May 2019



Stay Relevant with Workforce Management Solutions
We're Ushering in a New Age of Working

In 2019, the workplace has become more diverse than ever before - particularly due to the distinct age groups it comprises. 

More and more Baby Boomers are hanging onto gainful employment a bit beyond retirement age, just as Generation Z makes its grand debut in the job market (more on that below). 

Meanwhile, labor costs, compliance concerns, and the pursuit of more convenient ways to work continue to influence employers' decisions on a daily basis.

A workforce management company can help your company streamline its efforts, while boosting productivity and treating all employees fairly and efficiently.  Follow the link below to learn more. 
Maslow Media has partnered with our client, a global media group, in search of a Bilingual Office Manager (Mandarin Chinese/English) for their Washington, D.C. location. The candidate will work closely with the Senior Manager of Administration and with high-level executives, on both the English and Mandarin side and must be fluent in Mandarin Chinese.  The ideal candidate has worked in a corporate office manager role with project management, inventory control, facility maintenance, vendor management, travel, and scheduling experience. 

Maslow Media is in search of a technically skilled Freelance Technical Director for our global telecommunications partner in Dallas, TX.
This is a freelance, contract role on an as-needed basis. The Technical Director (TD) must have a general understanding and concept of how to punch a show primarily utilizing the Carbonite Black switcher (or similar technology), and the ability to communicate effectively with talent.  Candidates should be comfortable with multi-tasking and working independently in the control room. 

As the Director of Sales and Marketing in our Rockville, MD office, you will be responsible for increasing our sales revenue by creating strategic sales and marketing plans targeted towards existing and new markets through social media campaigns and in-person events. The Director of Sales and Marketing will report to the CEO.

Maslow Media is in search of a Digital Producer in  Washington, D.C.  for our client, a global media group.  This a freelance role scheduled 5-days/week during a typical 40-hour week.  The ideal candidate will have experience in publishing videos, images and articles across social media platforms as well as exceptional writing skills for tweets, titles, descriptions, and thumbnails. Basic video production and video editing skills are also required for this role.
Employers: Are You Ready for  Gen Z?

They are champions of diversity, technologically savvy; personally pragmatic; and idealistic about the world around them - and the members of Generation Z are ready, willing, and able to shake up your office environment. 

And this month, the first wave is graduating - or has already graduated - from college. 

So, if you haven't reviewed your recruitment strategy lately, now may be a great time. 

Follow the link below to learn four of the top benefits these future employees will be looking for. 

How Back Taxes Can Land the IRS at Your Front Door
House Calls Were Recently Made to More Than 100 Businesses

The IRS recently held a two-week education and enforcement campaign in the hopes of cutting down on employment tax crimes. 

Between March 25 and April 5, representatives visited almost 100 businesses that showed signs of noncompliance. Dozens of legal actions were also levied against suspected criminals. 

According to the IRS, payroll taxes withheld by employers constitute approximately 72 percent of all revenue collected by the agency. Noncompliance remains one of the most serious issues facing the nation's tax system. 

During the campaign,  business owners were educated about potential civil and criminal penalties, as well as ways to come current on back payroll taxes and how to remain that way. 

Avoid having the IRS drop in unannounced. As an Employer of Record, Maslow Media Group can help you allay any payroll compliance fears you may have , while handling all related expenses, plus insurance. 

We adhere  to all IRS guidelines regarding W2 and 1099 labor, which provides a  misclassification  safety net to our clients. We are also current on all new compliance laws and regulations, including ACA, mandated sick leave, and more.

Most importantly, we accept responsibility for any and all penalties resulting from late or incomplete payments.  
Call us at 202-965-1100 to learn more or use the link below to request a free quote.
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