May 2018
Summer French Classes
You can sign up now for a 5-week course of French now through our website. There will be classes for adults, children and an AP French workshop for high school students. Please see our website or contact Patience Tshimika for more information:
June 2, Saturday

Atelier de l'art du café
at 10:00-12:00

Art of Coffee Workshop
Have you ever wanted to make coffee-house quality espresso drinks at home? Now you can! Join Scott and learn the fine craft of creating espresso beverages. Scott Donaghe, the President of Alliance Française de Fresno, worked for 5 years in a French Café and was a Starbucks Barista and Shift Supervisor for 2 years. He trained new Starbucks employees how to make coffee bar drinks. In this coffee making workshop, participants will learn how to operate an espresso machine in this very hands on workshop.

In the workshop, you will make double espressos, flavored mochas, cappuccinos, lattes, and the AFF Président's signature drink, the triple layered latte! Watch social media for the commercial for this first workshop in our new building! Whether you want to learn the art of making delicious espresso drinks in French or English is up to you!
Choose the language of your choice and join us in this caffeine infused journey into the exciting world of hand crafted espresso drinks! (All drinks will be made on Mr. Coffee Espresso Machines which can be purchased from Target for $35.00 if you so choose after the workshop.) Each coffee drink will be paired with chocolate and pastries.

This workshop is $25.00 and is open to the first 10 participants for each language session: French "Atelier de l'art du café" is from 10:00 - 12:00" and English "Art of Coffee workshop" is from 12:30-2:30. Please pay online for the session of your choice on our website.

This event will be held in our new office: 1477 E. Shaw Suite 126.
"Revolution" Fashion Show
Central High School
3535 N. Cornelia Ave.

May 19, 2018
8:00 pm
The Alliance Française of Fresno is proud to sponsor Central High School's ROP program in Fashion Merchandising. The theme for this year's fashion show is "Revolution," a show that is influenced by the design history of 18th century France. The students have designed and created all clothing items and will pay homage to the design history of France.
Next AFF Book Club: Cheri Discussion in August
The AFF book club has chosen "Cheri" by the incomparable French author Collette. Get a copy now and start reading for our discussion in August. The summary from the dual language version on Amazon describes the novel as such: " Published when the author, like her heroine, was in her late 40s,  Chéri  is a delicate analysis of a May-December romance. The story of a love affair between Léa, a still-beautiful 49-year-old ex-courtesan, and  Chéri,  a handsome but selfish young man 30 years her junior, it offers a superb study of age and sexuality, written in a personal style that reveals the author's keen powers of observation." There are many French versions and English translations available. Amazon also has a dual language French-English side-by-side version. (Collette pictured to the right)
Teacher Spotlight: Ghassane Habib
This month, we put the spotlight on Ghassane Habib, a native speaker of French, originally from Côte d'Ivoire.
Ghassane Habib pictured

I have been teaching at the Alliance Française de Fresno for three years.  But my involvement with the Alliance goes back to the early 1980’s when I was a student tutoring French at CSU Fresno. I had interviewed with Dr. Gendron and Dr. Kenzel for the tutor position, and it is through them that I became aware of AFF.
Although both my parents are Lebanese, I was born (as was my mother) in the country of Côte d’Ivoire, a former French colony in west Africa.  I should note that I am a French citizen and a native French speaker. French is the official language of Côte d’Ivoire and my education was done in French, the only language I spoke fluently until coming to the US as a college student when I was 20.
Teaching French to English speakers is fun because I can relate to when the table was reversed and I was a French speaker learning English.  The students who come to AFF are not attending because they have to, but because they want to.  Each student has a story of why they want to learn French and most are accomplished professionals with a love of the French language and culture.  Classes are light and fun and lend themselves to learning in a stress-free environment.  I try to infuse my classes with tidbits of trivia that make classes fun and I have developed great friendships with my students.  What I enjoy most about teaching is to see the progress that the students make.  I am confident that they can now go to a French-speaking country and fend for themselves.
If the will to learn a language is there, I believe that there is no age that can be considered “too late” to start.  I know that some of the students currently taking French classes with AFF teachers range from early teens to later years.
My advice to those seeking to learn French (or any language for that matter) is two-fold.  First, never be afraid to make mistakes.  Mistakes are the tools by which we learn. Nobody at AFF will judge you for your mistakes, rather we will applaud you for trying and for persevering.  Second, practice your French constantly, there are numerous tools online for listening to French.  Immersion is best when you can travel to a country where French is spoken, in the absence of that use the Internet to hear and read French.
I have had the chance of being bilingual from a young age with French and Arabic.  I believe that this gave me an edge when I acquired the other two languages I speak fluently. I took English and Spanish classes in high school in Côte d’Ivoire, but never really spoke either well until I came to the USA.  Mastering English was necessary in order to attend college and was relatively easy because I was able to get immersed in the language. My Spanish speaking ability was boosted when I met and I married a beautiful Colombian-born immigrant who did not speak a word of English when she arrived in Fresno.
I look forward to meeting more students in the future.

Sister-City Committee: Fresno and Châteauroux, France
Would you like to be a part of a dynamic committee working to improve the cultural exchange between Châteauroux, France and Fresno? Join the Sister City Exchange Committee by contacting Denise Ulrich:
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