FIRST PRESS | an online newsletter | May 2018  
Because of the nature of their work, good pastors are always observant. They watch what other people say and do, not only for the purpose of crafting sermon illustrations but also because they're constantly looking for the "thin places" where they see God at work. All at once, observation can be profoundly meaningful and emotionally taxing for those who treat it as part and parcel of their vocation.
A friend of mine once did my job for me while we were together in an airport (Ground Zero for sociologists, anthropologists and pastors). As we sat observing a wide swath of humanity interacting with each other, he said, "You know John, in the end, we're all just trying to make our way through, just trying to raise our kids well, to pay the bills, to get along."
He's right...we're all just trying to make it through - through college, through a career, through a relationship, through illness, through addiction, through parenting, through grief...through life. All of us - no matter the degree of our education or income or status - all of us are trying to navigate the high seas of life from some precarious seat in a tiny rowboat.
I keep that truth in mind every day because it helps me to see beyond a person's public persona and to remember the value of compassion. Perhaps the Scottish author and theologian Ian Maclaren put it best when he said, "Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting some hard battle."
Life presents great challenges, yes. Yet, importantly, we are not alone. The good news is that we have a God who abides with us through every difficulty, every loss and every hurt, a God who walked among us in order to experience the full measure of our suffering and pain, a God who defeated death so it can't defeat us, a God who refuses to abandon us whether we abandon God or not, a God who walks with us through every minute of every day - our advocate, our guide, our friend.
With those truths at my back, I can get through anything, and so can you.
I pray the peace of Christ will sustain you, whatever your circumstances, and that you will always know yourself to be accompanied by the God who never lets us go.
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O God, from my youth you have taught me, and I still proclaim your wondrous deeds.
Psalm 71:17
Who taught you to pray?
My mother tucked me into bed each night by listening to me recite, "Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord my soul to keep..." and then she said the Lord's Prayer. I'm sure I'd learned the words and rhythm of that prayer long before I was paying attention in worship and even before someone tried to teach it to me in Sunday school. In the mornings, I always found her sitting at the dining room table long before the house began to be filled with the sounds of waking up and she would be sitting there with an open Bible and her daily devotional book. My dad did his part, too. We never took a bite before he'd offered a blessing for the meal. Regularly, I would have to tiptoe by him while he sat in his chair with an open Bible because I somehow knew not to disturb him.
For me, spirituality and a life of prayer began at home. Church, summer camp, youth conferences, seminary and other individuals helped along the way, but the foundations were laid by my parents. I continue to learn from my husband and children about spiritual practices including prayer. They've taught me about silence, discernment, listening and expectation in prayer and in my life of faith.
Later this month, FPC families with elementary aged children will receive a GIFT box filled with tools to help them grow in faith together. These tools include simple ways to include reflection and prayer in your family life as well as some more creative and crafty ways to help engage a family in reflecting upon where they've seen God that day, what blessings they've received, where they needed God's help and what are the needs of family, church, community and the world they can lift up in prayer. As these families engage in these spiritual practices, the rest of us can be praying for them and asking that God bless them and nurture their faith - and ours - throughout these summer months and beyond.
Grace and peace,

