Thank you Subaru!
Subaru of America’s annual Share the Love campaign invited their dealerships to select local non-profit organizations to benefit from this program along with several major nationwide charities, and we were lucky enough to be chosen as Serramonte Subaru’s local charity for the 2017 campaign!
A few GDR board members  and dogs recently met with Arash Haidari, Serramonte Subaru’s general manager, and some members of his sales team to receive their very generous donation representing our share of the funds generated by this wonderful program.  This will enable us to provide essential veterinary care, including major surgeries and other specialized treatment, for so many needy dogs in our community.  

We are so grateful to Subaru of America and Serramonte Subaru for their support!

Fostering to mend hearts
We very suddenly lost our dog of almost 15yrs in April.  He was pre-kids, pre-marriage, and had been with us through a large portion of our adult lives.  The loss made our home feel immediately and unbearably empty.  Not having the sounds or touch or routine of having him around was just awful.  I was frantically looking on line to adopt a new dog to fill this strange new vacancy in our lives.  My husband was not ready, and I clearly wasn’t as the only dogs I wanted looked just like Rocco. A lightbulb went off that it would be a perfect time to foster again. Our family has been so rewarded by fostering with GDR in the past.   Right now we have Sunny, a porky little chihuahua mix who has been fulfilling for us in a different way from our past fosters. We helped get Sunny out of the shelter, and Sunny helps our family fill our hearts.  While she may not be our next “forever” dog, we are so very grateful for our time with her.  Everybody wins! - Jessey
Sweet as Honey
Are you looking for a perfect buddy for your weekend adventures? Honey will be your best companion. She loves long walks, running, hiking, and basically all activities you would do on weekends for fun. Plus, she likes to play with stuffed toys and tennis balls.

Our Honey can be a good companion at home as well. She doesn't bark at outside noises and is perfectly house-trained. Honey loves her human companion so much. She will sit on your lap or lie down right next to you when you're watching your favorite tv show. She is shy at first but sweet as honey. Once she knows you, she will love you the most. 

Adoption spotlight: Piper
In February Piper and I celebrated a decade together. She has changed my life in ways unimaginable. As we sit on our back deck in beautiful Northern Michigan, I can’t help but think how blessed we are. I LITERALLY would not be here today without Grateful Dogs and Piper. 

I didn’t know HOW we were going to get from our tiny studio apartment in Burlingame, CA to our wooded acreage where we are today, but when I looked in her eyes in 2008, I knew we HAD to. My love for Pippy made me strive for our best life. Through cities and states, coast to coast, Piper has been my constant companion. 

Along the way Piper has “paid it forward”. Shortly after she was adopted, we began volunteering for and fostering for rescues and Humane Societies where ever we have lived. Not only has Piper changed my life, she has changed many other lives as well! Here’s to another decade together! 

Thank you, GDR!

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Training Tips: "Wait"
This is one of the most useful and often used commands in your dog tool box. It is used when your dog is ready to leave the house with you, when a visitor is arriving and on a walk when you nealumni stories in our upcoming newsletters!ed a full stop to avoid another dog, child or car.
Start with whatever door you use most often. With your dog on a leash, stop him a little behind you as you walk up to the door. Have your arm extended back with the leash upright to let him know he cannot come forward anymore, and say say the command “‘wait”. Say it just once. If by some crazy chance he stops at that moment pop a treat that you have in you hand into this mouth. 

Repeat a few times until he stops and looks up to you waiting for the treat. Now you can open the door- not quickly but without hesitation. If he is still not moving forward, praise and say “lets go” or whatever your phrase is and walk out with him behind or at your side. Now you can practice extending the time of the “wait”, Ideally, you will be able to step outside the threshold for a moment without him coming with your until you say “lets go”. Once you have this mastered it can be used at street corners, any other door or opening, to give space to other people or dogs on the sidewalk or when a visitor comes to the door.
Note: “wait” is not the same as “stay”. The latter is for when you have your dog in a sit or down and you mean for him to stay there until you say “OK” or “Come”, whatever you use.
GDR in the news
Grateful Dogs Rescue was recently featured in a BayWoof article about our work with winning over shy dogs. Just click the button below to read the full article at
How You Can Help
Aside from adopting our dogs, there are many ways to help GDR. Don’t forget, we are an all-volunteer group! We always need responsible foster homes. If you can’t foster, can you help with transport, home checks, or photographing our dogs? Or help spread the word by sharing our available dogs on Facebook, Instagram, and NextDoor? One of our dogs was recently adopted by a foster parent’s next door neighbor this way!

Donations are our life’s blood. Almost all of our funds are used to pay veterinary bills for everything from the basics like spay/neuter procedures and vaccinations, to dental cleanings, and treating skin problems, to major surgeries. We always put your donations to good use! PayPal, check, and cash all work for us. Some employers will match your donation; check with your HR department.

If you donate $250 or more you are eligible for a portrait through Pet Food Express’s My Mutt program . If you shop on Amazon and sign up for Amazon Smile and designate GDR , we will receive 0.5% of the cost of your eligible purchases. Did you know that Facebook has birthday fundraisers? Two weeks before your birthday FB will ask you if you want to dedicate your birthday to support a cause, requesting donations instead of gifts. Grateful Dogs Rescue is one of the groups you can select.
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