President's Letter, Fr. Paul Demuth

I recently read of a brain study that determined that the human mind (and heart?) is programmed to remember and operate on ideas and experiences that are problematic and negative. In contrast, when there is a positive, life giving experience that occurs, the study showed that there has to be at least a six second concentrated effort on our part to have the positive make an impression and become operative. Perhaps that explains why we are so often experts at complaining and listing the world’s woes!

If this is true, it may also explain why organizations are more prone to problem solving than planning positively for the future. It takes a lot of concentrated effort to move from problem solving to creative planning. The BACC has decided that it is worth the extra effort to be future oriented. 

As you know, we are implementing a studied approach to futuring called “foresight analysis.” This is a tool which helps organizations develop a vision and mission. The method features searching for signals of change so that scenarios for change in an organization can be developed. 

The methodology calls for a realistic approach. The future of organizations — and our community — will be driven by:

TRENDS— what are the continuities in a community, trends that we can monitor and track?

EVENTS— what are the discontinuities that a community may face, often things that we cannot control but simply happen?

CHOICES— what are the aspirations of a community; what decisions do leaders and organizations make?

Please take “six seconds” to let this positive message sink in! We have enough of the negative flying around.