The book of Deuteronomy says it best: "Hear, O Israel: The LORD is our God, the LORD alone. You shall love the LORD your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your might. Keep these words that I am commanding you today in your heart. Recite them to your children and talk about them when you are at home and when you are away, when you lie down and when you rise. Bind them as a sign on your hand, fix them as an emblem on your forehead, and write them on the doorposts of your house and on your gates." (Deuteronomy 6:4-9)
            In Hebrew, this is known as the "Shema." Theologically, it describes the core of the Hebrew and Christian faith: (1) There is one God whom we alone are to worship; (2) Our faith is lived out through ethical living; and (3) Our faith is not just ours alone...we are to share it with our children. I am excited to share a letter from our own Dr. Ruth O'Dell, who will lead us during our upcoming congregational workshop about how best to love and nurture our children within the faith, in the church and at home.
- David
Will Our Children Have Faith?
WE ARE NOT RECRUITING SUNDAY SCHOOL TEACHERS! I thought it might be best to get rid of that notion up front. Our Sunday School teachers, who volunteer their time and talent, are not the only ones responsible for our children's faith formation in this modern world. What can nurture that formation are the experiences that only families and the church at large are uniquely able to provide our children. After 34 years as an educator in many different roles, I am excited to apply that knowledge and experience to the most important part of a child's development: faith and discipleship.
The church-wide workshop planned for May 5 from 8:30-1:00 will seek to answer the following essential questions.
  • What is faith and why do we want our children to have it?
  • What's the goal? What does an adult with a vibrant faith have that the adult without it does not have?
  • What variables influence faith formation in a child?
  • What is the role of the family in faith formation?
  • What is the role of the church in faith formation?
The event will be an interactive learning experiece where all particpants will grapple with these questions and apply the answers to our church and our families. There will be no experts or easy answers in the room because the modern world has turned many institutions upside down. I am pleased to be a part of a joint effort to ensure our children have faith in the midst of a rapidly changing world.
- Ruth O'Dell
  Financial Summary
Summary of Stated Session Meeting
The Session of First Presbyterian Church held its stated monthly meeting on Monday, April 9, 2018, at 5:30 p.m. in Fellowship Hall. Eleven elders were present.  Highlights from the meeting are as follows:
         1. Finance:
    • As of March 31, 2018, year-to-date revenue was $226,266.46, and expenses were $277,311.51.
    • Frances Saralvarez, office manager, is continuing to monitor the high gas utility bill. Contact has been made with the utility company and they are investigating.
         2. Property:
    • The Property Team is currently taking bids for a variety of summer projects such as:
- painting the fence in front, the exterior of the Annex Building, and the Education building hallways, windows and bathrooms
- regularly scheduling the church bus to be cleaned
       3. Membership & Hospitality:
    • The ministry team had no official report, but Monte Wood did clarify Elder and Deacon responsibilities during 11:00 am worship. 
       4. Mission
    • David Randolph made a motion that the Pentecost Offering be received, in addition to the regular offering, during both worship services on Pentecost Sunday, May 20, 2018. The motion was seconded and carried by acclamation.
       5. Adult Christian Education:
    • The team reported that the Lenten Wednesday Night study on the book of Ruth was successful and well attended.
    • The team is exploring options for Rally Day.
       6. Children's Christian Education:
    • Vacation Bible School will be held June 25-28, and the theme is "Rolling River Rampage".
    • Online nursery sign-up is ongoing and encouraged.
       6. Worship
    • Elders who are scheduled to serve Homebound Communion were reminded of that opportunity to serve on the first Sunday in May.
    • Easter worship services were well attended with over 600 people in attendance for both services.
    • The Lafayette High School Choir will present a choral program on Tuesday, May 1, 2018, at 7:00 p.m. Joe Garrison, Music Director at FPC will supervise the event and their practice on the evening prior.
    • The OHS Chamber Choir will use our sanctuary for a choral recording session on Wednesday, April 18. Joe Garrison, Music Director at FPC will be present during this event.
    • The FPC Funeral policy was discussed.          
  • A motion was made that Hayden Williams be nominated to serve as a representative on the Presbyterian Youth Council for 2018. The motion stood by acclamation. 
The Session recited The Lord's Prayer and adjourned at 6:43 p.m.
Regular Worship Services
  8:30 am - Worship (communion weekly)
9:45 am - Sunday School
11:00 am - Worship (communion first Sunday of the month)
Nursery Weekly: 8:15 am - 12:15 pm

Summer Worship Reminder

Our summer worship schedule begins Memorial Day weekend, May 27
10:00 am - Worship with communion
No Sunday School
Nursery Weekly: 9:45 - 11:15 am

