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May 2018

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Grant Opportunities

Deadline: May 11th, 2018
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Deadline: May 25th, 2018
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Video of the Month

Did you know that the majority of foods and beverages served at school sporting events is high in sugar, salt, and fats?
Did you know that school sports teams are often sponsored by unhealthy food and beverage companies or rely heavily on unhealthy food and beverages for fundraising?
Did you know that youth who participate in sports have been found to consume more fast food and more sugary drinks than youth who do not participate in sports?
Did you know that the food environments that we are surrounded by can have a profound impact on our eating habits?
The "Healthy Eating at School Sporting Events" video by Ever Active Schools can teach you about the above facts and so much more. This video stresses the importance of healthy food environments at school sporting events to support healthy eating. 
Eating right helps fuel children and youth who participate in sports. This not only helps with their athleticism, but also increases their attention and focus at school, which has a direct impact on their academic success. It is important to work with vendors and sponsors to offer and promote healthy foods at school sporting events and to make the healthy choice the easy choice.
Watch the video  here  and learn more about how to host healthy school sporting events  here .


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Featured Article
May 28th to June 1st Is Bike to School Week
Participating in Bike to School Week can have many benefits for students, staff, and families

May 28th to June 1st is Bike to School Week. This event encourages school communities to get excited about active transportation! Bike to School Week will be coordinated for schools located in the Metro Vancouver area by HUB Cycling and for schools located in other parts of B.C. by Bike to Work BCFind out more:
DASH Updates
May 7th Is Child and Youth Mental Health Day
Start a conversation in the classroom, school, or school community about the importance of taking care of ourselves

May 7th is Child and Youth Mental Health Day in B.C. and nationally. This year's national theme is "Taking Care of ME Matters". To support participation in this important day, we have put together positive mental health resources for use in the school environment. Find out more:

Action Schools! BC Update
Action Schools! BC Food Literacy Mentorship Series
Supporting healthy eating and a whole school approach to food literacy

Build your skills to support healthy eating and food literacy in your classroom and school by participating in the Action Schools! BC Food Literacy Mentorship Series. Led by nutrition professionals, the Food Literacy Mentorship Series offers practical, hands-on support to develop enhanced teaching and learning strategies and to promote healthy eating across your whole school. Find out more:

School Connectedness
Personal Strengths and Abilities
Consider the personal strengths and abilities of students to incorporate opportunities for them to shine and have their talents recognized

Within the school environment, when students believe that their personal strengths and abilities are being recognized and appreciated by others, they feel accepted, respected, included, and supported by their school community, which helps increase school connectedness. Find out more:

Healthy Schools Stories
The Power of Yoga
Story from Riverdale Elementary School

School staff at Riverdale Elementary School introduced weekly yoga lessons to empower their students to develop self-regulation skills, discover how to be more mindful and in touch with their bodies and minds, and foster stronger connections within their school community. Through the yoga lessons, students learned how to build relationships with others and how to practise positive behaviours. They were also able to increase their strength, flexibility and physical activity, as well as improve mental health and well-being. Find out more:

Each month, we highlight different Healthy Schools Stories. Have a story you would like to share? We want to hear from you! Click here to view the Healthy Schools BC Stories Map to read more stories and to submit your own.
Healthy Schools Resources
The COMPASS Study Expands to B.C.!
Provincial project helping schools identify and address health concerns among students in Grades 9-12

The COMPASS study surveys students in Grades 9-12 to understand how changes in school environment characteristics are associated with various health outcomes among students.   This information can be used to bring awareness to youth health concerns and to help inform school policies, programs and activities. The COMPASS study is currently recruiting secondary schools in B.C. Find out more: .
Healthy Schools Resources
Build Your Best Day
ParticipACTION teaches children and youth about the balance of sweating, stepping, sleeping, and sitting they need each day to be healthy

The Canadian 24-Hour Movement Guidelines for Children and Youth were released in 2016 and outlined what a healthy 24-hour period looks like for children and youth aged 5-17. To bring the guidelines to life, ParticipACTION and their partners developed Build Your Best Day - a fun, interactive and educational tool to help children and youth and their parents learn in a fun way. Find out more: