May 2018 Newsletter
Program Summary
The Institute for Civic and Community Engagement (ICCE) has six signature programs providing high quality and meaningful public service, leadership development, and civic engagement opportunities for SF State students across the university. Whether students are interested in long-term internships or one-day volunteering opportunities, ICCE offers the Community Service-Learning (CSL) Program that helps with the coordination of the service-learning courses and university approved community partners. Below is a year-end summary of ICCE’s signature programs, CSL opportunities, faculty research and scholarship spotlight, and new highlights across campus.
  • Message from Faculty Director
  • Community Service-Learning (CSL)
  • Faculty & Student Spotlights
  • Research & Scholarship Highlights
  • Africana Studies in the News
  • New Eisman Award for Research & Scholarship
  • Signature Programs
  • Student Reflections & Service Site Videos
  • News & Announcements
  • 2018 Civic & Community Engagement Awards
  • 2018 Panetta Congressional Intern - Daniel Richardson
  • First-Year Students on Civic & Community Engagement Floor in Dorm Engage in Service Project
  • New CoSE Faculty/Lecturer & Staff Service Award
Message from Faculty Director
I love this time of year when you hear sounds of students cheering for the end of a semester, see faculty smiling elated for a summer break, and smell fresh wildflowers blooming in parks all around the Bay Area. I’m an optimist and also pragmatist; we’re living in tough times so what are you doing to balance the rewards of your work with the chaos of a nation in turmoil? We fear what we do not know and fear can become inaction on one end or rage on the other. Angry outcries at the pure ignorance of some of our nation’s decision makers are justified; yet anger must be channeled in ways that are productive and where people stop and listen. Certain segments of society continue to be wounded with disrespect, hatred, conflict, and grave injustices. Others have suffered when entire families are separated by deportation or destroyed by violence. Regardless of our situation, we must always be acutely aware of our surroundings and embrace what’s real and genuine. With the dedication and commitment of people who seek to maintain peace and solidarity, our dignity will prevail. “Democracy is not a spectator sport” and oppression should not be the new norm. We must seek to address not only the inequity gap, but also the blatant attacks against our very humanity. How will you achieve the changes that you truly desire? (Read More)
Community Service-Learning (CSL)
Faculty Spotlight
Message from the ICCE Engaged Faculty Fellow
By Teresa Carrillo, Ph.D.

My work as the ICCE Faculty Fellow for spring 2018 has shown me, among other things, that there is tons of interest in community engaged learning and scholarship among our students and faculty at the College of Ethnic Studies (CoES). The semester began with a series of meetings with chairs and directors to review practices and identify questions we have about community service learning and engaged scholarship across CoES. During those meetings, we identified five seasoned community partners and invited them to participate on a panel discussion on 50 Years of Community Service Learning in the College of Ethnic Studies. We asked each panelist to help us understand how we could promote and fortify CSL and community engagement within our College. Also in attendance at this April 20th workshop were department chairs and faculty members along with other community partners and grad students in an extended morning presentation and workshop. Our distinguished panelists included Kent Woo, NICOS Chinese Health Coalition; Juan Gonzalez, Acción Latina; Leticia Arce, Causa Justa/Just Cause; Adrian Williams, The Village Project; and Sara Moncada Madril, The Cultural Conservancy: Revitalizing Indigenous Lands and Cultures. Over the course of the presentations and small group discussions we confirmed the central place that CSL occupies in an Ethnic Studies curriculum and made plans for better coordination across the departments, for a joint College orientation to kick off each new semester’s service learners, and for a deepening of the writing and reflection components as part of an ideal Ethnic Studies CSL experience. It was an inspiring discussion that confirmed the deep roots of Ethnic Studies in community engagement and renewed our commitment to make the most out of our strong links to our communities in the next fifty years!
Student CSL Spotlight
Shannon Meena - Psychology, B.A.

Shannon Meena is a freshman at SF State, majoring in Psychology. As a part of her ENG 214, Second Year Written Composition course, Meena has become involved in service learning through Daly City Partnership and Marjorie Tobias Elementary School’s homework club. Daly City Partnership is an organization that supports student achievement at Daly City schools since 1995. Students like Meena assists the students with their homework, facilitates enriching activities and supervision. Meena aims to become a social worker and her experiences at her service learning site has allowed her to gain experiences in working with young children and to develop patience and empathy. ( Read More)
Maria Bucon-Scales - Equity & Social Justice, M.A.

Ms. Maria Bucon-Scales is a first-year master’s student in the Equity and Social Justice program in the Graduate College of Education. Before attending SF State, she worked as a teacher for four years and is currently a part-time as a curriculum coordinator. Wanting to make a difference in our community, Bucon-Scales signed up for ISED 739, Education and Community Development: Equity and Diversity, a service-learning course. Her chosen learning site was Voice of Witness, a non-profit organization that circulates free oral history books in schools and nonprofit agencies that focus on the stories of communities whose voices have historically been oppressed and silenced. ( Read More)
CSL Announcements
  • NEW! SF State ULink System: SF State’s service-learning, internship and volunteer database is now live! Visit our new website and let us know what you think! Spread the word!

  • Tracking Student Service Hours: Faculty members teaching a service-learning course this semester must submit students’ service hours into Campus Solutions by Friday, June 1, 2018. If you have any questions about this process, please visit this tracking student hours official transcripts or contact Glendie Domingo-Lipar at

For CSL presentations or to add a community partner to our service-learning database, please contact Glendie Domingo-Lipar at to schedule for the upcoming spring and summer semesters.
New Community Partners
ICCE is committed to expanding our partnerships in the Bay Area and surrounding communities. Our efforts to address community-defined needs are rooted in our mission and deeply ingrained all that what we do. This semester, 8 new community organizations have joined our family of University-approved partners:
Please click links on each organization to find out more about their mission and opportunities they offer. Spread the word! We look forward to even more partners joining us in the future!
Research & Scholarship
Spotlight on Africana Studies
By Ricky España, ICCE Student Assistant

Faculty in the SF State Africana Studies Department conducted a research project based on the study of Africana Studies on student thoughts and practices, known as the Africana Studies Effect. The study (n=89 respondents) emphasized the importance of Africana courses and degree programs. The authors, Serie McDougal III, and Dawn-Elissa Fischer, recently published their paper in Africology: The Journal of Pan African Studies, January 2018. Dr. McDougal is Co-Director of the Afrometrics Research Institute and also the director of the Black Unity Center. And, Dr. Fischer is chair of the Africana Studies department. The research objective for this recent study was to determine, “to what degree Africana Studies has had a transformative impact on African people, communities, and institutions of higher education.” Students were able to gain a knowledge of self, a sense of social responsibility, a wider & unique range of perspective, and creating relations within their communal environment. ( Read More)
NEW! ICCE Eisman Award for Engaged Scholarship
Named in honor of Dr. Gerald (“Jerry”) Eisman, a new Eisman Award for Engaged Scholarship provides university-wide recognition of highly engaged community-based scholarship collaborations that positively impact both the community and research/creative works endeavors. This award will be announced at the ICCE Awards Ceremony on April 12, 2018, and the first nomination process will begin in Fall 2018. Jerry Eisman is former Director of ICCE who has a long-standing reputation as a change agent and demonstrates active involvement in the community. ( Read More)  
Signature Programs
Civic Engagement Fellows - Student Reflections
The Civic Engagement Fellows assist with programming, recruitment, and outreach efforts with ICCE. The Fellows offer students a unique leadership opportunity and play an integral role in the development and operations of the Institute. Each Civic Engagement Fellow is also a peer educator responsible for facilitating workshops on a variety of community topics. Fellows are chosen based on their potential and their proven leadership experience, effectiveness in advocating for the community, and potential to contribute to the mission and goals of ICCE. For more student reflections visit our website or follow our story at #iconnectSFSU .
Name : Alexa Medina
Major :  Communication
Service Site : Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy
Name : Dmitra-Dejahnae Lucas
Major :  Child & Adolescent Develop.
Service Site : Generation Citizen at Gateway M.S.
Name: Jacqueline Galicia
Major:  Latinx Studies
Service Site: Generation Citizen at Creative Arts Charter School
Name : Dmitra-Dejahnae Lucas
Major :  Child & Adolescent Develop.
Service Site : Generation Citizen at Gateway M.S.
Community Partner Sites - Golden Gate National Recreation Area, Generation Citizen, SF State Dream Resource Center, Hoover Middle School, Frick Impact Academy Middle School.

If you are interested in more information about the program, please contact Jose R. Lopez at or visit our programs online. We are currently hiring students for the 2018-2019 academic year.
America Reads Program - Tutor Service Site Videos
America Reads tutors are SF State University undergraduate students from various backgrounds and majors who are interested in working with youth. As part of their training, tutors utilize creative and innovative ways to design culturally relevant lesson plans to enhance the reading experience for their assigned students. Over time, tutors develop experience and understanding related to working in urban public schools, while they make connections with teachers, principals, supervisors, and, most rewarding, with their elementary level students. For more student reflections visit our website or follow our story at #iconnectSFSU.
Name : Matty Tribbitt
Major: Creative Writing
Service Site: Harvey Milk E.S.
Name : Diana Torres
Major :  Creative Writing
Service Site: Longfellow E.S.
Name : Ocean Noah
Major :  Communication Disorders
Service Site: Harvey Milk E.S.
Name : Rebeca Mayen
Major : History
Service Site: Longfellow E.S.
Community Partner Schools - Longfellow E.S., Junipero Serra E.S., Jose Ortega E.S., Lakeshore E.S., Longfellow E.S., Harvey Milk Civil Rights Academy, Jose Ortega E.S, El Dorado, John Muir E.S., and SF ED Fund.