Children's Worship for K-3rd grade during June at 10:15 am
Lectionary Texts for May
May 6 - Acts 10:44-48; Psalm 98; 1 John 5:1-6; John 15:9-17
May 13 - Acts 1:15-17, 21-26; Psalm 1; 1 John 5:9-13; John 17:6-19
May 20 - Acts 2:1-21 or Ezekiel 37:1-14; Psalm 104:24-34, 35b; Romans 8:22-27 or Acts 2:1-21; John 15:26-27; 16:4b-15
May 27 - Isaiah 6:1-8; Psalm 29; Romans 8:12-17; John 3:1-17
PYF News
Confirmation Class Nears Completion

Things are drawing to a close in the life of PYF, with a busy few weeks still ahead of us. Our confirmation class is quickly wrapping up as we move closer to Confirmation Sunday, during which we will welcome eight young men and women into our family of faith. Our confirmands and mentors have worked hard these past few months learning about the Presbyterian Church USA while exploring their own faith as well. Our final class event will be a retreat at Camp Hopewell, scheduled for May 4  and 5 . The 2018 class will conclude on May 13  during 11:00 am worship. We ask that you keep these young people and their mentors in your prayers as they finish this exciting chapter of their faith journey.

Confirmation Class of 2018:
Sallie Abernathy
Emory Barrios
Charles Byars
Porter Callery
Ella Chiniche
William Lewis
Heath Stevens
Hassell Wilkinson
Baccalaureate Sunday Upcoming This Month

Baccalaureate Sunday is set for May 20 , during 11:00 am worship. We will honor our high school seniors as they move into a new and exciting chapter of their lives. During the 10:00 am Sunday School hour that day, a celebratory breakfast will be held in honor of our graduates and their family members. Congratulations to all!
UKirk College News

The first week of May brings with it the end of another year for UKirk. We had a great time celebrating UKirk Sunday with you all on April 22, and are thankful to the Ashmores for hosting our end-of-year celebration at Camp Hopewell!

