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May 2018
May 12th
Fairfax, VA
Parrot Behavior and Training
May 19th
Fairfax, VA
No Place Like Home
May 19th
Alexander, NC
The Contented Companion
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2018 Wellness Retreat  
Asheville, NC ~  May 5-6, 2018
It's not too late ! 
Are you interested in new ideas, or maybe have a problem to solve?  We have another great group of speakers who will address health, behavior, diet, enrichment, and conservation. We can always learn something new to make life better for our birds. 
You can register online until May 3rd, or you can register at the event Saturday morning (no later than 8:30 please, we will start promptly at 9:00!!). Lunch option no longer available, so bring something to eat with you.  To see more details about the agenda and location go to:
Some of Our Many Adoptable Birds
Almost every bird will need more than one home. Sometimes it is because people have not taken time to understand how to live successfully with a parrot; but most often it is simply because our lives change. It's no ones fault, it's just what needs to happen. So it is really important that we promote adoption as a positive way to find a bird companion. To learn more about our process go to
OSCAR is a 9 year old male blue headed pionus. He is a charming fellow - eager to learn or to hang out with you!  He has an awesome chuckle and a sweet nature, and like many pionus, is relatively quiet. Oscar would do great in any home that can respect his space and let him come to you - and he will!  We're working on improving his diet, which means no more peanuts, seeds, or carbs. He does enjoy Roudybush pellets, some fresh foods, and still appreciates a couple of shelled almonds. He has learned to target and to step onto a rope perch for transport.
JEEP  is a 17 year old female black capped conure, and T-BIRD is a 37 year old female blue front Amazon. They came from the same home when their person became ill. They are not bonded or in the same cage. T-Bird has that all-too-common big Amazon belly -- too many seeds, too much perching, and not enough action. But it's never too late to get on a better diet and get more active!
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