If you are interested in more information about the program, please contact Jose R. Lopez at or visit our programs online. We are currently hiring students for the next semester.
America Counts Program - Tutor Service Site Videos
The America Counts tutoring program is a federally funded work-study program whereby SF State students are recruited across all six colleges to tutor youth in K-8 public schools and after-school programs throughout San Francisco. The program focuses on elementary and middle school students who are struggling with their math skills, but tutors may be asked to support and facilitate in other areas such as reading, history, sports, etc. For more student reflections visit our website or follow our story at #iconnectSFSU.
Name : Robert Brown
Major : Business
Service Site: Guadalupe E.S.
Name : Alexis Alcala
Major : Liberal Studies
Service Site: Lakeshore E.S.
Name : Daisy Rosas
Major : Biology
School : Hoover M.S.
Name : Ricardo Galicia
Major : Marketing
School : Hoover M.S.
Community Partner Schools - Sheridan E.S. Cesar Chavez E.S., Guadalupe E.S., Mission Education Center, Cesar Chavez E.S., Marshall E.S., Lakeshore E.S., James Denman M.S., Lakeshore E.S., Monroe E.S., and Sunnyside E.S.

If you are interested in more information about the program, please contact Jose R. Lopez at or visit our programs online. We are currently hiring students for the next semester.
News and Announcements
2018 Civic & Community Engagement Awards
The annual Civic & Community Engagement Awards Ceremony recognizes individuals and groups for their exceptional leadership, service, and collaboration. It is the essence of these achievements that strengthen the bonds of engagement connecting the university with the community. The 2018 award recipients are as follows:

Faculty Award for Excellence in Service Learning
  • Lucas Metcalf-Tobin, College of Health & Social Sciences. Department of Recreation, Parks, and Tourism

Student Award for Excellence in Service Learning
  • Estevan Lopez, College of Business. Master of Arts in Economics
  • Alondra Corona, College of Health & Social Sciences. Major—Child and Adolescent Development

Community Partnership Award for Excellence in Service Learning
  • Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy & National Park Service

Student Award for Excellence in Community Engagement
  • Kristy Lui, College of Health & Social Sciences. Master's candidate, Gerontology
  • Auranelle Munoz, College of Health & Social Sciences. Major—Urban Studies and Planning

SF State Nominee to the Bay Area Jefferson Awards for Public Service
  • David Matsumoto, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology, College of Science & Engineering

We had a great event and congratulations to all the award winners – visit our website to view our photo gallery of this 2018 event. We hope to see you next year!
2018 Panetta Congressional Intern: Daniel Richardson 
Daniel Richardson is a junior majoring in both Business and Economics with a concentration in Decision Science. Mr. Richardson was raised in Napa, CA by a working-class family who fostered the values of honest workmanship and personal ingenuity. Upon reflection on his experience in South-East Asia, Mr. Richardson decided to pursue a second major in Economics to grasp an understanding of public and labor economics.( Read More)
First-Year Students on Civic & Community Engagement Floor in Dorms Engage in Service Project
On March 3, residents of the Civic and Community Engagement (CCE) Floor of Mary Ward Hall teamed up with community partner Friends of the Urban Forest to learn more about neighborhood needs and to beautify streets in the Mission. The team transplanted succulents and other small plants into designated areas of soil along a couple of residential sidewalks. Everyone got their hands dirty, helped to beautify a neighborhood, and worked together to promote our environment! Friends of the Urban Forest works to encourage more green spaces within San Francisco’s urban atmosphere through tree care, community planting, advocacy, and education. The CCE Floor is a partnership between Residential Life and ICCE, which aims to engage first-year students in addressing community-defined needs in the San Francisco Bay Area community. 
NEW! CoSE Faculty/Lecturer & Staff Service Award
The College of Science & Engineering has recognized, for the first time, one outstanding faculty member/lecturer and one staff member who have distinguished themselves through excellence in service. This award is made to recognize individuals for two important facets: 1) Service to the College of Science & Engineering including leadership in addressing important institutional issues and distinction in the quality of service to the institution, at the departmental, college, and University level; and 2) Service to the Community that involves distinction in service to one’s profession and/or professional organizations as well as leadership which enhances the community's well-being, and the relationship between CoSE and the community. Recipients of these awards for 2018 are:

Congratulations award winners and kudo’s to COSE for instituting this important recognition across your College!
Have a great summer! 
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