Throughout the summer, we'll be sharing more of our plans for next year, and in the next week or so, our Fall schedule will be online for those of you interested in providing meals. For the most detailed up-to-date UKirk news, feel free to subscribe to our own monthly email newsletter - look for "Friends of UKirk" on our website's homepage ( ). 
Many thanks for your continued support of this ministry, and do keep our students in your prayers as they navigate finals and next things!
Give Generously to the Pentecost Offering
Isn't it interesting that the theme of this year's Pentecost Offering is "building a life of faith?" That same theme runs throughout many of our church activities this summer including:
  • The May 5th educational event for the whole congregation, "Will Our Children Have Faith?" led by Dr. Ruth O'Dell;
  • the GIFT boxes being prepared for families with elementary aged children so parents and children can grow in faith together;
  • our Freeman Lecture Series in late September featuring Roger Nishioka as keynote speaker. Building a life of faith is important work for the church and for us as Christians.
The Pentecost Offering, received on Pentecost Sunday, May 20, unites us in a church-wide effort to support young people in Christ and inspire them to share their faith, ideas and unique gifts with the church and the world. The Pentecost Offering helps build a life of faith by supporting ministries and engaging churches and individuals in youth events sponsored by Ministries with Youth at the national church level. These events bring together young people from all over the country to share their experiences of faith with one another and to learn how their faith can help them address challenges all over the world. The Young Adult Volunteer program receives money from the Pentecost Offering and helps guide young adults through an intentional year of service and living in community. The offering also helps congregations engage in new ways to minister to children at risk. By giving to the Pentecost Offering, we are nurturing the faith of those who are the church to come - children, youth and young adults. Our congregation is joining the whole church in building for our future by building individual lives of faith. Please give generously on May 20!
FPC Supports Young Adult Volunteers through Pentecost Offering
Last year's Pentecost Offering is being used to support two of the current Young Adult Volunteers (YAV) in the PC(USA). Mary Frances Yielding and Sam Russell were both students at the University of Mississippi and leaders in UKirk campus ministry during their undergraduate studies. Last year, they were accepted into the Young Adult Volunteer program, an ecumenical, faith-based year of service for young people ages 19-30 in 22 sites in the U.S. and around the world. YAVs accompany local agencies working to address root causes of poverty and reconciliation while exploring the meaning and motivation of their faith in intentional community with peers and mentors.
Mary Frances' YAV placement has been in Boston, where she and two other young adults have focused on food justice issues while living in intentional community. Mary Frances says, "Food justice encompasses a lot of topics and ideas, but boils down to the thought that access to good, nutritious food is a basic human right. It is overwhelming to me how may Americans are food insecure." Throughout the year, these YAVs have been working to find ways to make a difference and sharing their ideas with various communities to raise awareness. One of Mary Frances' challenges during her time in Boston has been to eat locally grown or produced foods from that region. She reminds us that eating locally "supports the local food system, puts money back into the local economy, supports local farmers, reduces carbon emissions," and more.
Sam Russell has been serving as a YAV at the Church of the Pilgrims in Washington, DC. In one of his blog posts, Sam writes about the challenges of intentional community. "As someone who appreciates functional systems, I encouraged the creation of systems to ensure that cooking, cleaning, shopping and house meetings occurred regularly and efficiently. Unfortunately, I looked past the very different personalities living in the house, and the house turned into a group of acquaintances living decently together in the machine I created. There were few moments of compassion, bonding or community building...." Sam and his housemates realized their mistake and quickly drew up a community covenant that included responsibilities for household duties, but also the importance of open, honest communication and trust.
Our small gift to the Young Adult Volunteer program will continue supporting these young adults in their faith development while helping them to make a difference in the lives of others.
Pictures taken from Mary Frances and Sam's blog posts: Mary Frances and her housemates enjoy a Labor Day picnic of locally grown foods in Boston Commons; Sam and his co-worker prepare for the Longest Night homeless memorial service and vigil.
Mission Ministry Team Explores Local Ministry Opportunities
FPC's Mission Ministry Team has invited members of local community organizations to speak to them about their programs in an effort to find new ways to be involved in the Oxford/Lafayette County community. From tutoring individuals preparing for the GED and reading to elementary children to supporting Leap Frog, Memory Makers and other local organizations, the ministry team is trying to discern where the gifts of FPC both financial and others are needed. Of course, we will continue to support local agencies such as Interfaith Compassion Ministries, the Pantry and Christmas Store, but there are many needs in our community and there may be other ways that we can help. If you are involved in a local service organization and would like to talk to the Mission Ministry Team, please call Ann Kelly and let her know.

Lovepacks donations are an easy way to help relieve hunger among Oxford and Lafayette County school children.  Bring your donations by the church office and we'll deliver for you. Lovepacks sends home bags of non-perishable, kid-friendly food each week with students who have been identified by their school counselor as being in need. Here are the foods you can donate:

          Pop-top cans of chicken noodle or vegetable soup
             Pop-top cans of ravioli
           Peanut butter crackers
           Cheese crackers
           Saltine crackers
           16 oz. jars of peanut butter
           Non-refrigerated pudding
           Granola, breakfast, or protein bars
           Pop-top cans of beanie weenies



It's ALMOST Pantry Time!

