How Does Log Home Finish Removal Work?
Perma-Chink Systems offers two outstanding products for removing older stains and finishes: S-100 Finish Remover and StripIt Finish Remover. Apply the finish remover of your choice (always bottom-to-top) and give it time to work on the stain or finish, then rinse it off with a power washer.
Restore Your Home Step-By-Step
There often comes a time, usually over the course of many years of neglect, when you may choose to remove all existing finish and reapply a fresh coat. There are a few methods that can be used; either the dry media blasting process or pressure washing, which at times may need a chemical stripper first applied. Both have their advantages and both can provide stellar results.
Chink Paint Vs. Chinking
A number of log home manufacturers offer squared log homes with cosmetic chink joints. Although some owners of these style homes ignore these cosmetic joints and just stain over them, others like the look of a chink-style home, which may be the reason that they bought the home in the first place. The question is when should you use Perma-Chink® in these cosmetic joints versus using Chink Paint™?
Freshen up old chinking with Chink Paint.
Hands-On Learning
Join a Perma-Chink Systems Workshop at your nearest store! Do-It-Yourself workshops help log home owners kick off their project with confidence through expert instructions and advice.

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