar to May and are concluding another busy and successful year of NWSMTA activities. 

As I finish my term as president of NWSMTA I would like to thank the officers who served with me this past year: First Vice President and Program Chairman Brenda Buchanan, Second Vice President and Membership Chairman Laurie Sorman, Recording Secretary Judith Shaltry, Treasurer Nancy Dempsey, and Corresponding Secretary Lily Zhang. It has been a pleasure working with them. 

I would also like to congratulate and welcome our new officers: President Carol Walgren-Georgas, First Vice President and Program Chairman Jennifer Cohen, and Corresponding Secretary Denise Dolins. I feel that the leadership of our group is passing into very capable hands! I would also like to thank all of our committee chairmen and committee members for their hard work in planning our events throughout the year. In many cases the hours they log nearly amount to an extra full time job before each event. Please consider joining a committee for the coming year. It is a great way to get to know other members, and extra help is always appreciated. Even if you can't make it to regular meetings most committees have tasks that can be done independently at home. Our yearbook has a complete list of all committees and their chairmen. 

Don't forget that we still have one more event coming up on June 3. Our first jazz festival, All That Jazz, will be a fun way for students to experience ensemble playing in an informal setting. Even if you do not enter students I encourage you to come to Durty Nellie's to listen. It should be an enjoyable afternoon, and you can even order food and drinks. The guidelines for this event are posted on our website. 

I would like to congratulate Diane Adamek, who has been selected as our NWSMTA member of the year. Diane has spent many hours doing the scheduling for the Festival of Pianos and is also active on the AIM committee. She will be honored at the ISMTA conference, which is being held October 26-27 at Northern Illinois University in DeKalb. Make plans now to attend, since DeKalb is an easy drive from our area. 

Finally, I would like to thank all of the members of NWSMTA for your support and encouragement during my tenure as president. It has been an honor to serve the local association which, in my unbiased opinion, is the best in the state! Have a safe and relaxing summer!

Suzanne Murray


Congratulations to our scholarship winners:

Zachary Guo, student of Soo, Lee won the 1st place junior division for the camp scholarship

Inyoung Nah, student of Soo Lee, won the 1st place senior division for the camp scholarship
Antonio Escano student of Janice Razaq,  received the $1000 college scholarship

Congratulations to the students and their teachers!

Thank You,
Pat Borchardt


The repertoire is on the website, and all of the pieces we are using are stock at the Music Room in Palatine. Please ask for the NWSMTA Festival Repertoire.

Please note that two changes were recently made to the information on the website. The fees for NWSMTA members are $30 for one performer and $50 (not $60) for two or more performers from the same family.  As always, NWSMTA members do not have to pay for themselves.

Also, the correct item number for "Stars and Stripes Forever" is 120-30112.


Teachers - Kenneth Drake is offering a 1-day workshop this summer.   The activities with students would be centered around the classic period and the fortepiano. S ee flyer below.  


The Hallet Davis baby grand piano listed in the "newsletter additions" email did not have a contact person:  If interested, please email Ruth Littauer at .

As summer sneaks up on us with longer days and more time to create, we must be alert to capture this life changing opportunity. For independent music teachers, summer is a better catalyst than a new year of resolutions. For one thing, we're not hung over. It's time to dream!

Take time this summer to tackle those things that hide around the corners, in the recesses of our minds or under the stacks of music that haven't found their way home. And there are all the pleasures that we could want; Ravinia concerts, lunch with friends, books to enrich us, new recipes to try out and our own music to be made. Get a plan and start it now! See you at Durty Nellie's as we are entertained by our NWSMTA student performers.

It can be a new beginning for our health, as well. Join the rest of the organisms on our planet and start your mornings with the sun. Rise and stretch (nobody said anything about exercise) and go outside to gaze at the sun. Let the sun be your morning coffee. Our bodies react to the light, no less than plants do. Our eyes, our skin, our hormones and our brains are sensitive to the sun's light. Vitamin D sulphate (the messenger to the kidneys and liver) and cholesterol sulphate is produced in our bodies in response to the sunlight on our skin.

Feel free to get naked to the point you don't upset your neighbors.
We get too little morning light and too much artificial light at the end of the day. Save a period of time before you go to bed to escape from technology and the fake light (think high fructose corn syrup in the form of light). Sleep heals, repairs and regenerates your cells when your body has finished digesting. Autophagy ( consumption of the body's own tissue as a metabolic process) helps eliminate old and mutated cells. This happens as you sleep. Perhaps it would be better to think of this time as the beginning of our day and not the end. It determines how your day will go. Without sleep, autophagy cannot take place and you have to live the next day on old and worn out cells.

I forgot to mention following this circadian rhythm will cause you to lose weight. You have to take the bad with the good.

Deborah Lynch