The Pantry is a not-for-profit, community-wide organization providing food for eligible residents of the Oxford and Lafayette County area since 1982.   Volunteers from area churches and civic organizations staff the Pantry and June is First Presbyterian Church's month to do so. Both men and women volunteers are needed to stock shelves on Tuesdays from 8:45-11:00 am. Volunteers are also needed on Wednesdays and Thursdays from 8:45-11:00 am to shop with clients and stock shelves. Due to an overwhelming response from returning volunteers, stocking and shopping volunteers are only needed on the following dates: Thursday 6/21, Tuesday 6/26, Wednesday 6/27 and Thursday 6/28. In addition, volunteers are needed to pick up breads and pastries from Panera Bread EVERY Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday between 6:30-7:00 am. An individual with a pickup truck is needed to transport milk from Larsen's CashSaver on Tuesday at 8:30 am 6/26 ONLY. It is hoped volunteers will be available for multiple time slots so we can avoid training new people every day. Lastly, during the month of May, we are collecting children's books and paperback fiction books for the Pantry library. If you have gently used books you would like to donate, a box will be in the narthex marked 'PANTRY BOOKS' for your book donations.
Please contact Martha Kelley at: (662) 232-8797 or: or Monte Ochs at: (662) 763-8446 or: to volunteer. Your support of this very important local program is much appreciated.
Etcetera . . .
Gratitude of the congregation is extended to Hayden Alexander and his Good Earth Landscape & Design employees for beautifying the churc h grounds prior to this year's growing season. Thanks to all!

Additionally, the church extends its appreciation to FPC elder Pete Boone for pressure washing the church courtyard just in time for Easter, and to Deacon Diane Scruggs for regularly providing perennials in the planters adjacent to the sanctuary front steps. Thanks, Pete and Diane, for helping keep FPC's campus beautiful! 

Men's Softball

May 1     The Orchard vs. FPC                                   8:00 pm (Quad C / Field 9)
May 3     FPC vs. Kiamie Package Store                    7:15 pm (Quad C / Field 9)
May 10   FPC vs. Pickens Pest Control                      8:30 pm (Quad C / Field 9)
May 17   College Hill Presbyterian vs. FPC               7:15 pm (Quad C / Field 9)

Rebekah Abel Lamar , Associate Pastor for Christian Formation at Idlewild Presbyterian Church in Memphis, will be the facilitator for this year's women's retreat at Camp Hopewell. The weekend will be a time set aside to remember the goodness of God ' s grace while coming together in fellowship, worship and simply being present in God ' s creation. There will be plenty of time to catch up with old friends and make lasting memories with new ones.  Linens will be provided and delicious food will be served.   Register online at .
A "Dinner on the Grounds"
Sunday, May 6
For where two or three are gathered in my name, there I am among them, Matthew 18:20.  

First Presbyterian will host a pot luck lunch at 12:00 pm following the 11:00 am service of worship on May 6. We encourage members of all ages who attend either service to join us as we come together to enjoy lunch as a church family.  Weather permitting, we will be seated for lunch in the courtyard and food will be served in Fellowship Hall. The Deacons will provide chicken tenders and beverages. Members of the church should bring favorite side dishes and desserts. Members with last names ending in A-M are asked to bring side dishes while members with last names ending in N-Z are asked to bring desserts. You can bring your dishes to Fellowship Hall when you arrive that day.
It's Time to Register for Summer Camp!

Summer camp at Camp Hopewell is a wonderful gift that will nurture your children's faith, build up their self esteem, teach them about living in community and about the wonders of the world around them...all while they have a blast! Each day is filled with opportunities for canoeing, swimming, hiking, arts and crafts, archery, fun and games as well as daily Bible study and worship. Check out the summer brochure at and find just the right opportunity for your child to enjoy summer camp at Camp Hopewell this year. Hopewell Camp and Conference Center is a ministry of the Presbytery of St. Andrew. It's your camp, so ENJOY!

Vacation Bible School Happens
June 25-28, 2018

Rolling River Rampage is the theme of this year's Vacation Bible School adventure Monday, June 25 through Thursday, June 28! Drop-off begins at 8:45 am each day and pick-up begins at 11:30 am at the Tyler Street entrance to Fellowship Hall. Children pre-K through rising 6th graders are invited to join us for a whitewater rafting adventure that is sure to be the ride of a lifetime. We'll discover the wonder and surprise of a life with God while learning to trust God
to be with us through  ANYTHING. Join us as we seek adventure, acceptance, joy, peace and rest on the river. Registration is available now at: .
A thank you to the congregation:

I want to express my sincere thanks and appreciation for all the support First Presbyterian Church has given Momma through the years. The wonderful ladies of the church who faithfully came to visit provided the much needed spiritual guidance for her when she could no longer attend in person.

