Core OpenVPX Products
May 2018 
OpenVPX is considered the architecture of choice by many primes in defense and aerospace industries. OpenVPX COTS (commercial off the shelf) products offer interoperability based on open standards, so reducing vendor lock-in, and have solid market support. The standard has strong support for ruggedization and leverages platform health management for improved availability. VadaTech continues to roll out its field-proven designs into the OpenVPX form factor to support defense primes through development to deployment in harsh environments.  By offering all aspects of the platform design, we are able to optimize for cost, size and weight.
OpenVPX Highlights

VadaTech offers OpenVPX chassis for both 3U and 6U form factor boards, with RTM support and push/pull cooling designed to deliver 18 CFM at 5,000 feet.  As well as traditional configurations, the product range includes compact 1U chassis with built-in host processor (Intel Xeon E3 or E5) for cost-effective development.  Our chassis designs leverage our extensive experience in supplying systems deployed in environments from commercial telecoms through to airborne, land-mobile and naval (surface and submarine). The modified COTS business model supports provision of backplanes to different profiles, meeting project-specific I/O requirements. Chassis typically include optional JTAG switch module for ease of FPGA code development.

VadaTech switches bring a new level of capability to OpenVPX. They have platform health management capabilities built in, based on a field-proven IPMI stack and platform management software that has been successfully deployed worldwide across defense and commercial applications. Ethernet switches can support up to 40GbE with layer 3 management available.
High speed fabrics, such as PCIe, XAUI and SRIO, are augmented by crossbar and FPGA switch modules for low-latency transfers or applications needing arbitrary scatter-gather transfers. Optional clocking features include built in GPS/IEEE1588/SyncE/NTP (with Grand Master Clock capability), avoiding the need for an additional payload module to provide this functionality. Virtual JTAG capability can be included for remote programming and debugging of FPGA code, making it easy for engineers to develop and maintain code over a simple GbE connection.
Payload Modules

VadaTech payload modules include processors, storage, signal conversion and network
interface, supporting full system configurations. We provide a full range of Xilinx Series-7, UltraScale™ and UltraScale+™ FPGAs, allowing system integrators to select the appropriate price/performance point for their application. Most are FMC carriers for functional flexibility, with high-performance signal conversion products using an integrated design for higher performance. Dual Kintex and Kintex-Intel boards are available in 6U form factor. Special function boards can be rapidly developed based on VadaTech's library of over 300 field-proven design cores, and design services are available for IP development where appropriate to support project needs.
Full Platforms

VadaTech offers all platform elements needed to build complete OpenVPX systems, including chassis, switch, platform management, host, and signal conversion products. Please contact your local sales office for more information.
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