May is national foster care awareness month in the United States. COMP ACT  is making a growing difference through residential and community-based foster care service ministries!
The following testimonial from Lance Nelson, COMPACT's Arkansas Foster Care Director, is a beautiful example of COMPACT's growing foster care placement service and its foster care church ministry empowerment via CompaCare, a compassion care system helping churches minister to vulnerable children and families.  

Recently, we opened our first of 5 homes from Gospel Light in Hot Springs. This church has worked hard to put the CompaCare model in place with excellence. Last November this church of 800 sent a delegation to the CompaCare Church Leaders Certificate Training, including their pastor, who wanted to understand how the ministry system works. 

Pastor Eric and Carolann Capaci
Following the CompaCare training, Pastor Eric Capaci put together an aggressive recruitment campaign. He designated 2018 "The Year of the Child," he preached a series on "Pure Religion," he asked his worship team to write a song for the event (Abba Father), and he led by example by being the first family to sign up to serve as respite for any Gospel Light foster families. The response was strong, as over 20 volunteers signed up and 5 families signed up for foster parent classes. 

The couple serving as the CompaCare church ministry leader at Gospel Light lives next door to the first foster home from the Gospel Light community that opened through COMPACT's foster care placement service.  COMPACT recently received a referral for placement of a sibling group of 4 who are adoptable but have been scattered all over the state due to a lack of space capacity. The new Gospel Light foster family home was only licensed for 3 children due to space limitations. So, we approached the two neighbors (respite and foster home) and asked them to consider a plan to take these four kids together. Before that conversation was completed, the church's CompaCare ministry leader had sprung into action contacting carpenters and tradesmen within their church who could help this family finish their unfinished bonus room over their garage, providing the needed space for all four children. This was CompaCare in action! 

Gospel Light members in CompaCare training
While this group of kids may be delayed a few weeks before we can make this placement, we also received a referral for two little boys. I contacted the licensed foster home, and they were happy to take them. On the first evening of the placement, I visited the home in professional support. I was moved as the doorbell kept ringing and one person after another brought by needed items for this new foster family. It was like watching the final scene of the classic Christmas movie, "It's A Wonderful Life." From dinner to clothes to car seats, this CompaCare church really showed how the model is supposed to work. While this young family who had never had kids began to acclimate to two very active boys, the foster dad leaned over and said to me, "It feels good to know my church family won't let me fail." 

Celebrating Foster Care and CompaCare,
Lance Nelson
COMPACT Foster Care Director


COMP ACT  Foster Care, the agency's foster care placement services in Arkansas is growing solidly and swiftly. Based on current activity, forecast anticipates between 40-50 more placements by this time next year. 

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CompaCare by COMP ACT is a compassion care system helping churches effectively minister to foster families and vulnerable others.  The evidence-based system is changing lives and families. Since its launch in August 2017, churches and districts from thirteen states have already embraced CompaCare and attended trainings in Arkansas, Missouri, and Florida. CompaCare is a missions investment to empower church ministry.

Please  pray for this ministry share it with others , and 
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In case you missed the release of our new ministry video, we are sharing it again.  COMP ACT has grown tremendously. We have expanded to include more opportunities to redeem vulnerable youth and families!  Watch our new video release to learn more about our growth.

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