This church will always hold a special place in our hearts. We each have the fondest of memories growing up here. The foundation was firmly laid in our lives. Again, thank you for all these blessings.

Suzanna Sam Garrott
Daughter of Fran Sam
A Haven House Request
Haven House residents are delighted to receive various translations of the Bible and other religious materials. All may be left at the church office, with thanks to all who have responded.
Sunday Parking Reminder
Bridge Properties, 1000 Tyler Avenue at 10th St., now tows all unauthorized vehicles on its parking lot, including Sundays. Please do not park on the Bridge Properties lot to attend worship or other church events!
Ride the Bus to Church!
Make plans now to park at the Blake and ride the bus to church each Sunday so that you won't have to worry about parking downtown. Time of departure from the Blake is weekly at 10:30 am. The bus returns immediately after 11:00 am worship. Summer departure times will be announced in coming weeks. Thanks to all our volunteer drivers who make this service possible!

Honorary Life Membership in Presbyterian Women Awarded to Carmille Hovious
Carmille Hovious was awarded an Honorary Life Membership at the Presbyterian Women's Birthday Tea on Sunday, April 22. The Honorary Life Membership program was established early last century in the Presbyterian Church to honor faithful service to the women's organization and to the church. Recipients become a part of a large group of women (and a few men) who have been recognized in this way. The Honorary Life Membership is represented by a silver or gold membership pin that is presented along with a personalized certificate. We are grateful for Carmille's service to God through Presbyterian Women and through the church. Thank you, Carmille!

Esther Ethridge Circle
Sunday, May 13 at 5:30 pm @ Jinsei - 713 North Lamar Boulevard, Oxford, MS 38655
Alma Shaw Circle
Tuesday, May 15 at 9:45 am @ the home of Emily Newcomb - 1108 South Lamar Boulevard, Oxford, MS 38655

Carroll Barr Circle
Tuesday, May 15 at 6:00 pm, hosted by Kathy Griffith and Sally Hines - 100 Orrwood, Oxford, MS 38655 

Lula Gregory Circle
Tuesday, May 15 at 9:45 am @ the home of Bobbie Shaw - 611 Berkeley Court, Oxford, MS 38655

Gerry Duvall Circle
Tuesday, May 15 at 12:00 pm in Fellowship Hall

PW Council 2017-2018
Moderator - Sharron Alexander -
Vice - Moderator - Mary Haskell -
Secretary - Julie Field -  
Treasurer - Margaret Fancher -
Historian - Karen Stockton -
Ex-Moderator - Becki Felts -
News from the Pews
A BIG Thank You from the VIPs

Wow! That's the word that best describes the VIP progressive dinner on April 16. By the time the event rolled around, forty adults had signed up to participate, which is a record number for an evening VIP event. The evening began with a warm welcome and appetizers at the home of Irma Buchanan, followed by a fabulous dinner at the home of Mary and Sam Haskell and delicious desserts at Fannie Elliott's house. Participants were having so much fun that people began volunteering their own homes for next year. Thank you to all the hosts and hostesses; David Robinson, our bus driver; and Sally Hines for saying, "Let's do a progressive dinner." It was a great night of good food and fellowship for these Very Important Presbyterians.

Don't Miss These VIP Events!

