May 2018

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Employer Internship Programs
Legal Success in Your Recruitment Efforts

Melanie M. Dunajeski
Thoughtfully constructed internship programs can give companies the chance to attract the best and brightest talent coming out of colleges and universities, while at the same time giving both the company and the intern the chance to have an extended "try-out" period. Without doubt, both parties to an internship stand to reap significant benefits, whether or not that internship is paid. Companies choosing to offer an unpaid internship, however, must use care in creating and administering an internship program to avoid wage and hour violations.
A Hacker Accessed Our COMpany information.  What do we do now?
 Today, many transactions containing sensitive, personal information are completed electronically and companies sending and receiving this information are responsible for keeping it secure.    Fulfilling this responsibility can be difficult as companies are constantly being targeted by cybercriminals who seek to gain access to personal information.  When a cybercriminal is successful in accessing electronically stored information, the targeted company holding the information suffers from a data breach.  Despite increased measures to protect personal information, data breaches are occurring with greater frequency. 


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DSV welcomed Brad Robertson, IT and Facilities Manager, and Melissa Miller, Receptionist to the firm in May.
Brad comes to DSV with 12 years of IT management experience. Prior to joining DSV, Brad worked for Eli Lilly as a contract employee for 9 years. 

We are excited to welcome Brad and Melissa   to the DSV team!
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