May Detox Clinic on Thursdays, Noho Pride, Gratitude to YOU & More!
May 2018

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Acupuncture, Addiction, Spring Cleaning & Weight Management - Special Detox Clinic for May: Thursdays, 8-10am!
Anne-Louise Smallen, Lic. Acu.

Addiction to, or dependence upon, any substance can be helped by acupuncture, as acupuncture has the ability to minimize withdrawal symptoms and psychologically support internal changes. Great successes are claimed by acupuncture in the reduction of withdrawal symptoms from alcohol, cigarettes, narcotics, and for eating disorders and weight management. It has become an important medical support in the treatment of addiction, including food addiction, along with diet and psychological support. From my own clinical experience, I have found that approaching a problem or an illness from multiple angles always helps healing.
Acupuncture helps to release analgesic substances such as endorphins found in many body tissues like the brain, pituitary glands, adrenal glands, and gastrointestinal system. They move to the different organs through blood circulation. These analgesic substances reduce the need for outside substances by attaching to pain receptors as the body produces them naturally. Serotonin levels are also increased through acupuncture and increase tone in the stomach muscle serving also as a natural antidepressant. The feeling of well being that people derive from acupuncture enhances their effort to change their habits.
Acupuncture also helps detoxify the body from the side effects of medication, which does have its uses and can be necessary, but can also be toxic to the body. It does so through the process of homeostasis, which can be defined as the optimal functioning of an organism. When we treat someone to reduce taking a substance with acupuncture, the body naturally balances the substance and eliminates surplus, keeping the amount necessary to help the healing process. Homeostasis is a natural function of the body simply enhanced by acupuncture.
Spring is also a great time of year for general detoxification and "cleaning out the system" from the winter, so this would also be very beneficial if you feel like you need an extra boost to help you feel lighter and more clear and energized for Spring.
If you are struggling to stop smoking, drinking, bingeing or if you feel not at ease with the increasing amount of medication you take for pain, sleep, or anxiety, you might benefit from regular acupuncture treatments.
On Thursday mornings in May - 3, 10, 17, 24, and 31st, we will dedicate two hours of our clinic to detoxification using proven auricular (ear) acupuncture (NADA protocol for alcohol, smoking and medication addictions or food addiction protocol for eating disorders) and two other standard leg and arm points. In order to accommodate those who work, the clinic will open at 8 am, and this type of treatment will be administered until 10 am. We are offering a special of all 5 Detox Treatments for $100, or you may purchase a treatment separately at $25/visit.

Thursdays, 8-10am
May 3, 10, 17, 24, and 31st
with Anne-Louise
Special Package Discount: $100 for all 5 Detox Treatments, or $25/visit

May 5th 2018
Ran or shine, on Saturday May 5th, Northampton will be proudly celebrating diversity by hosting its annual Pride Parade , from 11:00AM-5:00PM, starting at Old South Street, to the
Three County Fair Grounds.

Main street in Northampton will be closed for the parade and parking will be limited. To accommodate our patients, the clinic will opening an hour earlier, at 8:00AM, and will be closing early at 11:00AM. We apologize for any inconvenience.

We hope that if you are out for the day enjoying the celebration, you have a wonderful day!
Additional Saturday Hours for May!
For the month of May, we will be opening at 8am instead of 9am on Saturdays, as an experiment to see if there is a demand for some extra hours on the weekend. So if you are up early on a Saturday and feel like charging your weekend with an extra boost, kick off your weekend with a revitalizing acupuncture treatment!

Saturdays 8am-2pm Starting May5th!
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The responses keep coming in, and we are so grateful - THANK YOU!!! It really means so much to us to hear that our services make a difference in the community, and especially when someone takes an extra few minutes to share that with others. If you'd like to share your experience on Yelp,
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Here's what one person had to say about her experiences at NCA:

"Community Acupuncture is such a great place. I have been to each of the practitioners and each has their own special skills and specialties. It's relaxed, yet professional and you know that they are very skilled and have years of experience. I have been in for 2 -3 different issues and each time the symptoms went away amazingly quick. Thank you Rachel for providing us with such a community oriented business." - DD, Florence, 2018
Acupuncture Point of the Month
Bladder 2
Located at the medial end of each eyebrow, directly above the corner of each eye, Bladder 2 is a great acupuncture point to apply light pressure to if you are experiencing any eye symptoms. These may include red eyes from allergies, dry eyes, headaches around the eye, eye pain or strain or blurry vision. Gently massage one, or both of these points, if you are experiencing any of these symptoms and see if acupressure can bring some relief!
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