Tuesday, May 1             
Catered lunch at 12:00 pm in Fellowship Hall with
Arledia Bennett, director of Lafayette County RSVP
RSVP  enriches retirement for senior adults through significant community service work by encouraging volunteers to bring a lifetime of talent, experiences, skills and hobbies to community projects and organizations. It is one of the largest volunteer efforts in the nation, engaging people age 55 and older in a diverse range of volunteer activities.
Thursday, May 17
Dutch treat dinner at Holiday Lodge, Como, MS. 
Board the bus at the church parking lot at 5:00 pm. 
Reservations are a must!
Thursday, June 21
B ring your favorite appetizer or sweets and join
VIPs for an appetizer supper at the home of
James Day 
at 5:45 pm. The bus will leave the
church parking lot 
at 5:30 for those who'd like a
ride. Again, reservations 
are a must!
Sympathy of the Congregation is Extended to:
Sharron and Harry Alexander, whose brother-in-law, John R. McInnis, III died March 30 in Brandon, MS.

Kay Tyler, whose mother, Katherine Satterfield, died April 16 in Conway, AR.

The family of Jane Roy, who died April 22 in Oxford, MS.

We Extend Congratulations to:

Ann O'Dell, who was honored by the University of Mississippi's McLean Institute for Public Service and Community Engagement with the Algeron Sydney Sullivan Award on April 3. It is the university's highest award in recognition of service.

Linda and John Scarbrough, whose fourth grandchild, John Alexander Markoff, was born April 4, 2018.

Erin and Hayden Alexander, whose son, Otis Simmons Alexander, was born April 5, 2018.

Melba and Bill Bowlin, whose sixth grandchild, Hayden Vance Bowlin, was born April 10, 2018 to parents Sallye and Will Bowlin.

Memorials and Honoraria

  ~ With gratitude for contributions to First Presbyterian Church ~
In memory of:

Billie Jo Booth

Martha & Joe Burnett

Evelyn Carlson

Martha & Joe Burnett
Dr. & Mrs. Robert Cooper

Sally Cribbs

Dr. & Mrs. Robert Cooper

Frances DeVoe

Martha & Joe Burnett

Bobbye May Henderson

Martha & Joe Burnett
Dr. & Mrs. Robert Cooper

Helen Howie

Martha & Joe Burnett
JJ Jones
Nila & Max Williams

Harrison Ochs

Martha & Joe Burnett

Helen Frances Sam

Ann & Dale Abadie
Dr. & Mrs. Robert Cooper
Suzanne Sam Garrott
Linda & Lent Thomas
Nila & Max Williams

Katherine Satterfield

Kay Meadors

Louise Sneed

Alton Bryant Sunday School Class
The Women's Forum
Pat Bittmann
Martha & Joe Burnett
Yung & Dean Chow
Dr. & Mrs. Robert Cooper
John T. Edge, Sr.
Ann & Robert Gowdy
Leon McCullouch
Rose Paris
Dr. Greg Patton
Bobbie & Syd Shaw
Martha & Jerry Strickland
Sue Treas
Kay & Larry Tyler
Mary Edith Walker
Louise & Nolan Waller
Nila & Max Williams

Stuart L. Wilkie

Ann & Dale Abadie
Martha & Joe Burnett
Mary B. Freeman
JJ Jones
Mrs. Evelyn Lee
JoAnn O'Quin & Kenneth McGraw
Melissa Roberson

In honor of:

Woods Granville Newman

Phyllis & Herman Miller

Upcoming Birthdays and Anniversaries

May Birthdays:

1     Debbie Dykes
2     Olivia Williams
4     Ruby Jane Baquie, Hassell Wilkinson
5     Scott Manley, Mary Michael Morrison
6     Alisa Elliott, Mack Schuesselin
8     Stefanie Goodwiller, Bill Mayo, Nolton Rawl
10   Pat Atkinson, Evelyn Carmean, Jane Reeves Carmean
11   Jane Lyle Byars, Blair Hobbs
12   Harriman Abernathy, Olivia Lovelace
14   Case Embry, Allyn White
15   Nana Boateng, David Robinson
17   Gabrielle Chiniche, Kaitlyn Flowers, Ashley Johnson, Dick Scruggs
18   Lynda Huggins, Carmichael Jenkins
19   Anna Claire Franklin
21   Phil Baquie, Kathy Neff
22   Mary Shields Craft, Beth Ann Fennelly
25   Lauren Goodwiller, Lucille Jones, Jenny Kate Luster
26   Jeff Butler, Allen Elliot, Georgia Wigginton
27   Kevin Christian, Alan Eads, Bradley Goodwiller, Harrison Laughlin
28   John Scarbrough
29   Christopher Newman
30   Duvall Flautt, Paul Hester
31   Shae Orrell, William Webb

May Anniversaries:

3     Ramey & Brent Hardin, Amanda & Brian Hyneman
5     Glenna & John McKendree
8     Diane & Dick Scruggs
12   Tina & Tony Montgomery
21   Melba & Bill Bowlin
23   Carlisle & Billy Wood
24   Shelley & Tommy Cribbs, Beth Ann Fennelly & Tom Franklin
26   Bobbie & Syd Shaw
27   Dorothy Lou & Mack Aldridge
28   Lindsey & Phil Baquie, Nancy & Don Giles, June & Duke Goza
29   Whitney & Patrick Bolen, Randall & Lee Mize
30   Teresa & David Flautt, Molly & Tanner Griffin
31   Catie & Paul Hester
   First Dates
The Diaconate will meet Tuesday, May 1 at 5:30 in the Session room.
The Children's Christian Education Ministry Team  will meet Thursday, May 3 at 5:30 pm in Room 101.
The Prayer Shawl Ministry will meet Monday, May 7 at 1:00 pm in Room 101.
The Finance Ministry Team  will meet Monday, May 7 at 4:30 pm in Room 101.
The Session  will meet Monday, May 7 at 5:30 pm in Fellowship Hall.
The FPC Book Club  will meet Tuesday, May 8 at 1:30 in Room 101. The book will be Before We Were Yours, by Lisa Wingate.
The Property Ministry Team will meet Tuesday, May 8 at 5:00 pm in Room 101.
The Mission Ministry Team will meet Thursday, May 9 at 5:30 pm in Room 101.
The Membership & Hospitality Ministry Team  will meet Thursday, May 10 at 5:30 pm in Room 101.
Piecemakers  meet each Thursday at 9:00 am in Fellowship Hall and Saturday, May 12 at 10:30 in Fellowship Hall.

Reminder: The June deadline for submissions to First Press is
Tuesday, May 15. 

The Session
  CLASS of 2018
Darren Ashmore, Dorothy Lou Aldridge,
Jane Lyle Byars, Paul Chiniche, Kathryn Hill
  CLASS of 2019
Trey Cobb, Jon Crawford, Margie McLeod, 
Karen Stockton, Dana Williams

CLASS of 2020
Ashley Callery, Ann DeVoe, Ben Griffith,
Matthew Hall, Monte Wood

The Diaconate
CLASS of 2018
Whitney Bolen, Julie Chadwick, James Day,
Teresa Flautt, JoAnne Oliver
CLASS of 2019
Lee Borden, Kristina Carlson, Dean Chow,
Lele Gillespie, Pick Scruggs

CLASS of 2020
Todd Abbott, Rosie Cooper, Ed Croom,
Lisa Hickman-Tollison, John Schuesselin, Amy Wilkes

The Congregation

John M. Semmes
Ann H. Kelly
Interim Associate Pastor
J. David Randolph
Associate Pastor 22
Allison C. Wehrung
UKirk Pastor

Joseph W. Garrison
Director of Music/Organist
Terrell R. Hall

Director of Elementary Music

Joseph H. Kelly
Director of Youth
Frances Saralvarez
Office Administrator
Jessica M. McPhail
Director of Communications
Wade Simpson
Property Manager

LaShaunda L. Sisk
Nursery Director